Financial Security in 2-3 Years?…this may actually be possible

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What if you could lock in your financial security in just 2-3 years? It’s actually possible with the 2 properties to financial freedom strategy.
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0:00 – Lock in your financial freedom in just 2-3 years
0:50 – The 2 Properties to financial freedom strategy
1:45 – There are variations on this strategy
2:10 – How do we lock in financial freedom in just 2-3 years?
3:25 – Coffee break moment
4:00 – The core concept of this investment strategy
5:40 – You don’t have to stop at 2
6:36 – The work is really all done in the beginning
8:48 – The next 15-25 years become about paying off those properties
11:09 – You can continue to invest to speed things up
12:13 – You don’t have to work for 45 years to get financial freedom
14:08 – If you need help implementing this strategy

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2 Properties to Financial Freedom Strategy –


How would you like to hear about a property investment strategy where you can secure, you can lock in your financial freedom in just a couple of years work? Now, this sounds like a sleazy sales pitch. It’s not okay. I want to talk about the two properties to financial freedom strategy, which almost anyone can implement and you’re not going to achieve financial freedom at the end of those two to three years, but you’re going to lock in financial freedom for the future so you work hard for a couple of years, secure the properties you need, and those properties will then go and do the hard work for you to achieve financial freedom. So we’re going to look at that in today’s episode. Go into some of the details and try and get you to understand this concept and consider it for your own investment journey. Hi, I’m Ryan from on-property condo. You helping you achieve financial freedom.

And this idea came about about a bit under a year ago now. It’s called the two properties to financial freedom strategy. The idea behind it and the key concept behind it is that you invest in properties that pay for themselves so you’re getting more income than you’re paying in rent, so positive cash flow properties, they pay for themselves, but they also pay themselves off so you’re investing in the property, you’re getting rent from the property, they’re paying the expenses, but they’re also paying off the debt and over time those properties will eventually pay themselves off completely, and when that’s done, then that income can go into your pocket, so the two properties to financial freedom strategy as you purchase two properties build to granny flat, so you’ve got four income’s been a positive cashflow situation, and then just focus on pain. Those properties off as quickly as possible.

That’s going to give you a baseline level of financial freedom. Once those properties are paid off and the money goes into your pocket, now you can do this differently. You don’t have to do two properties to granny flats. You could do it with just single unit properties like not single units, but just single houses that you buy. You hold, you pay off. You don’t have to build the granny flats. You could do it by investing in units. You could invest in blocks of units, you can invest in commercial property, but the basic idea is that you purchase property that is positive cashflow that then goes ahead to pay itself off and so how do we get the two to three years or maybe two to five years of work in order to lock in our financial freedom will. The idea here is that you spend a couple of years working hard maybe in a job that you don’t completely love, but that pays well, but you spend that time working hard, being frugal, saving a deposit, researching the market, and actually actively investing in property so actively being out there looking at properties and purchasing properties, so you spend one, two, three, maybe five years to acquire those two properties.

That’s the hard work. You want to acquire the two properties. You want to build the granny flats, but after that, after he purchased the properties and build the granny flats, if those properties are positive cashflow, then the hard work is done. Okay? Because then those properties and now they’re self contained to entities that are paying themselves off, so you don’t need to be extremely actively involved with them anymore. You’ve got a property manager who’s managing it. You need to do some work to manage the income of those properties, do maintenance and stuff like that, but you don’t need to be actively saving, actively researching the market, actively investing. In order to achieve financial freedom. Let’s just have a sip of this coffee because this is an intense idea and then we’ll keep going seriously wide host coffee from sister Fox in Caringbah. So good. So delicious.

