10 Personal Finance Books I’m Reading This Year

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To help me with my finances I’m going to be reading 10 personal finances books this year. Here are the books I plan on reading, hopefully, I will get some great stuff out of them.

0:00 – Introduction
1:10 – Rich Dad Poor Dad – https://onproperty.com.au/richdadpoordad
1:54 – Barefoot Investor – https://onproperty.com.au/barefootinvestor
2:45 – Retire Young Retire Rich – https://onproperty.com.au/retireyoungretirerich
3:22 – Total Money Makeover – https://onproperty.com.au/totalmoneymakeover
3:59 – The Intelligent Investor – https://onproperty.com.au/theintelligentinvestor
4:25 – The Millionaire Next Door – https://onproperty.com.au/themillionairenextdoor
The Richest Man in Babylon – https://onproperty.com.au/therichestmaninbabylon
4:46 – The Millionaire Fastlane – https://onproperty.com.au/themillionairefastlane
5:43 – Fooled by Randomness – https://onproperty.com.au/fooledbyrandomness
6:16 – Unshakeable – https://onproperty.com.au/unshakeable

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The 12 Best Personal Finance Books That Will Change Your Life – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSAtYQb82tU


20 19 for me, it’s really year to get on top of my finances to start building out the business again, to pay off debt, to start saving a deposit for a house, so in order to help get my finances in order and to help make 29 to year the best year yet I’m going to be reading it at least 10 finance books this year. As you may know, I read a lot of books last year. I think I read that 76 books or something like that. Adding 10 finance books into the mix probably won’t be too hard for me. Most of them I do through my phone through audible when I’m in my car and driving like this, just parked on the beach at the moment. Having my morning coffee. Let’s get into it. 10 finance books that I’m going to read this year. In each of these books I will be doing like reviews and summaries on all of the links to all of these books in the description down below from Amazon.com.edu where you can buy them.

So if you want to buy these books and read along with me, then you can their affiliate links in the description down below. So if you do purchase through that, I get a small commission which helps out the channel. So thanks for doing that. Let’s get into it. Number one is rich Dad, poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Now I reread this book last year. Uh, it’s not that long of a book to read, quite an easy one to read, but I remember reading it last year and getting quite a lot out of it and I want to do a summary for the channel to talk about some of the big concepts in there that I really liked. So Rich Dad, poor dad is my first one. I probably, I can’t imagine that I’m going to get crazy life changing stuff out of the book that’s going to dramatically impact my finances in 2019.

But some of the concepts in there are so good that I just want to reread it and want to share it with you guys. So that’s more for the channel then for me personally. The second book is another reread and that’s going to be the barefoot investor by Scott Pape, so I read this one, wasn’t started last year or something like that, and change the entire way that I did my banking that I managed my bank accounts and it’s had a really positive impact on my life. There’s a bunch of stuff in that book that I haven’t done yet, so I haven’t done the retirement strategy. I haven’t done the superannuation strategy, so there’s a bunch of stuff that I need to implement. So rereading this book, putting the analysts action points and implementing them in my life to set myself up for the future is going to be really important.

So this one I’ve kind of got the money management stuff out of it. This will be more for superannuation, more for longer term investing sort of stuff. So that’s number two, barefoot investor number three is retire young, retire rich. Now this was the very first Robert Kiyosaki book that I ever read that completely changed my mindset about how I was going after financial freedom and how I to achieve it, and that’s part of the reason that I pursued online income and I pursued creating passive income online rather than creating a business that makes a lot of money but requires a lot of work. Was this book. So this book got me started down that path. I haven’t read it in an extremely long time, so I’m really excited to revisit this book again in Twenty 19. The fourth one. I’m not going to lie and not very excited about reading this one.

And it’s Dave Ramsey’s total money makeover or no, I don’t get good vibes from Dave Ramsey. I don’t know what it is about the guy. Um, but from what I’ve seen on youtube are not on me and him on kindred spirits. I don’t think. I don’t know. I used to think that about barefoot investor that I was like, oh, I don’t know if I like this guy. But then I read his book and it was amazing. So Dave Ramsey, heaps of stuff on personal finance. It’s probably going to be really good. So Dave Ramsey, total money makeover will be the fourth book that I’m going to read this year. The fifth one’s called the intelligent investor by Rev. Ed and I wrote this down. Clearly this was a recommend when I was on audible searching for personal finance. I’m like, I need to find 10 personal finance books and was struggling.

