Why I Didn’t Achieve Financial Freedom Through Investing in Property

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A lot of people were interested to know why I didn’t achieve financial freedom through investing in property, but instead achieved it through my businesses.

0:00 – Introduction
0:26 – When I started out I thought property would be my way of achieving financial freedom
1:15 – My Dad’s attitude towards life may have had a big impact
2:58 – Lending issues held me back from buying property multiple times
3:35 – I found a shortcut to achieve financial freedom
4:57 – Now that I’m not financially free anymore what is my plan?
6:26 – Climbing the corporate ladder didn’t work for me
7:20 – I saw another path to financial freedom
7:50 – Property is a great way to financial freedom, but it’s not the only way

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A lot of you were interested to know why I didn’t achieve financial freedom through investing in property and why it actually achieved it through creating my own businesses instead. This is something that came out of the episode that I did on how I achieve financial freedom at 28. I’ll leave the links to that in the description down below, but yeah, a lot of people were curious as to why didn’t I achieve financial freedom through property and to be honest, when I started out on this journey, I did think that property would be the way to get me towards financial freedom. When I was 16, I was rating property, books and magazines. I was fascinated with property primarily for this idea of passive income and positive cashflow so that I could achieve financial freedom. I had the goal of being financially free by 30, which I did achieve the.

Now I’m 30. I’m again not financially free because expenses have gone up and business income has gone down, so maybe I didn’t achieve my goal after all on back on the grind at the moment, but I always thought that property would be the way that I would achieve financial freedom. I was always certain of that, but I think I got a bit of my dad’s blood in me, so my dad has worked one day a week basically for the last 30 years. He works as a journalist and he was working full time on track to become an editor of a newspaper. My parents had their first child, which is my sister Sarah, and my mom who’s quite an intellectual woman, decided that she didn’t want to be a stay at home mom, so my parents talked about it and my dad decided that he would be a stay at home dad.

He decided to move down to one day a week. My mum went back to work full time, but dad’s worked one maybe two days a week for most of his life and he’s a very happy and relaxed person. He was never. His goals would never to be extremely rich, but he was always extremely loving and caring and things like that, and I think that kind of rubbed off on me in the fact that my life, I’ve never had ambitions to be extremely rich, had ambitions to be a millionaire. I’ve had ambitions to be financially free, but I’ve never really had ambitions to be exuberantly wealthy. To be someone who just drives those fancy cars who owns those mansions, who has the businesses worth a billion dollars, etc. That’s never been my goal, has always been my goal to pursue things that I’m passionate about, to achieve financial freedom so I can do what I want with my time, but when I achieved that, I didn’t stretch and I didn’t try for more.

I was jusT really happy with that base level of income. So when it comes to property, I had the problem in that I didn’t really want to work as much as was required in order to get loans. So when I originally tried to buy a property, I had a casual job where I was working in a couple of days per week. I’d saved a deposit, but I wasn’t able to buy because I wasn’t able to borrow any money and there was a bunch of different scenarios in my life where I was extremely close to purchasing property, but it just didn’t happen mainly because of lending issues. I had a property that I was about to buy and then the valuation on that property came back a little lower than the asking price and I wasn’t able to come up with the extra money required in order to purchase that property.

That was probably eight years ago now or something like that. And then I just got passionate about internet marketing. I got passionate about business. I started pursuing that and I saw that this was actually a shortcut or a faster way to achieve financial freedom. And robert kiyosaki talks about it in his books. That how he achieved financial freedom was he built businesses and then invested in real estate. So he built the businesses in order to spin off that extra cash flow in order to create excess sums of money and then use those extra x excess sums of money to go ahead and invest. In real estate, and so that became my goal was to do that, was to build a business and then use that business to then go ahead and invest in real estate, but along the way I discovered that I didn’t actually need the real estate in order to become financially free.

What I discovered was that there was ways to make passive income online that will just deliver me returns every single month and income every single month without me needing to work, so this was stuff where I would put in the work in the beginning and I would work hard, but then after I did the work, then the websites, then the businesses will generate me passive income and so my focus shifted from I need to invest in property to be financially free to. I can be financially free through my businesses and so that’s what I pursued. That’s the goal that I pursued. That’s the goal that I achieved at 28 when I became financially free. Now at 30, not being financially free anymore because my income’s gone up and my businesses have gone back a little bit. So I just have a bit of a gap between what I’m earning passively and what I need to be financially free, so I need to bridge that gap, but learning what I have now and being back in this situation where I’m on the grind trying to achieve financial freedom.

I do now want to go back to robert kiyosaki’s plan, which is build businesses and invest in real estate. So the initial goal is to build my business back up to the point where I have financial freedom through my businesses. The work that I do is still passive in nature, so when I do the work, it generates extra income and happy days, but I’m not going to stop there. what I’m going to do now is push further so that my income goes up and then I have a gap between my lifestyle and the income that I’m earning and that gap and what extra is coming in or then go ahead towards investing in property and we’ll go ahead towards achieving that longterm financial freedom that I want. I don’t want to end up back in this position where I have to grind and work again.

I would rather just work now, build that up. Then invest, have that longterm financial freedom. Really just secure those foundational properties that I’ve talked so much about two guys that will then go on to delIver financial freedom for me. I don’t necessarily need financial freedom through my properties instantly today, but I want to have acquired those foundational properties so that I know my future is secure and I know that I’ll never have to be on the pension. So why didn’t I achieve financial freedom through property? One reason was just my pure stubbornness and not willing to go to work full time, not wIlling to climb the corporate ladder. I was stopping in not wanting to do that. I wanted to pursue my own online business. But even when I did eventually do that and work as a pharmaceutical rep and started climbing the ladder, I discovered that it wasn’t for me that I don’t fit well in a big company because I am so creative and um, so headstrong as well.

So I kind of butt heads with management and butt heads with people up against me because I want to push the boundaries of what’s possible where often they just need someone who’s goIng to go in there and just do the job that they need them to do and that’s not necessarily made. So one of the reasons was that inability to work and to therefore get loans and to save deposits, to invest in property. But the other was that I just saw another path to financial freedom that was better suited to me, to my strengths and who I am and so I passionately pursued that path for years, working part time online for about seven years before going full time, then going full time for another three years before achieving financial freedom. So all apples about a 10 year stretch of working online before I achieve that financial freedom.

And as you guys can see, I’m still doing it and I’m still continuing to work and to grow my income as well. So property isn’t the only way to financial freedom. It is a great way to financial freedom, especially if you love your job or you just want to be an employee and working in a job. By buIlding a business. I could create passive income for myself. If you’re an employee, then it’s harder to build that passive income through your job because as soon as you start working, you’re not going to be earning money anymore, so you need to look for outside investment in order to achieve financial freedom and property can be a great way to do that. Have a look at your strengths. What are the best strengths for you and what’s the best way for you to pursue financial freedom? Is it through working in a job and investing in property?

Is that through building businesses and achieving passive income that way? Or is it through the robert kiyosaki method where you build businesses and then invest in property to achieve the financial freedom so the businesses aren’t passive, but the properties that you invest in a. So I encourage you to go out there, find your path, the one that’s going to be best for you. I found my path and the one that’s best for me and now I’m pursuing it with all my effort. So you go out there, you do. You be the best version of yourself that you can be. work hard because nothing comes for free and while you’re here, go ahead and check out the video that I did where I talked about how to achieve financial freedom at 28 if you haven’t checked that out already. And also there’s a video where I talked about what it feels like to be financially free, which is a lot different to what I thought it was going to be. Thanks so much for tuning into this episode and until next time, stay positive.

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