What is a Buyer’s Agent and Should You Hire One?

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Purchasing the right property that is going to move you towards your financial goals is very important and a buyer’s agent can help you do that. But what is exactly is a buyer’s agent, what do they do and should you hire one?

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0:00 – Introduction to Buyer’s Agent Ben Everingham
0:53 – In Australia, what is a buyer’s agent?
1:39 – What is a buyer’s agent quick summary
2:18 – How does a buyer’s agent help people create a successful property investment strategy?
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8:31 – How does a buyer’s agent choose the best markets to invest in?
9:53 – How does a buyer’s agent pick the best suburb in a market?
12:46 – How does a buyer’s agent pick the best properties in a suburb?
14:50 – A buyer’s agent inspects the property on a client’s behalf
15:18 – What happens if the client doesn’t want to buy the property a buyer’s agent recommends?
19:44 – A buyer’s agent should be educating you on how to become better investors
20:16 – What a buyer’s agent isn’t
23:15 – The buyer of today needs to be fully educated to make their own decisions
24:27 – A buyer’s agent negotiates on behalf of the client
27:00 – A buyer’s agent should hold your hand through to settlement
28:11 – Once you own the property the buyer’s agent role is mostly finished
29:58 – Should you hire a buyer’s agent?

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