Women Achieving Success in Property Investing

It’s very inspiring to see successful women in property and Kristal has achieved amazing things. Today I sit down with her to discuss any difference being a female investor and the primary financial decision maker of her household.

0:45 – Have you found anything different being a woman and investing in property
1:40 – Doing it yourself as a woman and not just expecting a man to help you
3:10 – It there still the expectation that men will support the woman
6:35 – Working with strong female clients

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Ryan 0:00
it’s very great to come across women who has successfully invested in property and if you look across the on property channel it is very well ben and ben and simon doing a lot of the videos and crystal who is ben sister works here at pumped on property successful investor herself successful buyer’s agent has had great success and so i wanted to take the time to kind of talk about women in real estate and if it’s different as a woman obviously i’m not a woman i understand yeah but hopefully that some people out there can connect with this and be inspired by you so we had done a video where we talked about crystal’s journey and her property portfolio so i will link up to that one but have you found anything different being a woman and investing in property

Kristal 0:50
it’s a difficult one i i guess maybe when i came into this i was a bit naive and assumed like i kind of just coasted by working with ben and didn’t feel as though that our audience treated me any different but i’ve definitely seen it from like a perspective of dealing with other maybe real estate agents or people that are a little bit older school not expecting that someone that is sort of under 30 and a female will have done the level of investing and things that we’ve done here at pumped on property

Ryan 1:27
yeah and i think do not underestimate under estimating krystal that’s just definitely the wrong way to go she knows her stuff she can negotiate so all about from purchasing your property so when you we talked about when you started saving you didn’t have a partner at the time so you thought you know what i’m just gonna do this myself

Kristal 1:50
yeah so i think that was a really big thing for me having that mindset shift because a lot of my friends were in long term relationships where for them i think mentally they go oh well with the two of us two incomes we can just make a decision and within 12 or 24 months we’ve saved a deposit with myself in my early 20s i was kind of like if i want to do this i’ve got to do it myself and even just having that thought process as a single mid 20 year old was really unique compared to a lot of my friends like we were still partying we were still having fun traveling going on holidays working really hard as well but we’re still doing fun things and i think just them or people understanding oh why would you be looking to buy a house if you don’t have that because it’s just like that ozzy dream mindset i

Ryan 2:40
think thankfully nobody would ask a male that why are you buying your own house you don’t have a wife yet yeah so that to me

Kristal 2:52
most likely no and that i think that was probably the biggest thing like a lot of my friends when i would say i don’t want to go out tonight i’m saving or this or that it’s kind of like why why don’t you just wait till you meet someone and they like buy the house for you and it’s like i’ll just find my rich husband and like that so

Ryan 3:08
is there still that expectation in society maybe i’m a bit about a touch with like my mom is a feminist my sister is like a strong woman who makes a lot of the financial decisions in her relationship does that sort of still exist that i’ll just you know my husband will take care of me

Kristal 3:28
i throw that comment out pretty pretty loosely so don’t take it to heart but i do actually think like i do have quite a lot of friends that rely on their partners to make the bulk of the income rely on their partners to make a lot of those financial decisions to be the ones that save it’s not to say that they’re like my prince charming is coming to rescue me and i don’t have to ever lift a finger in my life because a lot of my friends are super hard working they’re really strong women as well but i do still think there is a little bit of that mindset especially now that i am going into the stage of having kids like a lot of people are like i won’t have to go back to work whereas in my relationship i am the financial decision maker and in a lot of senses i am actually the higher income earner so it’s kind of like well i probably even the one that makes more sense to go back to work after having kids

Ryan 4:25
do you want to be a stay at home

Kristal 4:26
have you guys had that conversation or god my husband would love to be a stay at home dad and i would love for him to be as well and if we have the flexibility and we can make it work where we both kind of work shorter weeks i think that would be a really functional way to raise our kids and yeah i’m hoping that we can make something like that work and moving forward that’s

