Why We Don’t Want To Be Rich

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Most people have the goal to be rich, but we don’t have that goal in our life. So why don’t we want to be rich and what do we want instead?

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You want to do the intro for this one? No, no, no. I didn’t know what you say. He’s just done this like 550 times. I’ve done this five times. He’s turning around.

A lot of people have the goal in their life that they want to become rich, that they want to become extremely wealthy and we don’t have that goal like as the pool filter and we don’t have that goal in our life. So in this episode we wanted to talk about why we don’t want to be rich.

What’s not that we don’t have any reach reach. We just don’t want to be filthy rich. Yes.

And it’s Kinda like, well it was sure it would be nice to be rich, but what it would take to become rich, we’re not willing to do. That’s right. So how are we going to start this and what are we going to tell them?

Well, I think early on without even realizing we made that choice, like when we first got married, we really did, didn’t we? Yeah. We just never wanted to go to work. We just were like, why? We just want to go to the beach, so I don’t care about no money, like thinking about the future.

Well, in the early days when we first got married, within our first six months of marriage, I was trying to, well, I was actually trying to get rich. I thought we were going to get rich and I thought I would get rich by making money online and so I didn’t want to go to work because I was trying to get rich online and you would come home and you’d be like, well, why am I working full time? And you’re just like chilling,

hanging out at home.

And then I’m like, well, don’t work full time. Have you done one today? And so then he moved to part time. I did. And so we, yeah, that was within our first six months of marriage and then we had hardly any money. Um, but that was, yeah, I guess our first decision we made really early on that we are going to choose lifestyle over riches and we kind of went a bit extreme with it because then we didn’t have money so we couldn’t do anything. And we fought all the time about my, yeah, probably wasn’t the best way to go about it. So. And then life moved on for us. We had our first kid, then I ended up getting a full time job, then we had our second kid, I got an internal promotion and I was working as a pharmaceutical rep and we’re at the point where I was working full time and I was earning good money. But were we happy?

No, we weren’t. You were working so much you would leave almost in the dark and you get home and it was dark and then you work at nights.

Yeah, late nights as well sometimes. So I was working in a sales role and I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself and work more than I probably should or more than what was expected of me. So I was doing a lot of nighttime trainings with these pharmacies and going above and beyond where I probably didn’t need to. And then at the same time you had postnatal depression? Yes. Uh, and so it was kind of like I went to work because I felt like I needed to go to work to pay off our debts, which we, which we did pay off and to pay for like some of the bad financial decisions that we made, which were done in a previous video on some of those bad financial decisions. That was around the time that we bought the range rover, which was terrible. We didn’t do that.

So I think we were getting to the point where we could, we were saving for a house deposit and will one or two commissions away from having a house deposit. And then we decided to give all of that up again in the pursuit of happiness for us. We’ve made many choices in our life where we’ve chosen happiness and chosen to take a risk on something rather than trying to be rich. And I think when it comes down to it for us, when it comes to setting goals and when it comes to what you want in life, it’s really easy to say, I want to be rich. Yeah. I would love to be rich. But I think realistically what you should be asking yourself is what are you willing to struggle for and what are you willing to sacrifice for them and for us, if we want to become extremely wealthy, well then that’s going to mean like extremely long working hours for me probably work for you as well, which means like our kids in afterschool care.

Well that’s, that’s the key, isn’t it? Then it was will our kids are really young and we want to spend time with them. Yes. So we chose to be kind of a bit more, not really poor. I mean, you know, but yeah, we weren’t comfortable so that we could have more time with them as well. Even in my business, I always chose to pursue passivity over richards and so I wanted that passive income and that baseline financial freedom instead of being rich. And so there’s so many opportunities with my website in the early days where there was a lot of opportunities to make big money, but I could see that if I went after that, then it would be this perpetual cycle where I had to keep working harder and harder to like we would get rich, but then you would have to build infrastructure which you would then have to support which would create this business that just needed me there all the time and like we would have been way wealthier than we are today, but I just saw that it wasn’t going to be passive income and it wasn’t going to be worth it for us.

Yeah, totally. I think I got it from my dad. I think you’re right. Yeah, definitely. Because my dad was on the fast track basically to become an editor of a newspaper within news corp and my mom had my sister and we spent six months being a full time mom and my mom’s super intellectual woman and she was like, I can’t do this. I’m really unhappy and not enjoying it. And so my dad decided to quit his job so that my mom could go back to work and they offered him a promotion. They offered him extra money and someone said to him and he says, still said no, and someone said to him with the money that we’re paying you, you can afford a nanny to take care of your kids. And my dad said to them, he’s like, why would I have children just for someone else to raise them?

And so like I think that value system, like I was raised under that, like I was raised a with my dad as a full time dad and with that idea that well he sacrificed money in order to spend time with us and to be like in and around the family. And I feel like that’s coming across like in my value system as well. Well my mom was the same. My mom didn’t go to work, she was just, she wanted to be at home when we came here from school every day. That was like a priority for her. So yeah, we didn’t have that much money. But like mum was always around and so that’s probably where I’m like that as well. Then that’s a priority for you being present for sure. And then I think so we weren’t willing to sacrifice for it and we weren’t willing to do that.

