We’re Vibing On Life Right Now

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Me and Ben are vibing on life right now and so wanted to talk about our musings around fulfillment, happiness and all that good stuff.

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Hi Guys, Ryan here from on-property dot com dot EU and today I’m here with Ben Everingham from pumped on property. Hey Ben, how’s it going? Hey Ron. How however good and me and Ben and just vibing on life at the moment. So we wanted to record an episode to you guys, which is going to be a bit more of a casual episode for us. There will be some property related stuff in there, but we’ll also be talking about happiness, relationships, cool. Stuff like that. Um, businesses, whatever. Like, so welcome to this episode. Yeah. What’s been happening with you, Ben?

Um, artists got back yesterday from a couple of days I was telling you about before we started recording in Brisbane where I was lucky enough to say tiny robbins. I’m with my brother in like seven or eight of our really good nights came down as well, which is awesome. Like just spending that time with the boys. And then I’ve got to say Michelle bridges in a couple of really other amazing, like inspiring people at the same time. It was kind of one of those two day events where you just get pitched that with guys that want to talk about getting rich quick, but if you’re unable that bullshit like Michelle bridges and Tony Robbins would just amazing and like I’ve sort of come back with these perspective from Tony because I saw tony years ago, but from the last time I saw him, I think he had a couple of companies that were doing, you know, tens of millions of dollars a year, but now he’s got a couple of companies doing billions of dollars a year.

So he’s gone through after he talked about on stage, after going through that process of researching and interviewing 50 of the world’s most successful billionaires and obviously completely changed his mindset and because his mindset was changed, he actually elevated to that level personally and took his businesses that next level. So you know, old Tony was a bit like, you know, run to the back of the room were new Chinese, kind of like just value value, value. I’m like, let’s talk about achievement, but let’s also talk about fulfillment in line with the shaman achievement. Which was just epic man. Like I had such a good time there. I was thinking

so amazing. When you have those breakthroughs in life where your mindset does change. Like I remember starting out in online marketing starting out in business and you’d be like scraping just to make 10 bucks, you know like, or just to do a couple of sales here and there. And then as things progress, as you become more successful than you like jump to a new level. I don’t know how to explain it when it’s like because I’m thinking of new business ideas at the moment and other stuff that I want to work on and it’s five or 10 years ago it would’ve been a lot smaller ideas. Whereas now there are a lot bigger ideas that will make a lot more money but they also feel easier than what I was working on five or 10 years ago.

Isn’t that crazy? Because the thing about going to a level in your relationship where you’ve had a really strong relationship or you know, a lot of training and luck and I enjoy fitness as well and like getting active and moving and so it’s like different games. Although he paid search.

No, I have, I’ve actually been way more active lately with surfing and I was going to get back into karate but then it wasn’t on. So I didn’t do that for doing some other stuff as well.

That’s an amazing man. Like just, you know, there’s all sorts of levels to different areas of your life. And what I realized in the last couple of days he’s like money and financial independence is one part, but if you’re not happy during the journey, you’re not going to be happy when you get the result. And tiny was like really reinforcing that. So the last couple of days is sort of made me realize that life is about balance. Life is about the journey. It’s about consistently showing up. And they talked about, especially in Michelle bridges, like she’s like, you know, the three, the three messages I want you to take away from today’s consistency, consistency, consistency. Um, but in terms of this mindset shift that these people go through to go from a million dollar business to a $10,000,000 business to a $100,000,000 business, it’s kind of, you know, you have to become a person that is worthy of creating something like that and it has the skills to implement it.

And what Chinese said, the big shift was for him was sitting down with us is a really spiritual guys sitting down with a guy who doesn’t really believe in religions but sort of sits across spirituality. And the guy said to him, tiny, like, my purpose in my life is really about connecting and spending time with people and not sweating the small stuff. And you know, Chinese like I for a long time is to look at my phone. And because he had so many businesses in ceremony and plays just good and bad, good and bad, constantly emotionally reacting back and forth. And this is Tony Robbins saying this stuff is like the master of mindset and state and he’s like, now I just do not know to be a billionaire. You just can’t sweat that small stuff. It’s like you can’t control everything and you can’t have expectations for anything and if you have expectations that just going to be disappointed because zero percent of the time things happen by that we want them to like, you can play into the future, you can preempt and anticipates stuff. But having expectations for things that you can’t control, you know, that was a huge thing for me to sort of let go of some of the stuff up and holding onto personally.

