1-Bedroom Granny Flat Tour – Dual Occupancy Property

Today I want to show you what a 45 square metre 1 bedroom granny flat looks like. Come with me and have a look at the 1 bedroom granny flat and see what 45 square metres feels like.

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0:00 -Introduction
0:50 – Off street paring and side access
1:15 – Coming into the lounge room and kitchen
3:17 – Bathroom tour
4:00 – Bedroom tour
5:24 – What about the rentability of the property

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Ryan 0:00
today i want to show you what a 45 square meter one bedroom granny flat looks like this is actually a dual income property so this is on quite a small piece of land around 400 square meters but they were able to build jewel occupancy with a three bedroom two bath on one side and a one bedroom one bath on the other side so in this video we’re going to go through the one bedroom granny flat so you can see what 45 square meters feels like and looks like to live in and who is this actually going to appeal to hi i’m ryan from onproperty helping you achieve financial freedom on the road today with ben who is up there somewhere he is filming in the other house this is actually two blocks of land next to each other that a client was able to purchase in an existing suburb and built two of the same properties just with different different facades out the front so there is parking here as you can see behind me for the one bedroom that door is actually to the three bedroom for the one bedroom property we need to come around the side here so we have a small amount of side access down here and we have our clothesline here folding that actually raised up next door and it looks like they’re doing a renovation underneath there so up and coming area here where people spending money so as you come in to this 45 square meter one bedroom place you can see that the lounge room is quite small okay we have enough room here maybe for a two seater lounge the plugs are there for the tv so i guess the tv would go there you could have maybe a small floating lounge or maybe a little lounge along here there’s not a great deal of room in here these are really designed for one maybe two people to live in so but nice small space you also got this nice kitchen in the in the corner over here and so but still decent space in the kitchen size for a decent size fridge you’ve got a dishwasher you’ve got a sink with a draining tray here as well bit of bench space that you could use maybe put a look you’ve got room here for a microwave so that you’ve got more bench space for preparation so overall it’s not a huge kitchen but it’s definitely a lot of usable bench space so people can cook and do that quite easily actually feels really cozy and really nice i love tiny houses i love watching them on youtube and so kind of feels like that sort of tiny house feel feels very homely very nice so we also we have ceiling fans in the lounge room there as well as an air conditioning unit so up here in brisbane it gets quite hot i don’t know why i have my sunglasses on but it gets quite warm up here especially in the summer and so having that aircon unit is very important especially given there’s not really any outside space in this one bedroom unit so we’ve got the front door which goes on to that little sort of walkway way as we said but that’s it there’s no backyard or anything the backyard is actually allocated to the other side of the property so again as i said for young professionals or for single people who don’t necessarily need a yard to kick a ball in because they’re not kids we then come through to the bathroom and so really nice bathroom here obviously everything in here is brand new we have the boundary we have the shower we have the toilet here and then in the corner here we have our laundry area so there’s the laundry basin and then there’s enough room that to put in your washing machine and so it is quite compact you know you’re going to have your washing machine in next your toilet so that’s obviously not ideal but given the small amount of space you’ve got to take every advantage that you get to take advantage of the space that you can say not the biggest of deals but there’s something to think about we then come through to the master bedroom and we can see here the master bedroom is a decent size as well so enough room in here to you know fit a king bed if you really wanted to buy probably more likely a queen bed with some side tables in here and not a lot else this actually this is what’s so good about new builds is how many powerpoints they put in just living in older units in sydney it’s just there’s no powerpoints to charge your phones and then we’ve got large inbuilt cupboards in here as well for all the clothes

and everything that you need storage for so that’s basically that’s basically the walkthrough of a 45 square meter one bedroom granny flat obviously this is different to a granny flat that you would build on the exterior of an existing house this is half of a jew income property under the one roof line but feels really nice here i can’t see the sunshine coast about once a month and so if i had more money then definitely renting something like this would be awesome to be able to have my own place when i came up there’ll be enough room for me as a single person to live here quite happily obviously when i have my three kids there will not be enough space but i could spend a couple of days in here with my three kids fine so when it comes to rent ability of these properties that’s obviously going to be very important the build of this entire property was around 550,000 for the house and the land now the digger that build at a great price thanks so pumped on property helping them out and having relationships with the builders so all our 550,000 the three bedroom property will rent for about 400 per week this unit will likely rent for around $270 per week keys have just been handed over there’s a couple of things that need to be fixed and then they’re going to have an open for inspection and have people through so a lot of people this is actually a very desirable product in this area there’s not a lot of one bedroom properties around there’s not a lot of properties around this price point the sub $300 you have to get something really poor quality and very dodgy so for people who are affluent but who don’t necessarily want an entire house to themselves this is a great option for them or for people who are saving for their next property so you do get people who are single and want to live by themselves you do get couples as well young couples you get divorces you get fly in fly out workers this actually appeals to a wide range of different renters and you can get some high quality tenants often these properties will have a great deal of people walking through you know 1520 different people viewing it at the single open home so that’s actually quite high they tend to get a lot of applications as well so really high quality granny flat here low maintenance because obviously everything is brand new and then there’s the depreciation benefit as well so really exciting one bedroom obviously part of a large off investment strategy for this client building residual income property as well as the one next door now it’s two properties that are going to have four rental incomes coming in so basically done the two properties to financial freedom strategy in one hit with these two blocks of land next to each other so really cool if this is something that you’re interested in go to onproperty com au forward slash two properties and you can learn more about the two properties to financial freedom strategy over there but i hope that you enjoyed this walkthrough of the one bedroom granny flat if you want go ahead and check out the walkthrough that i did with ben looking at this property here and talking in more details about the investment figures around these two properties and you can see exactly what this client is trying to achieve thanks so much for watching and until next time stay positive

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