What’s It Like Working With A Buyer’s Agent and What Do They Do?

What’s it like to work with a buyer’s agent? What is the process and what exactly does a buyer’s agent do? Simon Everingham the buyers agent is here to explain exactly how it all works and what the experience is like.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:07 – Pumped on Property’s approach to working with clients
2:06 – When working with a buyer’s agent the purchase is still always your decision
3:03 – What happens in a free property strategy session
5:07 – The second strategy session once you choose to work with a buyer’s agent
7:10 – After the second strategy session it’s time to arrange pre approval
8:42 – Once pre-approval is organised your buyer’s agent will inspect properties on your behalf
12:43 – Once you find the right property the buyer’s agent then negotiates on your behalf
14:53 – They hold your hand during the settlement period and introduce you to solicitors and a rental manager
16:45 – Once you’ve settled on the property and have a tenant then they will check in with you and talk about what your next steps are

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