Yeah. I really liked that idea of the happiness throughout the journey and like being fulfilled and being content with life as you’re going through the journey. And I learned that the hard way because I was striving for financial freedom and striving for a certain level of income for so many years and like sleepwalking through my marriage and through being a dad because I was just focusing on that. Like, I was there for my wife a lot and for my kids a lot, but I wasn’t fully present and so I’d spent so years just like pushing for the goal and then achieved it. And then I was like, oh, what now? Um, whereas now my process is I still have goals that I’m looking to achieve and things that I’m trying to do, like we’re trying to save a deposit to buy either a house or investment property. We’re not sure yet. Um, you know, there’s other things that we want to do in terms of travel and in terms of lifestyle and stuff like that. But also we’re completely happy with where we’re at right now. It’s hard to explain how to make that work, but to be like, I am completely content with what I have. I want for nothing. But then I also have these goals and I’m striving for more. I don’t know how to explain that, but that’s been so revolutionary in my life. Just being content, being really present in the now.

He talked about that a lot. Like in terms of lading for field life. It’s not necessarily that happiness, it’s more of that, as you said, enjoying that journey and one of the big things that he said which was powerful for him and also for me is just this concept of appreciating and gratitude for what we have. Like he said, he was giving some statistics yet, so if you’re an Australian and you’re running 50 grand a year, you’re in the top two percent of richest people in the world straight away. So he’s like, you know, because there’s a lot of people in the room that obviously want to get rich or whatever for whatever reason that they think they need it and it’s like his concept is you are already wealthy. You are already rich in global standards. In fact like in the top one to two percent.

Enjoy that. No, that feel it now. And then if you want a little bit more go and get a little bit more like work out a plan, work out a strategy, execute the strategy and make a little bit more. Set yourself up a bit more. But it was kind of really refreshing to hear that. He also said that less than five percent of businesses globally turnover a million dollars a year and that, you know, less than four percent of businesses survive more than 10 years in the market and that’s just survive. Not a profitable. So sometimes putting that stuff in perspective makes you go, wow. Like when you see 8,000 people in the room and he’s talking about really emotion, Lee, like emotionally charged topics that are bringing up stuff in you and then you’re shutting your eyes and when you put your hand up, every other person in the room is feeling the same way.

This is where they used to do a church is that like you close your eyes or their end and they’d be like, they’d do what they call an altar call where if you want to give you lots of Jesus, everyone closes their eyes and put their hand up. It sounds like you’re man.

I’ve never had that experience in the church thing. And you know, I suppose if you’re walking in and he didn’t know what the Hell Cheney was all about, you’d be like, what is this crazy cult? But I couldn’t help him and I was just in the zone and he’s so they have emotional music playing when they’re like put your hands up like piano happening in the background. Oh, keyboard at the time. It’s just his voice and at certain times when he really wants to trigger something like excitement or change the state to like, you know, emotional rather than logic. It’s just, yeah, he’s the master of music adding as well. They’ll candles burning on like the screen behind him at one point. Just pulling

all the triggers. I liked that idea that we are already in the one percent or the two percent of the wealthiest people in the world and seriously thinking about living. If you’re living in Australia then we have it so good compared to other countries. I just, I had this idea the other day because one of my friends was talking to me about their friend or someone I used to date who made heaps of money. We’re talking like half a million dollars a year and this person just wasn’t happy anyway. Is that, well, if you already have so much money, how come you’re not happy? Because I think they’ll ask. You may like, you just seem so happy even though you don’t make like millions and millions of dollars. And I was like, yeah, like I’m just happy in life. But I had this theory that as people, I don’t know, it’s just hard for us to be happy and it’s.

I was thinking this when I was recording about the dream home by deer as well and whether or not we need a dream home in order to be happy is that you, you get what you strive for but then you can’t become complacent with it. So I remember Carol tells this story of Kelly, my wife about she was in church one day and they went back to these people’s house after church and these rich people who had moved over from America and now like on the beach in freshwater in Sydney, I think it was. And she’s hanging out with a kid and he’s, he’s complaining saying, yeah, this house is really nice, but the dolphins keep waking me up really early in the morning and I don’t know, I think you just get, when you get these things that you strive for, that you appreciate them for a certain point in time, but then naturally, unless you’re really active about it, you become complacent about it and it doesn’t make you happy anymore. So the dream home or make you happy for a certain period of time. But then if you have a beautiful view, do you just get used to it and not appreciate it anymore? You have to like strive to keep appreciating things.

