The Right Way To Achieve Financial Freedom

If you’re investing in property for the ultimate goal of financial freedom it’s important to understand what exactly that will give you in your life.

But the journey you take towards financial freedom is just as important as the destination. In this episode me and Ben provide some of our insights into the right way to go about achieving financial freedom.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:55 – How we both achieved financial freedom
3:05 – What it felt like when we achieved financial freedom
7:10 – What does financial freedom give you?
8:08 – Don’t neglect your life on the way to financial freedom
9:42 – What if you want to escape your job and life?
14:00 – Goal and vision setting
16:44 – A strategy to allow you to change your life sooner
23:32 – Stop living in the future, start being present
26:30 – The end goal hasn’t changed, but the approach to it has changed

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Ryan 0:00
If you’re investing in property for the ultimate goal of becoming financially free and having your property portfolio support you, so you don’t have to work in a job that you don’t love anymore, and you can do anything you want with your life, it’s important to understand, okay, at the end, how am I going to feel what financial freedom is gonna give me because me and Ben have both discovered that what we thought financial freedom would give us wasn’t actually what happened. And it wasn’t, we didn’t feel how we thought we were gonna feel. So what we want to give you today is a bit of a different episode where we’re talking about, once you reach the end of the road, what is that like, and also how that can shift the entire way you approach your investment journey. And when you get to that point, how you can be a completely different person, and enjoy it more than we did when we got there. So hey, Ben, thanks so much for coming on today.

Ben 0:50
Hey, thanks for having me, man, super excited about this one,

Ryan 0:53
no worries. So just to give people a little bit of context about us. And you know why some young guys like us kind of have this perspective and kind of have this context to share is that I, myself have achieved what I call pseudo financial freedom through my businesses. So I’ve been businesses online, that generate me income without me working. So at the age of 28, I achieved that and was able to stop working for two years. So two years off, my businesses just kind of did their thing I worked a little bit with you back and forth band, but not a lot, spent a lot of days on the beach and exploring life, then ended up at 30, in a position where I needed to work again, I’d got myself into some debt. Now at 32, I’m back in that position again. So I haven’t achieved that long term financial freedom, you know, that Ben might have achieved through property or other people have achieved, but I’ve gotten a taste of it. And I know how it feels and what life is like. And do you want to share a bit of your story, Ben?

Unknown Speaker 1:52
Yes, so

Ben 1:52
I’m still working towards financial freedom as well, man, because every time I’m getting close, my wife buys an expensive buddy home for us to live in. And it takes all of my capital out of what would be investment properties and places it against a non income producing non tax deductible debt, which like my investor, Brian is just like, what are you doing, but it’s lifestyle is is important. So my journey started. In 2011, I bought a unit and then a house in Sydney in the Central Coast. And since that time, I’ve bought 14 other properties. Most of them are really bad. So I sold. But you live in you learn. And, you know, what I’ve been working towards now is a really small number of high quality homes with these little secondary dwellings, or granny flats out the back, that produce an income. And like Brian said, when I own them outright, in the future, I’ll be I would have those choices, or that passive income stream. But you know, like you said, Man, like I’ve had periods where, you know, rents been coming in producing surplus income for me, also had a good business or a good job as well. And so, you know, I suppose, where my journey really started was, when I achieved what I thought I wanted to achieve back in 2017, I had like a mini breakdown, because I was expecting to be like, filled with choices, and super stoked, and, you know, the skills that I’d built on the way of trying to get to where I wanted to be, which is like aggressive dominant, like, consistent, diligent, hard work, hustling, are so different from what you need, when you get there, which is, who am I, what do I really want, I want to spend more time with my family and be present, I want to look after my health, I want to hang out with nights, maybe those nights have to go to work six days a week, it’s like, and it was a huge thing. And I just always, always hollow and I was shallow. And it really took me a few years to figure out what I wanted who I wanted to be. And that’s why this video is so important, because I had this illusion that it would be perfect that people would be high fiving me when I got to this point or something like that, that people would be happy for me. Honestly, no one gives a shit like, and I don’t either, you know, that’s

