The Unsexy Side To Achieving Financial Freedom

Creating a passive income online and achieving a passive income online sounds sexy. It sounds like laptops on the beach but in today’s episode I want to share the unsexy side of achieving financial freedom.

0:00 – Introduction
1:08 – The unsexy side of financial freedom
2:10 – My strategy for achieving financial freedom online
8:22 – No one is going to achieve your financial freedom for you
9:50 – If you want an extraordinary life, put in extraordinary effort

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Ryan 0:01
A lot of people think creating a passive income online and achieving financial freedom online, through that passive income is just going to be laptops on the beach in a super cruzi lifestyle. But it can actually require a lot of hard work and some pretty unsexy nights are spent at the computer and said, Today, I want to talk about the unsexy side of creating financial freedom through your online income. Hi, I’m Ryan from OnProperty, helping you achieve financial freedom. And I did achieve a level of financial freedom at the age of 2008, where my online businesses were generating me enough money that I didn’t need to work basically worked a couple of hours a week, lived up in Noosa, went to the beach a lot, and went out for coffee a lot, lived a good life for a couple of years. But businesses slowed down, I went through some personal things ended up in a bunch of debt. And so now I’m trying to climb myself out of that hole. And so today kind of sharing something that’s a bit unsexy about the work that’s required. Now, it is about seven o’clock at night, as I record this, I’m actually sick. So I’ve got the flu or something, I’ve got body aches, I’ve got nauseous. But this work won’t do itself, given that I did rest on my laurels. And that I did get into debt, I don’t have the available funds to just hire people to work for me and to do the word actually need to pull myself out of this hole by doing excessive amounts of work myself, and to fix my cash flow in the short term, and actually got a job at a local cafe as well. So you may know that I love coffee. And so I’ve got a job at a really cool cafe. And just working they’re doing morning shifts, but living in the unsexy side of things. So I’ve still got income coming in from my online businesses, which is keeping my head above water. My dad likes to talk about it and say that, you know, my head is below water, but I’ve got a straw, just breathing through that straw. But my strategy with creating online income is to write a whole bunch of articles. So basically, I went through, and I looked at a bunch of my sites, I’ve got a lot of different websites on property being one of them. And I looked at on average, okay, how much do articles earn, when I write them, so how much they earn in the first month since I write them? How much do they earn in the second month, third month, fourth month, etc, looking at how much they earn in the first year, in the second year. And so the way that it works with online business, at least for me is that I create a lot of content. And that content then ranks in Google people visit my website, and I make money through advertising, affiliate sales, referral fees, and things like that. But looking at the statistics of how much money do I make per article that I write, the numbers are good over the course of about three years, I make good money over the course of about three years for the articles that are right. But in the first month, on average, I made $2.24 per article that I write. So in the first month on may just $2 per article. Now the articles that I write are extremely high quality, a lot of research goes into them, you’re looking around, you know, 1500 to 3000 words per article to make $2 in the first month. And so basically at the moment, because I do have some cash flow issues, I’d like to grow my cash flow as quickly as possible. And so I could do that by going and getting a job. And look, I’ve done that to you know, tie me over. But in the medium term, the goal is to write a whole bunch of articles to get them ranking and to earn money that way. But the frustrating thing with online is that you don’t make much in the beginning. And that $2 is I have been doing online marketing for over a decade now. 10 years. So I know how to write stuff really well. I know how to get stuff ranked in Google, like I have a lot of experience with this. And so if you’re starting in this, you might not even make that much in the first month. And so basically what I’m doing at the moment is working a job, and then coming home and writing at least two articles per day. A lot of that is actually writing at night. So I’ve got my kids half the time as well. So they might go to bed about 738 o’clock and then sit down and it’s time to write. So as I said tonight, it’s about 7pm. I’ll probably be writing for the next two or three hours in order to get these out. And at the moment I’m aiming with the job to do about two articles per day. so you’re looking at around