So this is one of the intelligent investor. No idea what it’s about. No idea what I’m going to learn from it, but it was recommended to me by audible. So we’ll give it a go the next to a classic books that I probably should’ve read years ago that people have always recommended and always talked about, but I’ve never actually read. So the first one’s called the millionaire next door and the next one’s called the richest man in Babylon now on and actually know what these books are about. But I do know that they’re very famous personal finance books. They’re very well known. A lot of people read them, a lot of people have talked about them. So it’s probably time that I went ahead and read them. Number eight is a book that I started last year but didn’t get to finish and that’s called the millionaire fast lane. I really liked the concept in this book that um, he just kind of mythbusters, the fact that people say in order to get rich invest in mutual funds in the stock market.

And then it’s like, well, if you look at someone who’s young and driving a Ferrari and is rich, did they get rich through investing in diversified mutual funds? No, they didn’t. And so I like that attitude towards it. I wasn’t super stoked on the book, but I feel like it’s going to have some good concepts for me this year, especially as I focus more on business and growing my business income. So the millionaire fast lane, cheesy title, um, but you know, I’m hoping to pull just one or two things out of that book. Number nine is another audible recommend and this is probably one that I’m more excited about because I feel like it’s a higher level concepts and this is called fooled by randomness. And so this is talking about pattern recognition and stuff like that in terms of finance and so I’m excited to maybe get like an out of the books view of personal finance and something a bit left of field that yes, we think a certain way but that might actually be random.

And so I’m kind of excited to see what the concepts in that book is. So that one’s called fooled by randomness number 10 on the list. Should probably actually be closer up to the top. I might read this one earlier and that’s unshakeable by Tony Robbins. So I’ve been recommended this by Ben from pumped on property. So he’s read this book and really loud the concepts in there. I do want to read the ones that he recommends by Phil Anderson, but there’s no audiobook version and the books like thick and data rich. And that’s not really how my mind works. So that’s one that our nature rate the Phil Anderson one, but there’s no audio book version. So I don’t know if I’ll get around to doing that this year or if I can be bothered. But. And I’ve been absolutely loves it and we do so much together. I really should read it just felt like a friendship thing, but unshakable by Tony Robbins is one that Dan has also recommended.

There is an audiobook version of that one and I think there’s going to be some really good concepts in that as well. Tony Robbins obviously does hipster, cool self development staff. Haven’t. I used to follow him and listened to a lot of his stuff in the past. It’s been pretty good. Haven’t listened too much recently. But yeah, they have it 10 finance books that I’m reading in 2019. I will link out to all of those in the description down below if you want to check them out and read them as well. I will be doing summaries slash reviews on the books. So as I read them I’ll take notes and share with you the high level concepts and the things that I learned that I think is interesting. So if you don’t actually want to read the book then you can just watch those videos that I do.

But I’m excited to read some personal finance books in 2019. I’m excited to get better at my personal finance, better at money management and to kind of get out of this bad situation that I’ve gotten in through the separation and through everything that happened last year. So excited to get back on my feet this year and learning more about money, learning more about finance so that I can really move forward in 20 slash 20 slash 20 slash 21 and really set myself up, set my kids up for great financial future. So sad to be reading these books. Hopefully that will all be good. Some of them might be dads, who knows if there’s a book that you think I missed out on that I should read. Please leave it in the comment section down below. Maybe we can change out some of these ones like the intelligent investor that I know nothing about.

If you’ve got to recommend for me, then I would love to hear it. So in the comment section down below on Youtube, please go ahead and leave me some recommendations and I will try to read them if they sound good and I’m sure they will if you recommend them. So yeah, that’s the books I’m reading. Have you found that interesting? I’m excited for this year. Excited to move things forward. We’re in February, we’re in the swing of things now. Things are starting to ramp up and really excited for this year. Thanks so much for watching this video. If you’re really into books then me and Ben did do a video on some of the favorite books that we’ve read where we talk about finance books, business books, fiction books, and so I’ll link that up as well. That’s it for me. And until next time, stay positive.

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