If you follow me on Instagram, which you should at Ryan Mcclain, and I say l I N A, you’ll say that I absolutely love my coffee. So let’s continue to talk about this concept. Hopefully by now you kind of understand the idea that we’re going to keep talking about it so that you can understand some of the more complexities about it. So something called with this concept is that idea that you buy your foundational property. So we tend to call them foundational properties because they will be the foundation that will go on and achieve financial freedom. So that’s where the hard work is. That’s where the hardy yards, that’s where you’ve got to be saving and you’ve got to be investing to purchase the foundational properties. Now you can do this in a bunch of different ways. You could purchase the two properties first so you’d likely be in a negative cashflow position and then after you purchased the two properties, maybe you need to wait for equity to grow a bit, but then you borrow in order to build the granny flats and then getting that positive cashflow situation.

She made it that two properties first. Then build the to granny flats. You may buy one property and then build the granny flat on that, which means that you’ve got to. You’ve got to invest some money into building the granny flat and it can affect your equity position because they don’t really know how to value properties with granny flats. So that could make it harder to leverage into the second property. But that would mean your first property will be positive cashflow from the get go or once the granny flat is built so that could put you in a good cashflow position, which then helps you pay off debt which helps you save your deposit for your second property. So depending on how good your financial situation is, may want to do those two properties first, be negatively geared to build the granny flats, but it’s going to be quick at a by those two properties.

Or you might want to buy one property first, build the granny flat and then white a couple of years being a good cashflow position, wifey equity to grow. And then to the second one, depends on your risk profile, depends on what your cash flow situation is and as well you don’t have to stop it too. You could do three of these. You could do four of these. I Know Ben from pumped on property, who’s the buyer’s agency that I work with that helps people implement the strategy. He’s had people do three, four of these properties, people who are planning to do even more than that as well. So obviously the more you do when they’re paid off, the more income that you want to have and while we’re talking about Ben from pumped on property, a buyer’s agent and we do work on the strategy together and he actually actively helps people invest using this strategy.

So if you want to invest using this strategy, if you want some help to find these properties and to make this happen, then they are offering free strategy session. So go on dot EU forward slash session if you want to get on the phone with them, talk about where you’re at and how you can implement this strategy with their help. So again that’s on, forward slash session. Yeah. So you can do two properties, you can do one property, you can do three, you can do for. But as you can see the work is really done in the beginning. The work is done, the biggest steps are acquiring the properties. That’s probably the biggest step. And then the next biggest step in that is actually building the granny flats. Once you’ve done that, the rest is pretty simple. The rest is pretty straightforward and the rest kind of takes cares of itself and that’s just managing the properties, renting them out, renting out the house, renting out the granny flat and then just collecting rents, money management, trying to maximize return on investment and stuff like that, but in order to purchase the properties and to do that hard work in the beginning, you need a good level of income.

You need to save the deposits and you need to be actively going out there and investing. Once you own the properties, you don’t need that high income anymore in order to support the properties because they’re supporting themselves. They’re paying themselves off because the positive cashflow, so at that point and might take you two years, it might take you three years, might take you five to purchase the two properties and to build the two granny flats, but after that point you don’t need that high level of income anymore, are then free to go and explore life and to do what you want. So that’s your financial freedom is now locked in. Obviously things can happen, right? So things can go backwards. Maybe you probably ends up being a dad, maybe you have something like Ben’s horror story where there was actually a meth lab in one of his granny flats and the police came and they burnt down the granny flat.

You know, you can have extreme examples, so obviously it’s not locked in like a hundred percent, but generally speaking, if things go well, if you purchase in a good purchase, a good property in a good area that’s going to go up in value, rents are gonna, go up in value, that’s going to be rental demand for that property. You’re not buying in some little mining town that’s going to boom and then bust you buying good solid quality properties that are going to be rented and rent it for more. As time goes on in the future, then your cashflow position is likely to improve as time goes on, so things are likely going to get easier, not harder. As time goes on, as your rents go up, as you build up a buffer, probably in your offset account or however you want to do it, things will start getting easier.