That was the big thing like that. He talked about his life for the last 30 years in his face. It’s all been about achievement now it’s about, you know, because we do feel better when we are contributing, helping other people, doing things that challenges challenge us, that make us grow. And my learning like achievement is important. It’s important to have something bigger than the day to day to be working towards relationships, health, business investments, whatever that is for people. But you know the fulfillment side man, like all right, I’ll look at the last 10 years. For me personally, I’m like man, there’s some stuff that are really sacrificed. Like I just, just in the relentless pursuit of certain goals and you know, you’ve helped me with this. Some other people in my life has definitely helped me with this and I’m feeling more and more comfortable with, but it’s just the small stuff man.

Like it’s having that Friday off to spend the time with the family, having really good people around you. Like this is a big thing I’ve been working on at the moment. Just the quality of like my really, really tight inner circle and like where those people are out and how they’re showing up in their life. And are they supportive? Are they, are they stoked on life? Like not all the time of course, but are they genuinely, you know, in that medium to higher energetical energetic level. When I chill with them or hang with them or are they constantly bringing me down and I’m having to pull them out, which you know, like doesn’t feel good, you want to hang out with, I want to hang out with people that are ally doing staff that are into the same stuff as me and like remembering that there’s just so many people around there that are doing cool things that are in line with whatever we’re all chasing and yeah, it’s just those things and getting my health as a major priority again, it’s been really, really powerful and you know, that stuff flows into the business and flows into the investments and, and I always used to be very clear, like a few quality goals that are going to completely add value to your life as opposed to 10,000 little goals can be such a big thing.

And he talked about that a lot over the last couple of days. Just like really simplifying it down to the things that are meaningful and not just having thinking about them but feeling them as well, if you know what I mean?

Yeah. And so I’m just really appreciating the day to day at the moment because I think like, I do this thing with my mind where if you stretch out time, right, we all want to make an impact on the world and whatever. Um, but if you stretch out time, we’re all basically going to be forgotten. Like eventually the sun will expand and like sucking the earth. And so the earth will burn out. Like in everything you do will be lost eventually. Anyway. So like if you expand things out like that, then it’s like, well, okay, well it’s not going to. Whatever I do probably won’t last forever. But the impact that I can have is on people right now and the impact that I have when I hang out with people and I bring happiness into their lives or when I spend time with my kids or spend time with my wife or whatever it is when I’m president in that moment and can make people happy.

Or like the videos and stuff that we do and the impact that they have on people’s lives. Like I just got a comment today talking about people who have been watching us and they purchase have purchased two investment properties as a result and the lives of moving forward and their financial goals and moving forward and they’re stoked on that. Like having that impact, I don’t know, that is real and that does happen now and sometimes I feel like we project too far into the future and put too much emphasis on that that we miss the now. Even like I had this idea because you know, how people talk about what are you gonna on your deathbed, what are the things that you’re going to regret? One of the things that you’re going to like worry about on your deathbed. And I think I was listening to Gary Vaynerchuk and he was like under.

I don’t make decisions for like what are we thinking about on my deathbed? And then I’ve got like a few people in my family have been through Alzheimer’s and dementia as well as like friends and relatives of friends have been through that and that dude that you could lose your memories and lose everything at old age and like you won’t have regrets because you can’t remember anything. I know so many people talk about thinking about that, thinking about, well, what are you gonna regret at the end of your life when you’re 90 or $100? One hundred and 10 or however old we’re going to be because medicine is getting better. Um, yeah, I dunno, I dunno where I was going with that, but just that, that perspective, it doesn’t quite work because you might not make it that far. You might not get the chance to have regrets that because your mind can be taken from you.

I love that man. Like I was, I flew down to Sydney a couple of weeks back for a bowl that we go to every year because my dad lost a couple of brothers to brain cancer. So it’s like a cure for life ball with Charlie Teo. And I get in that, my dad’s like, sorry, I can’t catch it at the airport, I got to do some stuff. And I’m like, no problems. Got In an uber. I’m like, looked at his writing for some reason I never look at it in writing, but he had like 6,000, 900 trips in 18 months and he started writing was like not four point nine, five percent and I get the car. I’m like, man, you’ve done some trips in the last 18 months. I’m like, and you’ve had such amazing feedback on average. And he’s like, my goal. Then like he knew my name when I hopped in the car is to be the world’s best uber driver and artist went like, who is this dude artist?

And then that started a, that was about 40 minutes from the airport to Granola and I was like sat with him and some of the stuff coming out of his mouth. Like he’s, like, I said to him, I just asked this question to people that are interesting to me that unlike, I’m 30 terry now you’re 60, what would you say to yourself at 32 years of age? And there’s two things he said, he’s like, you need a mission field a lot. And he’s like, my mission is to add value to every single person and thing that I come into contact with for the rest of my entire life. And I was like, what a way to live. Like he’s like, Ben, we’ve got this 40 minutes together and we’re never going to see each other again. So I’m going to make the absolute most of this 40 minutes for both of us.

