Thoughts On My Webinar With Ben Everingham

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I recently held a webinar with Ben Everingham. Here are my thoughts on how the webinar went and what I learned from it.

Hey guys, Ryan here from Last night, I held a webinar with Ben Everingham from Pumped on Property who’s my buyer’s agent of choice. You may have seen me interview him in previous episodes. We decided to hold a webinar together – a live webinar where we could talk about how to replace your income through property in the next 10 years. And then, we got the opportunity as well to answer a bunch of people’s questions. Just a really cruisy episode today and I want us to talk about that webinar. Some of the things that I took away from that webinar. Because even as the host, I am learning tings. Also, just talking about hosting webinars again in the future.

It was a really cool day for me. I drove from the Gold Coast all the way up to the Sunshine Coast, which is where Ben lives. Went to his office, got to meet all his staff over there. Then, we ended up recording the webinar at his house that night because the internet was down at the office. We had our computers set up on the table. We had massive computer issues on the night. Halfway through the webinar, my computer froze, but luckily his was still working. But we were running the microphone on my computer.

It was just mayhem. But anyway, we’ve got the webinar out there. We got great interest in the webinar with so many people signing up. At one minute past after the webinar started, we started getting these notifications that the webinar was full and that new people couldn’t be added. So we didn’t realize that we actually had a cap of 100 people on the webinar.

So, unfortunately, after the webinar started, there was a whole bunch of people who couldn’t get into the webinar, which was really unfortunate because we didn’t realize that there was a cap on how many people could come into the webinar. So that’s obviously a big learning for us for the future. But it was a great webinar, we got huge, awesome feedback from people.

I got a really nice email from someone saying:

“Hi Ryan, I know you got lots of great feedback already last night, but just want to say that the webcast last night the best I’ve see ever. And we regularly watch REI and Ripehouse webcast. It was technically run very well.”

Which is good to hear because we had a lot of computer problems, but you couldn’t see that from the people who were attending, which was great.

“It was technically run very well, really to the point. And you guys did a great job answering questions, etc. Really looking forward to the excel sheets and hopefully a recording of the webinar. We also signed up for a strategy session with Ben.

So, thanks again and keep up the great work.”

I won’t mention the name of that person because I haven’t asked if I can share that. But as you can see, great feedback from the webinar. In the webinar, we talked about how to replace your income through property in the next 10 years, but this is, I guess, is a multi-faceted thing. So it’s not just, “here’s step 1, here’s step 2, here’s step 3.” And so, we spent a lot of time going through how to find the right areas to invest in.

What tools you can use, like there’s certain reports out there you can use to find good areas. Things that you need to look in to when you’re doing suburb research. We talked about inspecting a property. We talked about properties that you should buy. Properties that you should probably avoid and things like that. That was really insightful for me.

One of the biggest takeaways that I got from that which is something that I didn’t know about is this website called or Anyway, you can Google “rate my agent” and see. Ben showed us in the webinar ways that you could find the top-selling agents in the area. As well as finding the agents who don’t have the highest list prices on their property. So are more likely to list their properties at a below market value. And potentially more likely to give discounts.

Ben also gave some advice on certain real estate agents that could potentially give you a better discount on a property. How to approach making offers on properties that are valuable to the real estate agent. Because, obviously, the real estate agent is going to take that offer present it to the owner. So if you can design your offer in a way that is really appealing to the real estate agent, then it’s more likely that they’re going to put that in a positive light when presenting it to the owner. That was really insightful, something that I hadn’t really through of and something that is really cool to look at.

After we went through all the tools and different things like that and doing your research and talking with real estate agents and all of that sort of stuff, we then went into the 3 strategies to replace your income through property in 10 years. Ben had laid it out over a 10-year period, X, Y, Z. Assuming these certain things, obviously, you got to make assumptions when you’re doing these predictions, but they were quite conservative.

We looked at 3 different scenarios – capital growth, cash flow and a mix of both. We looked at how you could achieve financial freedom using those 3 strategies and what it would kind of look like at the end of 10 years after if you were using each of those strategies. That was really cool to go through, really cool to see. We were able to share with the people who attended the webinar those spreadsheets as well so they can have a play with them.

Adjust the figures, for example. I think the first properties were like $400,000, but you could change that based on you and your strategy. Maybe you want to spend $500,000 on your first property or you want to spend $300,000 or something like that. So people who attended the webinar got those free excel spreadsheets at the end so they can have a play with those and see what strategy is best for them.

We went through those 3 strategies, talking about the different ways you could do it. And then talked again about what to buy as well as what not to buy. And so, it was a really great session, really great webinar. I learnt a lot. I had a great deal of fun and we spent about half an hour or even a little bit more at the end answering everyone’s questions. So there was opportunities to ask questions and we’ve got great questions on there. Some of them we couldn’t answer as well as I would have liked. Things like self-managed super funds and stuff like that. We have to be really careful what we say, but there was a whole bunch of questions that were really interesting. Talking about the Sydney market.

Talking about the potential government changes to negative gearing. Talking about different areas that Ben had highlighted in the webinar that are highlighted as good areas to invest in, so talking about those. A lot of people asking about new builds or asking about serviced apartment properties. There was a whole spectrum of questions. There was just so many questions that I could go through each of those questions and I would have enough content to create videos for you guys for the next 3-6 months or something like that. A lot of great questions from people on the webinar.

I just want say a massive thank you to Ben Everingham for hosting that webinar with me and providing massive value to the audience. I want to thank everyone who joined that webinar, everyone who came on. We had over 90% stayed until the end, and so it was absolutely awesome.

There was a bunch of people that couldn’t get on because of that 100 limit cap. So, apologies to those people who couldn’t get on. We will fix that in the future and we are planning to host this webinar again in the future for those people that couldn’t get on, as well as anyone else who maybe you’ve watched this or maybe you weren’t able to attend the last one and you think that this is going to be valuable, we had huge interest in this one. I’m sure if we run it again, there’s going to be people interested.

Look, it was a great event, great webinar. I just wanted to download it to you guys. Give you my thoughts. Give you a bit of insight into what it was like to run the webinar. What we kind of went through. So next time that I do send out an email and we host the webinar, you can get involved in. If you’re not a part of my mailing list, that’s how we let people know about the webinar. Just go to and just enter in your email address over there. You’ll get a free report as well, but you’ll also be signed up to the mailing list.

So when we send out the next notification of the next webinar, you will receive that notification. So if you’re not a part of my mailing list, go to and become a part of the mailing list because there are things that we send out through that that won’t come through the website or through the podcast and things like that.

Super exciting to go and visit Ben’s office to meet his awesome staff, to go to his house and to host this webinar. Computer problems aside, everything went really well and it seems like people really enjoyed the webinar. We had a laugh here and there. It was a lot of fun. And so, I’m really looking forward to the next one. That’s it for me today, guys. Until next time, stay positive.

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