somewhere between three to 5000 words per day that i’m writing at the moment and looking at you know my predictions for that in the first month you know i might i probably make less than $150 so i’m kind of doing this as a full time job writing all of this sort of stuff as well as managing my existing online entities as well so editing videos creating videos like this for on property and some higher quality sexier videos as well so i’ve got that i’ve got the cafe work i’ve got my kids to look after and then i’m doing this as well and in the first month you know i’m not making much money you know maybe $150 and then in the second month articles tend to make a little bit more around that $4 mark in the third month they continue to grow until about the seven month but also there’s a delay there from when i earned that money to when i get paid that money so from seven months it kind of another two to three months before that money is getting paid so that’s around 10 months before i actually start to see any decent money from the articles that i write so i am basically currently working a full time job and you know i might earn $150 this month for working a full time job so doing you know 3640 hours a week on this if not more all month $450 so there’s not a lot of people out there that can you know dedicate and do that amount of work for such little money in the short term now these articles that are right that’ll be about 60 articles a month we’ll go on to make more money as time goes on but right now to be working full time to be sitting here at night when i’m sick with the flu and feeling nauseous with a bucket beside me you know i wish i could be in bed right now but i want to create a life for myself where i grow my passive income online and i don’t have cashflow issues anymore and i don’t have debt anymore and that requires a significant amount of work and that requires delayed gratification as well i am also looking at the potential to save money i’m currently renting my own place and i have over stretched on that and i may be looking to move back in with family again for maybe six to 12 months while i build up this income so it’s kind of looking like it’s gonna be you know probably at least six months if not more before i can start to get a decent income from the work that i’m doing today and then you kind of looking

at really it’s going to take me around a year of extremely hard work you know working multiple like working a job doing this online as well as managing the existing stuff that i have and looking after the kids and living life it’s probably gonna take me a year in order to get my income to where i want it to be so this is very unsexy the lighting in here is not good because it’s nighttime and i haven’t got lighting set up because i don’t really film and i just filmed during the day so i apologize for the quality of this video but i thought it’d be interesting to share with you that financial freedom isn’t going to happen by itself no one’s going to achieve your financial freedom for you no one’s going to achieve your dreams for you it takes hard work it takes dedication it takes sacrifice and so you know while people are watching netflix while people are relaxing reading books sleeping taking time off when they’re sick here i am writing articles about you know a lot of the same stuff over and over it’s pretty monotonous work to be honest but there is a lot of research that needs to go into that monotonous work too so putting in hours working working my butt off for 150 bucks but eventually over the course of a year i believe that the work that i’m doing today will eventually deliver me six figures of online income so that is the goal that is what i’m tracking towards and i hope that this inspires you to go out there and to do the work because if you want to be financially free you know no one’s gonna pay you to watch netflix sorry but they’re just not if you want to become financially free if you want to create online income or if you want to create income through property investing or shares or whatever it may be it requires dedication to requires research and requires work and that is work above and beyond what the average person is going to do so if you want to have average finances then just you know do what the average person does but if you want to have a life that average people don’t have the need to put in extraordinary levels of effort extraordinary levels of research and dedication at least i know what i’m doing now i’ve got enough experience that i know that the articles that i write know every single one of them is going to be successful but on average they’ll be successful years ago i had no idea what i was doing so i’ve done projects where i’ve spent months working on things that made no money created websites created videos spent months working on stuff multiple times that ended up delivering no results so i’ve been through a lot of trial and error as well and this is still hard and i’ve got this much experience so take your time be prepared to work hard but realize that the payoff is worth it when i achieved financial freedom at 28 i did it through doing stuff like this through working late nights through doing crazy amounts of work to hardly any money that eventually it got to the point where it was earning money without me having to do anything but i spent years working and earning hardly anything for the work that i do in order to get to that point and i had a bunch of luck along the way as well and so it’s gonna take time to do it it’s going to take work to do it but then the payoff is worth it so when i had that couple of years of financial freedom that was so worth all the work that i put in order to achieve that the personal growth that i went through when i had that that was so worth it and i look forward to making a similar video hopefully in a year’s time to say okay i’ve been doing the late nights here’s me on the beach probably not with a laptop just enjoying the sun so go out there and make your dreams happen i wish you the absolute best of luck i’m going to link up to the video that i did on how i achieve financial freedom at 28 as well as the videos that i did on how i got into debt and so you can see kind of how things changed and follow me on my journey go ahead and check one of those out until next time stay positive

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