So that we both walk away feeling better for them. The moments that we spend together. And I was like, what did, he’s just in the present, I suppose what he was trying to say. You know, the second thing like this is a taxi driver that a new uber driver that, um, is in the towers in which his life, I suppose the Chinese way of thinking. And he’s like in towers. And there’s two cycles and they go for 60 years of age and he’s like at 60 years of age or ray bond and then you start the second phase of your life. It’s just such a longer term perspective. But he was talking about quantum physics and he’s talking about. Because I was saying, man, I feel like I’ve been pushing for a long time in my 20 to 30 years and I’m just starting to like get in flow now.

And he’s like, imagine you were dropped out of this car right now into the ocean. Sorry, I’ll come back to the first thing I want to explain as well. It just so much stuff came out of these call like this time with him and he’s like, imagine you’re dropped in the ocean right now. He’s like, there’s two things you could do. You could find an, an you know, you your points using this guy using the son of how to get back to land. He’s like, you’re on the east coast swim West type thing. And he’s like, you could probably sue him for two hours before you die. Or He’s like, you could trust that you know, and there’s one direction or one angle from there, or you could trust and you could float and maybe you could float for a day that the tide is going to take you in and that the tide has 360 degrees worth of options to get you back there. And he’s like, you’re gonna die. If you’re going to die, you’re going to die regardless of. Yeah,

it was. So what’s the moral of this story?

The moral of the story is live. There’s a lot of us in life that is swimming and swimming gets you only so far and it might get you back to the land, but if you can’t see the land, you’re probably not going to be able to swim there and a couple of hours and you might be heading in the complete wrong direction anyway. Where if you like, allow yourself to float and go, no sort of way you want to be, but trust that you’re going to get there. Like this was his concept. He’s like, there’s an equally good chance that if you’re floating for 24 hours versus swimming fraternity, you identifying land because you know at least for 12 hours or at least for six out of every 24 hours like the tide is taking you back to land. That was just a crazy concept for me to think about floating through life and being in flow I suppose rather than swimming all the time towards what you want.

Did you tell this story and then my mind is like, looks at them like I’m thinking of the map of the world. I’m like, okay, can someone be dropped in the ocean? That if they floated in multiple directions, was the likelihood of finding land and like going into this full analytical mindset of okay, what do geographical locations with this work? And he’s like telling me this. I’m like, this theory sounds bogus like this is, this is not based on any truth at all. Like sure, great concept. But the idea that you can just like float and you’ll find land versus like swimming where you know, land is like that. Just that was, that was, that was just like ruined that for you, but I was just, I got a bit lost there.

Maybe like my interpretation lost the bit of like what he was actually telling me. I, I definitely think that, but yeah, it was kind of like this concept of constantly pushing versus paying pulled in the right direction, if you know what I mean. But yeah, he said the, there’s an equal life going to be banging fucking snap chat to say as well. Anyway. Yeah,

yeah. Main Caribbean a lot. Talking about being in flow a lot lately and rather than being super structured with the things that we do and you know, like when work time is and when friends time is and all that sort of stuff like we should hang out together on Thursday night and do specifically this. We’ve been doing a lot more like inflow lately. Just trying to communicate better with each other and working out what our needs are based on just how we’re feeling. Trying to be in flow a lot more is what I’m saying. I think

I liked a lot that concept man. Mike, as you know, like I’m a really, really structured individual in person. Like I like my, I come to work during these hours and I do the same thing every single weight repetitively and it increases my performance, but the drugs when I have to do the same thing every week, I’m like, oh, I’m so bored right now. Can I just do something else? Yeah, for sure. Like that’s the cool thing about life. Like everyone’s different isn’t like aren’t we? And we show up differently in our own world as well. I remember the last thing that he said to me, man, like coming back, he’s live. Sorry I ruined your analogy. Hey, like the real analogy of what I wanted to try and say at point one was at the two things that he told me was if he was 32 and he was on his and he’d just, if you’re 60 years of age show, which is where he is now and I’m 32 and he got to say the things that he’s learned over his life.

