What Is Your Next Step On Your Property Investment Journey

Sometimes the best way to move forward towards your property investment goals is to just simply take the next step.

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there’s that saying that we’ve all heard the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and when it comes to property sometimes we make it harder than it needs to be we try and understand everything there is to understand about property we’re researching the market we want to know is sydney going to go up or down this month if it’s gone down 0.8 we’re freaking out even though we haven’t saved our deposit yet you know or we only own one property and we’re nowhere near financial freedom yet but sometimes we need to get back to that simple act of just taking a step and today today i want to ask you what is your next step on your property investment journey because if you just take that next step and then trust yourself that once you take that step you can ask future self can ask what’s my next step from here and sometimes just one’s foot in front of the other one step after another leads you towards investing in property leads you towards financial freedom faster than trying to do everything all at once so really quick video today to just ask you okay what is your next step investing in property if you’re in debt and you need to pay off that debt your next step might be learning how to budget making more money paying off that debt your next step might be saving your deposit if you got your deposit ready to go your next step might be okay i need to understand market cycles and what market to pick if you’ve picked your market let’s say you’re like ben and you’ve picked brisbane as your market or let’s say you picked perth or you picked sydney or melbourne or hobart whichever market you’ve picked now you might be saying okay which region of this market do i want to invest in that might be your next step or which suburb do i want to invest in for a lot of people you’re ready to go you think you’ve got a market but you don’t know what suburb to invest in so that’s going to be your next step well you need to learn about suburb research and start actively researching those markets it’s actually as easy as sitting down looking at the data for the suburbs and just like next step collect the data for the suburbs and as you collect it you start to see differences i’ve done a whole video course on how to do suburb research so if you go to on property.com.eu4 slash suburb you can learn more about that over there but even just collecting the data on suburbs you don’t need to understand okay which is going to be the best hotspot you just need to go in and look at the vacancy rates of every single suburb in that region that you’re looking at compare the dsr scores compare the incomes for that area compare the sales prices and the growth over the last 12 months three years five years 10 years start collecting that data and as you collect it things start to pop out at you so often you know we get so overwhelmed it’s like okay we need to do absolutely everything sometimes it’s so much better to just break it down into our next step and to say okay what is my next step what’s the next thing that i need to do and to do that and to do it really well and to learn that to the best of our ability so i want to ask you today what’s your next step towards your property investment journey where are you at right now and what’s your next step go and do that next step and trust that when you’ve done it you know you’ll be there in the future you’ll still be you but it’ll be future you having done that step you can then assess okay what’s my next step now and then future you will take that next step and then future future you can say okay what’s my next step now and eventually you’ll find yourself with a growing property portfolio and ideally financial freedom or whatever it is that you’re striving for so think about each time what is my next step how can i do that to the best of my ability and you’ll move forward faster than you realized i encourage you to go out there discover your next step and until next time stay positive

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