Ryan 4:48
the household that i grew up in so my mum was well both of my parents were both successful professionals my dad was a journalist and on track to become an editor my mom is extremely smart works in superannuation i don’t know exactly what she did but she was a higher income earner than him she would have preferred to be at work than him yeah and so she did stay at home mom for about a year year and a half and was like i can’t do this anymore and so they actually switched and so mom went back to work dad decided to become a stay at home dad so i was actually raised by a stay at home dad with a mom who was working so i guess it’s why am i so out of sync yeah my mom never changed her maiden name like it was all like this is this is what i grew up in and i guess i i i look at the world in that

Kristal 5:38
yeah and that’s really awesome that you’ve been exposed to that and i don’t think it’s the norm and for my relationship in particular i do really want to stay at home with my children especially in those early years months however long it can last but i also have really ambitious goals for my future in terms of wanting to purchase more property wanting to add value to the properties that we have and knowing that the reality is for us to achieve those things to have a freer life and our longer term means that i will have to go back to work and yet we have to make those decisions as a couple on what’s going to be best for our kids but also what’s going to help us free up our life financially as

Ryan 6:19
well and what you want to set out for yourself and for your kids and also i think that sets a great role model children as well you know being a strong independent woman i think is a very good thing to say yeah and so and i know you work with a lot of clients who are female as well or clients who are decision makers in the household or whether a woman is a decision maker in the


is there any like different dynamics at play there that

Kristal 6:49
that’s interesting i probably haven’t put too much thought into it but i do it seems to be a recurring pattern i guess the the couples that we do work with where the female is the decision maker they do tend to be maybe the higher income earner of the couple as well and they’re just overall more not gonna say dominating personality or anything like that but they are the more dominating person of the that relationship anyway and i think it’s the case of me and my husband he’s pretty crazy go with the flow and i’m the one that’s like this is what we’re doing and this is why we’re doing it and the decision maker to enforce those things despite him wanting to be on that playing field or wanting to be on that trajectory for our lifestyle he’s happy for me to just go you implement it and now just do whatever and it seems to be pretty similar with the clients we work with that have that similar family dynamic where the women is the woman is the decision maker it’s kind of the husband’s always there and they’re on board with where their life is heading and the decisions that are being made and really supportive but the female is the one who’s kind of instigating the process going through oh yeah being the driver behind that kick starting that process

Ryan 8:07
the one that you more often call me like okay we inspected this property

Kristal 8:11
exactly and i think

Ryan 8:12
it’s it’s less that was something that we wanted to get out of this episode and more just this is a discussion that we want to start opening up and to start inspiring women out there to invest in property because it has been very male heavy on this channel you know it’s just by nature you know me and ben are not females and a lot of content together but i think we do also definitely want to inspire women out there to do it with their partners doing it by themselves yeah to not need a man not named any all individuals out there of any gender as well that is that these opportunities exist for everyone and we want to inspire you that you can go and do it and i think seeing role models like crystal who are actually out there young women who are doing this is really inspiring for people out there so we hope that you’re inspired by this i think we live in we’re so fortunate to live in a very progressive country yeah i’m you know i don’t know if women are discriminated against in the real estate industry i feel like if you’re out there if you’ve got the money you’d be making an offer on a property they’re going to take you seriously yeah

Kristal 9:23
i definitely sense that like it’s um like i said in the beginning i don’t think i’ve ever experienced anything too much in this role maybe i’ve been a little bit naive to the fact but i do think yeah like if you’re a strong independent person regardless of your gender and you’re out there making those decisions then bettering your life is always amazing but yeah like i’ve done it and my partner and i’ve done it together and just being that decision maker i think there’s always one person in the relationship it just happens to be me but i do find a lot of the people we work with It is often the female that is making those decisions in the background. And yeah, we just don’t even in the back by you guys to do more of that.

Ryan 10:09
Yeah, so we wish you the absolute best in your property investment journey. We hope that you go out there and take action and be inspired by this. I will link up to the interview idea where we did talk about crystals portfolio. So if you want to know more about her journey, how she got into property investing and what she’s invested in and where she hopes to go, then check that out. links will be in the description down below. Otherwise, until next time, stay positive

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