He’s like, well, if you’re 32 now and you had been told that you have 28 years left of your law till you’re 60, what would you do and how would you spend it and how would you make it meaningful for you? And it was just a, a head twister for me, man. Like without sounding rude as it was just like my column Line Fox decided and I’m like, how much should we go there? And it’s kind of like this concept of life, you know, he reversed the question on me and made me think about what is that meaning for my life? And so did you come up with like, I just ripped his basically and enrich Chinese over the last couple of days, which is every moment of my life, how can I have a more positive impact on the person that I’m hanging with as the situation that I’m in or in the environment that I’m in? Like how can I show up and lead my life in a way that’s authentic for me? That makes me feel more of the time better than bad and actually contribute to people. And the world in a more positive way, and that wife mays business, like I love doing business outside of that. It’s spending time with the people I care about and traveling. So it’s pretty simple way.

Yeah. I think bringing it back around to property, because this is all about. I’m not even just that idea. If you only have 28 years left to live, how are you going to invest as well? And I think so many people get caught up on building wealth and getting rich like quote unquote rich, um, that they lose sight of how finite life is at the time that they have. And I think that’s why I’ve always been so drawn to financial freedom and so drawn to the idea that you just have options in your life because you’re financially free and if you’re going to invest, at least for me, if I’m going to invest, it’s always for financial freedom. So even the new business ideas that I have and everything, it’s all about passivity. It’s all about getting more passive income because I’m more passive income.

You get the more choices that you have, which again is why I love the two properties to financial freedom strategy that we’ve been talking about, which is just, it gets away from the concept of get rich quick, build massive wealth and it brings us back to get lifestyle, like get an income so you can live a lifestyle, but then it’s like that message I guess what we’re talking about today, which is what do you really want out of life? What’s gonna help you be in flow? What’s going to make you fulfilled sort of thing. I don’t know. I really check.

It’s such a crazy thing to think that, you know from, let’s call it zero to 20 years of age for most people, even 25, there’s no real like financial planner, if you know what I mean. Like you’ve, you’ve spent 25 years of your life building a foundation. Hopefully then you spend between 25 and 50, which is sort of like your peak earning years, maybe 50 to 60 for some people and then you spend 60 to id like raping the role of a lifetime of work and it just, it boggles my mind like why you wouldn’t prioritize at least setting yourself up as per the two property strategy to achieve financial freedom longterm. Then focusing on how you can make your life absolutely amazing and fulfilled now and then problem solving a solution that will have to not get there in a shorter period than 25 years life. Our human brain is wired to solve problems. Like why not? Why not focus on solving the problem with time in your life and actually getting as much time back as early in your journey as you can so that you can show up the way that you want to show up for the rest of your loss after that.

Yeah. And so I don’t know. I think that it’s kind of and have a super

random episode that we did, but yeah, float through life and hopefully you won’t die. WHATSAPP message flight, the Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla. To see like a plastic bag and just float through the ocean. I got so distracted by that analogy. Hey, it

was like some of my worst way.

That is awesome. Everyone else loves it. I hope they understood what Ben was talking about better than I did.

I don’t think so. And I think I was understanding

what I was trying to say, uh, happens to the best of us

of getting his hair, the guy on annex podcast together and we’re getting him onto explain what I was trying to say.

Yeah, I reckon a good future episode would be to get someone from your team. So like Simon or Allie or crystal or something like that. It can be more property related but we can have like a few people. So rather than it just being mean you, we could have some other people. I think that could be a lot of fun to do that.

I love like I’d love to get Simon on here for sure. All my sister crystal or alley like I’d like, I’d like them to share their ideas which are, you know, similar but completely different to yours and mine as well and there’s so much more tactical in terms of their approach because they’re the ones physically inspecting the properties day in, day out as well.

Yeah. They know, they know everything. And Crystal with a photographic memory. That’s crazy.

Yeah, that’d be fun. Let’s say that.

Cool. Alright, well we’ll sign off there guys. Thanks so much for watching this different episode where we Kinda just talked about life and the things that we’re thinking about at the moment. Hopefully you can simulate a bit of thought in you as well. We wish you the best of luck out there on your property journey, on your life journey.

If you get dumped in the ocean, and best of luck to everyone.

If you want to check me out, you can go to on-property dot com dot a u, or if you want to take ben out, that’s a pumped on property.com. Ben is a buyer’s agent and helps people buy investment properties, so if that something that you’re after, he is well his team offering free strategy sessions to listen to as avant property, so go to on property. You don’t come to you for so session if you’re interested in one of those free strategy sessions where you can get clear on your goals in life and where you want to go, where you want to float, and then today, but now I’m more like more specific financial goals as well as how to approach property investing and how to invest well if that’s something that you’re after on property.com, forward slash session. Until next time, stay positive.


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