But also we found our happiness in other ways. So rather than just finding happiness in material things, finding happiness in a luxury car or in a mansion or things like that. We found happiness in other aspects of our life and we found a way to have a great lifestyle that didn’t cost us an excessive amount of money for sure. So moving up here up near Noosa. Yeah. We can live near the beach and we can afford to because we’re not in the city. Yeah. Yeah. And so our kids go to a Montessori school and that’s like private school fees, but it’s not excessive private school fees because it’s not a city live one street back from the beach, but it’s not excessive rent because we live in like a small beach side town. Um, you know, we, we drive, we drove, drop our kids off at school today.

And then we went to the beach in Noosa and like how much do we spend this morning? Like we stopped at bakers delight and go, like spent like having spend $14 on roles and like maybe like a pizza thing. And so we like had a really great morning out at the most beautiful place, but it was like, it’s right near our kids school and it didn’t really cost us anything at all. So we had these great things in our life that we don’t have to pay excessive amounts for it. And like we talked in the previous video, we love coffee and so we have a coffee machine, um, that we absolutely loved and we buy our beans and then grind them. And so like we have that great part of our life, but it’s not costing us an excessive amount. And so we’re kind of had a mix of like focusing on pacivity.

So we achieved that. Um, we’re not willing to struggle and to sacrifice and work like crazy in order to become rich. But then as well, we found out happiness in a good lifestyle and the things that we can do for free around us, but also in like our relationships and that’s just priority to isn’t it? The reason why we not striving to be rich is because our priorities don’t line up with being rich. Like that’s really what it is. Like if you want, you don’t want to be at work all the time and you want to spend time with your family and you want to do hobbies during the week rather than go to work, well you’re not going to be rich. So we kind of chosen that way. We have five. That was a huge process for us to choose. Well, I think that I feel like it was lots of little steps, little steps to move out to Sydney and to choose like not to get a car loan for the car.

Look, we’ve made so many little decisions along the way that have caused us to look at life differently. Like even our decision to move out of the Gold Coast into the van. A decision to become minimalistic decisions. Yeah. To stop focus on trying to acquire things. Even our decision to not buy our own house in pursuit of like finding balance and finding happiness and finding the lifestyle like we’ve made a lot of sacrifices in decisions along the way that have made us. We have, we’re different people now than we were before. All other people are and I think if people feel like maybe they don’t, maybe they don’t want to become rich, but they still had that materialism and they still have that. Like striving feel like I need to have the big house in the city. I need to have the good car. It’s going to be a process to adjust that and to change that.

That’s not gonna happen overnight. They’re, you’re going to change to have priorities similar to us where we don’t care as much but you can do it one step at a time and so you don’t have to change your priorities straight away but you can just tackle one thing. And we talked about in a previous video on like our journey with minimalism. How the first thing that we tackled was our wardrobe and so we took one step towards being more minimalistic and less materialistic in our lives and that did have a big impact on us. And so you don’t have to do everything all at once. You don’t have to change your goals all at once. Small steps. Yeah. Just small incremental steps. Tackle one thing at a time when it’s like the decisions that you’re making. It’s like always bringing them back to your core values.

Like when you’re like with the car, like the same sort of thing. Like we’ll do I want to have a column that I have to pay for. No because that doesn’t line up with my core values of like I don’t want to work a lot. I don’t want to have to pay a consistent like at that loan payment. So it’s always bringing it back to what does this decision line up with my values. And then also like looking into the future, how that decision is going to affect you. So a lot of people, like even friends of ours, they purchase like a house and like a capital city and they overextend themselves on their mortgage because their job’s good at the time. They’re both working at the time, but they’re not thinking longterm in the future how the, how this is going to restrict the decisions that they are able to make and because you know, technically you could always sell the house but there’s going to be a huge emotional thing holding you back from doing that.

And so we always knew intuitively that we’re not going to buy a house because that’s going to restrict our freedom because it’s going to be hard to make a decision to sell your home. And so we’ve seen so many people overextend themselves, purchase these houses and then they’re miserable in their life. They’re now like signed to have a family. So then moving down to one wage and they’ve got so much stress in their life and they’re so unhappy, but they feel trapped because they like have this house that they purchase. But they’re not like, they’re not happy. Like just because you have the house doesn’t mean you’re going to be happy and I don’t know, I think, yeah, thinking about the decisions, decisions you’re making and how that will affect you in the future and how that might restrict your happiness or restrict your decisions in the future because you’re not always both going to have good wages or like you might want to start working part time or like any of you over commit to loans and mortgages and expenses in your life.

Then you don’t have that freedom to choose a simpler life. And so I think choosing a simple life when you don’t have to can be good because then you can choose to make more money, become rich if you want or you can choose to do what we did for sure. Yeah. So I don’t know if that’s helpful to anyone out there. We’re just like, we’re a bit left of center towards what most people are aiming for in life and so we thought it would be helpful to share why we don’t want to be rich and our value system because we feel like it has made us really happy in our lives and happier a lot happier than we were when we were both working jobs or when I was working full time and then we and we will. Yeah, when we’re striving for rich and when we overextended and bought like a range rover, I feel like we’re happy and now being simpler and not trying to be rich than we were when we were trying to be rich. And so hopefully that can help some of you guys out there. So if you haven’t checked it out already, go ahead and check out our video on our journey from minimalism a, you can see how we kind of went through that process ourselves. And don’t forget to subscribe to this channel because we’ve got new new videos coming out almost daily. And until next time, stay positive guys. See Ya.

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