Ryan 4:15
it, no one, no one really cares. And also, you don’t necessarily want to tell everyone because then sometimes they treat you differently, as well. So it’s like not something that you openly share with other people who aren’t in the same situation to you. Which is why I guess you and I can have such a good relationship because we can talk about it openly. But I think it’s important to kind of give that context because both you and I went through the same or very similar journeys, which is just like head down, bum up, I’m going to sacrifice so much in my life. I’m going to work extremely hard, extremely diligently in order to get to this goal at quite a young age. And both of us kind of did that and went through that you get to this goal and the stark difference between being someone whose life is Their work and whose life is their goal that they want to achieve. And then having reached a point where you’ve achieved what you set out to achieve, and you realize, Oh, now I have to be a completely different person who doesn’t just work all the time, that a journey, I just feel like, so much time was wasted along the journey in not becoming who I needed to become. So when I reached the destination, I got extremely depressed when I first realized I didn’t have to work because I’m like, what, what do I do with my time now? I don’t know.

Ben 5:34
I love that man like, and you know, you and I are both in each other’s lives through those times. And, you know, I say, 100%, like, I’m not financially free from my properties anymore, because I’ve chosen to buy a more expensive home. And a lot of my capital has gone into that. But I’ve got a good plan in place. And I think, you know, if we reverse engineer this, there’s two parts to today. One is, you’ve got to have a good plan, you’ve got to know what your next step is, you know, you’ve got to get your head around the marketplace and make a decision to like, which way you’re going to get there? Is it going to be Bitcoin gold, commodities, stocks, bonds, property or your own business or a job? And then it’s like, once you’ve got that which have 1000 different ways within that little sector you want to follow? What’s your strategy? For me, mine is just buying, like I said, a small number of houses, slowly paying them off outright over 15 years and getting there. And then also, I’ve got a really nice business that I love doing this sort of meaningful work. And then there’s the other side, which is like, Who do you want to be on the journey? And who are you working towards becoming like, what are your values? How do you want to be spending your time? What are your day to day habits and choices look like? You know, for me, fam, and health, meaningful work, life enriching work, not having work is my center of my universe, like I did for 10 years. And like, being like a full person, like a good person that gets to give back and help people as well. And so we can break all that down?

Ryan 7:08
Well, that’s it, I think it’s, it’s big for people, for us to say that when you reach financial freedom, that doesn’t equate to happiness, or doesn’t give you happiness. And so what does financial freedom give you, and it gives you choices. So it gives you the choice of what you do with your day, where you spend your time, whether or not you go to work. And I can say that doing work, without needing the money is so much more fulfilling than doing work and needing the money. It also gives you, it just gives you those choices in life. And also, when you’re in a better financial position, you have the ability to help people or causes that you care about and things like that as well. But I always thought once I achieve financial freedom, then I will be fulfilled, and then I’ll be happy. And the big realization was that financial freedom is a tool to help you achieve your fulfillment and happiness. But it’s not going to give you your fulfillment and happiness, it’s just going to give you the time, and the ability to make choices to pursue that. So we don’t want people to do what we did, which is just, I guess, neglect a lot of our lives on the way to financial freedom achieve it and realize, oh my gosh, I don’t even know what I want. I don’t know who I am, I’ve been neglecting a lot of this. And also wasting a lot of time, because you only get this one life. And that time that you’re spending working is going to be some of the best years of your life. And so we don’t want you to waste that on the journey to financial freedom, we want you to have an epic journey on the way there. And then when you do reach it, you’re already living the life that you want to live, you’ve already set it up, you’re becoming who you want to become that the day before you achieve financial freedom. And the day after you’re financially free, shouldn’t look very different is ideally, I guess, where we want to get to, and where a lot of people want to get to as well. You know,

Ben 8:58
can I ask you a question, man, because there’s two very different types of people listening to this. And I’ve been both of them. And one is in a really good flow state that is working towards where they want to be, and being present and feeling connected to themselves and where they want to be. And then there’s a second talk, which I’ve also been in, you’ve been, which is like, super uncomfortable looking for change, you know, like crawling in their own skin almost like wanting to escape.

And you know, and it’s an escape. And it’s like, you know, let’s talk about like if you’re those two different people like and some of the things that you’ve been through, like how do you maintain flow when you’re feeling good? And then what are some of the things that you’ve done that have got you out of that negative state in the past as well?

Ryan 9:43
Yeah, well, I’ve definitely been through both of those as well. I remember working as a pharmaceutical rep, I had a really good job really good customers really good colleagues, but I was just so unhappy with it. And I just wanted something different. And I just remember during that time wanting to escape and not knowing how online business As well as property was my way to escape that. And that was, I guess, where the kind of head down bum up mentality came from, is that I hate my job, I didn’t hate my job, but I just wasn’t completely happy in it. I don’t want to be doing this, you know, I want to escape this and achieve financial freedom, but you always get so inshallah, in your mind that you’re like, I want to escape this. So what am I going to do, I’m going to double down on this job that I fucking hate, in order to invest in property to be financially free. And I’m going to do this for the next 20 years of my life, until I’m financially free. And I can be the person that I want to achieve, and always pushes you into this, I want to escape this, so I can’t leave it because I’m getting paid well, and I just stepping away from that one of the best things that I did, which was I would not advise anyone to do was that I quit my six figure job with a free car to actually move to Queensland and go out on my own in my business, which was banking with him.

Ben 11:01
I mean, he, he has been his partner. How many kids do you have at that time?

Ryan 11:07
Yeah, well, I had two kids at the time as well. And so they’re all reliant on my income. So I decided to go ahead and do that. And to move into my own business, which ended up being a great step, but also a very difficult couple of years adjusting to that and trying to grow that. But yeah, I just think, often we get so interested into that, we need to actually take a step back and say, what is what is life about? All right, is life about being financially free? No, it’s not is life all about working? No, it’s not. But it’s a big part of life. If I’m going to be working for the next however many years, it’s going to be, I do want to enjoy that. And I want to find something that I enjoy. And sometimes being willing to take a step back financially, in order to live a happy life on the journey to financial freedom. I think even if it takes you longer to get financially free, because you do that, it’s just going to lead to so much more fulfillment, and so much less inner turmoil. because ideally, the goal of financial freedom is to be living the life that you want. But most of us who achieved financial freedom at a young age, we were ambitious people, we want to work, we want to do things anyway. So realize that once you achieve financial freedom, you’re gonna still want to be a productive member of society. Think, okay, what’s the life that I’m going to want to have? It’s probably not just sitting on a beach in a resort every day of your life, it’s actually doing something. Okay, how can I maybe can’t do all of that now. But what can I do now, that kind of mimics the life that I want, that still gonna mean income. So we’re gonna pay my way. It’s tough. We talked about with the two properties to financial freedom strategy, I’ll link up to that strategy down below. So people can learn more about it. But the idea that, you know, we had there, as you invest in these properties, you build granny flats, so that positive cash flow and paying themselves off. And at that point, you can make a choice in your life to change careers, because you’ve set yourself up for your long term financial freedom. But you can even do that before you’ve set yourself up, if you’re willing to, and get out of that situation. It’s hard though, because I know what it’s like to have people to support and a family and responsibilities and stuff like that. But it’s just staying in a job you hate. I just, you know, it wasn’t worth it for me.

Unknown Speaker 13:27
You know,

Ben 13:28
I’ve been there a bunch as well, man. And it’s really rough. Like, I really feel for those people that are in that state where they’re just looking to run away, like looking for an escape route. And I did that for a long time I either ran, or I fought. But like in the last few years, I’ve gotten really good at standing in the uncomfortableness of myself and just like, not doing either of those things and letting the storms pass. And they do like, you know, they do pass. And I want people to recognize that, like, my mom was in a really rough state recently, and on TVs exercise with her, which I do every single year. And it was, it’s very easy to be like goal orientated, but goes on enough. And goals are also like, they force you into a different, like a more logical part of your brain. Like it’s important to have them I always do, but what I got to do was like, sit down and I got her to write. It’s, you know, 31st of December 2021. I am so grateful for my life. I’m so grateful for this year. And then I got her to write down like a page of whatever she wanted her life to look like. And for her, it was like, you know, more income security, like a partner because her and dad have busted up. You know, she’s learning like I’m healthier than I’ve ever been before on spending meaningful time with my family and grandchildren, doing meaningful work and traveling and then I gotta go and print images like in her life that made sense for that and put them on the So it’s like, I’ve got a vision, I’m writing it, like I’ve already achieved it, then I’m turning that vision into real life. And then from there, I’m like, okay, most people over set goals. And I did that for so long. Like I said, either too many or too ambitious, it goes on, I’ve done the same thing. And it’s like, I know, everyone has like any a bay or fucking say, type personality has done it like, just over expecting what you’re going to do in a year and under expecting what you can do in 10. like Tony Robbins says, and so I got it a write her goals. And then I sat with her with those goals. And I said, like, I just want you to focus on three things in the new year that are going to completely change formula life and allow that vision to come true. I want you to put them on the fridge. And I want you to read them every single day. And so it’s like, there’s vision, there’s big picture, there’s character and values, goals, then it’s broken into, like, I can see it. And then there’s like action steps of how to achieve it too. And I like people and work 40 hours a week, times 48 weeks a year for 10 years doing the work. But they won’t spend 45 minutes doing that exercise at the start of each year. So they know where they’re going. And the only times in my life when I’ve been really, really lost is when I don’t have a clear vision for who I am. And I don’t have a next step in front of me of what I’m looking to work towards. And when I don’t have them, I’m not present. But when I have those things, I don’t have to worry about the future, because it’s coming, I can just be in the moment and live my best life. And that is a powerful thing. If you’re in a shitty state to start putting the building blocks of like, I’m going to, I’m going to work my way out of this, if you’re already in a flow state, then it’s just cream on top.

Ryan 16:44
Well, that’s the thing, if you’re already in that flow state, you’re already loving your job and stuff like that, that’s kind of the best position to be in, especially when it comes to investing and moving towards financial freedom. Because you can take your time. And you can you know, invest in properties diligently and buy in the right areas and the right type of property that you know, in 15 to 20 years is going to give you financial freedom. And you’re happy to work in that time towards that like you don’t need the escapism, you don’t need to get out right away. And for the people who are looking to escape, I think I’m not telling anyone to quit their job. I remember years ago, Ben, you were like, I just had a conversation with a job. And now now I quit my job. And I found out later you got fired. But that’s a whole nother story. But I just not saying to quit your job. But I am saying to start thinking about this is your life. And your work needs to have meaning and joy to you. And that may be staying in a bad high paying job that you don’t love for a couple of years. So you can build up your foundational properties. And that’s why the two properties to financial freedom is so powerful for people who are in that situation that they want to escape. Go ahead watch that video, we explain it in detail for about an hour. So I’ll link out to it down below. Go ahead and check that out if that’s you, because once you’ve purchased those foundational properties, got the finance, built the granny flats and they’re paying for themselves, those properties will now pay for themselves and pay themselves off over a number of years, whether it be 15 2025 years, they’re going to do that themselves. They don’t need you to have a high paying job to do that. And so you know that in the future, okay, I’ve set myself up for financial freedom that allows a lot of people to then say, Okay, I now feel safe and secure enough and comfortable enough to leave my high paying job, alter my lifestyle a little bit for a lower paying job, but something I’m more passionate about, because I know my future is set up so they’re not scared about the future. And Ben, I know there’s people who work with you. Now a bunch of clients who have done this, purchase these foundational properties set themselves up and made drastic changes in their lives away from high stress high paying jobs to something more in tune with who they are. And so I think if you’re in that stressful situation, that can be a good path for a lot of people. But obviously you need to decide for yourself, what’s going to be right for you.

Ben 19:05
I was talking to one of my friends who’s actually a client, Greg, he has been in London and New York for the last 10 years. Like he’s he’s a big dog like at our age. He’s managing 1000 2000 staff globally and some of the biggest companies in the world like PepsiCo and the big pharma companies and he he said that so many people in America and Australia is the same just cannot see how they’re going to get from 30 or 45 years of age out of the workforce before they’re 70. And it’s like sometimes even for me when I was working those jobs as soon as I had a plan to like exit, I had a reason for going to work. The reason for going to work is to learn skills that are going to help him on the next step and to take the money that I’m lucky enough to be receiving and repurpose it in something that’s going to make me better off down the line and that reshaped the way that I thought About work completely, like, so many people just don’t have a way out like I didn’t when I started buying property, I had no freaking idea. I just wanted to buy a property because I heard from Robert Kiyosaki that it could make me wealthy long term. And I thought, like, I don’t I want choices like, I don’t want to be super broken fighting about money, like, you know, so many people have been brought up with. And so I, like, if I hadn’t heard about the two properties to financial freedom strategy, like I’m not the sort of guy that would just do too. And people can go on and do for if they want, they can do one if they want, like, wherever the people see it, that’s cool, it’s more. That idea is so powerful to transform things so powerful, in fact that I went and sold seven negatively geared properties, and then rebuilt four houses and built granny flats on them over the last four or five years to completely transform my own journey, because I was looking down the barrel of 3540 years worth of no choices. When now I’ve traded this strategy with your support to do maybe 15 years worst case, if I’m diligent and pay pay, and I use the extra surplus income to pay off some debt, use the tax benefits are received from them to pay off some debt, you know, maybe chip in a bit of my extra own money when I’m not saving for other houses. And it’s not hard, like it’s so simple. But what’s even simpler is just choosing tomorrow to like, wake up with a fresh start. Choose the life in person you want to be and then just start living that way. Now, regardless of all the adversity and shit going on around you. You

Ryan 21:33
know? Well, that’s it, I guess it’s one of the things we didn’t have when we were younger, on our journeys to financial freedom is that clear strategy and way to get there in that kind of calmness and centeredness that comes with knowing and trusting in your strategy for your future. And by, you know, us doing it the frantic way and sacrificing our lives to get there, look, we still got there, which is great. We got there earlier than most people, which was a huge opportunity for us. But then having a yes, you know, the perspective that we have now, having a plan that you trust in, and that you can actually see how it’s going to get you from A to B is so powerful, because then it’s just about working in the plan in the way that makes sense to you. But then also, it frees up your life to do whatever you want to do with your life. So as long as you keep working your plan, then your life is free to do what you want. So we we say property investing should be boring, make your life interesting, like your life should be interesting. Not the property investing. But you know, yeah, learning about property investing is super fun listening to podcasts on the way the dead end job is amazing. I used to love the commute, because it would be an opportunity to listen to stuff. And so that can be in an app for people and help for people. But yeah, I think that having that strategy, and then just having a different view of not, I need to achieve financial freedom, and then I can change my life. It’s like I need to have a strategy to get me from A to B Yes, but I can change my life. Now I have the power to do that, whether that be in small ways, or large ways. And just think this is actually a journey to who I want to become. And the person that I want to be not just I want to live on a yacht, and you know, be extremely wealthy, because I think that’s going to make me happy. think more about the journey of yourself, getting there, who you want to be once you reach that the kind of life you want to be living and look at ways that you can implement that on the way there.

Ben 23:31
I love that man, like I am so good at looking into the future and seeing it clearly like I’m really lucky to be able to do that. But to just stop living in the future, which I did for a lot of my life and to be present in here. Now. You know, some of the things that have helped me just as ideas for other people is slowing down. Like one of the best books I’ve read in the last three years was called slow. And, you know, creating habits around certain things like I don’t drink as much anymore. I don’t eat as much sugar anymore because I don’t like the way that I feel for a day or a week after those things. You know, I don’t put as much pressure on myself anymore. I don’t think so short term anymore. I’m like, kindness to the people around me because I’ve gone through shit and bad mental health. And now I can see with a bit more compassion. Like, life’s not black and white. It’s not happiness or darkness. It’s like everyone’s struggling with something and it’s okay. Like, you know, other things that have helped me is like morning yoga in front of the TV on YouTube. There’s so many good people out there. I love boho beautiful, like taking more regular breaks like something I forgot to do because having such a strong future focus spikes cortisol because it creates a bit of anxiety and living with that anxiety. You do doubledown like you said before that I’ve chosen to like level up, take more mini breaks, which refresh me spend more time with my family, spending a lot more time with my my friends into the future as well and like, doing things that enrich me that aren’t worth like, I don’t know why I just got super geeky into gardening this year, like I’ve actually loved it like, because I just can’t control it. It’s just NYCHA, and I’m just watching it grow. And it’s so slow. I mean, like, my wife will sit on the balcony, or walk around the garden every morning. And just like the same combo every morning, oh, my God, like, it’s likely the changes going by like a millimeter. But like you notice it. And just like breathing, meditating, choosing to do less at work, but more meaningful stuff and focusing on the right things like so many little things that can be done, like to improve things. It’s crazy. It’s like I was in the darkest place a few years ago, like, I couldn’t see any way out at that time, even though my life was like, perfect from a society perspective. And now, like, I’ve traded a life that I’m proud of, and I’ve become the person that I always knew I wanted to be, I’ve still got sharp edges and shit. And I’m sure if my wife is here, she’d be having a laugh, but it’s like, I know, it’s a journey. Now, it’s that that destination is never going to be reached, like, it’s just progression out of man. And just being aware of that.

Ryan 26:23
And that’s the big difference for both of us now, to where we used to be where it used to be that head down, bum up, let’s just work hard towards our goals. Now, it’s like, okay, we are still on the exact same path, like there’s still the same end goal of like financial freedom through properties for both of us. like nothing’s changed there. But our approach to it has changed. So significantly, both of us are really enjoying the work that we do. But we also work hard to find enjoyment in the work that we do, and make it enjoyable every single day. You know, we’ve chosen to work in businesses that we love. And we’ve also chosen to be more present and more intentional in our lives on that journey. So we’re still on the way to where we want to be, we still have goals, just like everyone else is. But the feeling that we have now. And the way that we enjoy life now is so much grander and so much better than what it was back when we were the young hustlers that we used to be. And so I just think that perspective makes life so much fuller, on the way to our eventual financial freedom. And then when we achieve it, pretty much like not much is going to change. Like I achieved pseudo financial freedom a couple of months ago, not much has changed. I’m actually probably working harder. But way more intentionally than I was before that, because it’s just like, okay, I can take the time to say, what do I want to do with more intention, and live that out? So yeah, we recommend, if you’re in a situation where you’re in that head down, bum up state, then yeah, take your time to breathe, go ahead, check out the two properties to financial freedom strategy, which I’ll link up down below because that can be a really great resource and plan for a lot of people. Also, if you’re in the position, where you’ve got that high paying job, you’ve got a deposit, you want to invest in property in the near future, in order to set yourself up, then Ben and the team have Pumped on Property, do offer free strategy sessions for those people. So you can get on the phone to them say, look, here’s where I’m at, here’s where I want to be. And they can help you along the journey and help you talk through the property market, where it’s at at the moment, all of that good stuff. So go to onproperty. com. au forward slash strategy. If you’re ready to invest in need some guidance there. Check that out. It’s really great that you do that then. But yeah, is there anything you would want to leave people with?

Ben 28:40
Nah, man, like, I just think being kinder to ourselves is like the secret. Like, that’s what I’ve learned as like a highly motivated, ambitious person that’s like, constantly got to whip on myself. It’s like, just enjoy, like, it is a journey. It’s going to take longer than we both thought it would and I’m excited about that, like, life is just so so good. And like, I just I just have this attitude again, which is like, it’s going to continue to be good. And like, you know, stormy days come but they don’t last forever.

Ryan 29:12
Yeah, awesome. So go ahead, check out that video two properties to financial freedom. Otherwise, we wish you the absolute best in your financial freedom journey. Until next time, stay positive

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