So yeah, a couple of years you can work hard to purchase a couple of properties, lock in your financial future, and then the next 15, 20, 25 years just become about paying off those properties so you could just go and work in a cruisy job that you really enjoy. Maybe love coffee as much as me, that you decided you want to be a Barista, you’re not going to and heaps of money, but you love people. You love making coffee and you love just finishing the day and then not having to think about work anymore. That’s one thing that sucks about business is that you finished the day, you never finished the day. There’s always more you can be doing. There’s always more to be thinking about. So maybe you want a job like that where you don’t think about it and you don’t earn as much, but then you get to go to the beach and live your life.

So maybe you decide to do that and you just let your properties pay themselves off over the next 25 year term. Maybe as rents go up, you add that extra rent to the loan, so cut it down to about 18 or 20 years and you just kind of let that happen and in 18 or 20 years time you’re financially free, but you spend that 18 or 20 years living a good life, working a job that you really enjoy and living a life that you enjoy. So you could do that and just let the properties be their own self contained NC. Let them pay themselves off over that period of about 20 to 25 years. And then you’re financially free, probably still earlier than most people. Even if you’re 40 starting this now white, 20 years financially free at 60, most people were working until 67, 70 even further.

Um, you know, you could do that. The other alternative is that you can so work hard for that couple year period to acquire those assets and own the properties and then rather than just waiting for them to pay themselves off is you then take an active role in paying off those properties. So that might be staying in a high paying job. That might be starting a side business or a side hustle that might be working extra jobs being extremely frugal, doing what you can to save money or make extra money, and then as you make that extra money, you then put that onto the loan so you put that onto the loan to then pay it off faster, so maybe cut that 25 years down to 15 years or even to 10 years if you’re extremely aggressive with it. So you can do that path as well. The other path is to continue to invest, but to invest in properties that are going to give you chunks of cash.

So ben likes to do this. He will purchase foundational properties that are going to give him really good cashflow and then he’ll invest in properties that we call acceleration properties because they accelerate your financial freedom and these are deals where he might be doing a subdivision or he might be doing a small sort of development or it might just be a property that’s under market value in a good area. That’s going to grow over the next couple of years. And so he might keep that property for 10 years or something like that. It goes up in value and then he sells that property and liquidates the cash, whatever equity it may be, maybe it’s a couple hundred thousand dollars or whatever it may, and then when you sell that property, you get that chunk of cash and you then use that to accelerate paying off the debt. Obviously paying a couple hundred thousand dollars of debt with just a wage is quite difficult, but if you can manufacture these big chunks of cash through good solid investments, then you can speed up the process as well.

So there’s lots of different things you can do in this period after you’ve acquired those foundational properties and what you do is really up to you. But I think it’s a really exciting concept that you don’t have to work for 45 years in order to achieve financial freedom through your super or however it may be that you can work hard for a couple of years, be very diligent, be very focused. I have this specific strategy that you can work for a couple of years to secure that financial freedom and then it’s a cured and then you can go on and you can do what you want and you don’t have to stress so much about your super. You don’t have to stress so much about how much money you’re making or how frugal you need to be. Not The slug of 20 or 25 or 30 or 45 years of constantly saving.

Just hoping that you’re going to have enough money when you retire. No, it’s a couple of years of diligent effort where you invest in a couple of high quality properties that are going to pay themselves off and give you financial freedom. If that sounds like a way better deal to me than you know, spending 45 years and hoping that there’s enough money in my super at the end of the day that I don’t end up on the pension. So really exciting concept. I hope that I’ve explained this well enough that you’re excited by it as well. We call it the two properties to financial freedom strategy, but really it doesn’t have to be two properties. It can be multiple different properties. We just that idea that, oh, you can do it in a couple of years. You can secure your financial future, but then you can live the life that you want now so you don’t have to live a life that you hate all through your best years through your working years that you can enjoy the jobs that you have.

You can enjoy your career path. You can enjoy your businesses that you do without having to stress about retirement and about financial freedom because you, you spend that couple of years and you locked it in, you locked it down and it’s gonna happen. So really exciting stuff. If you want help getting clear on a strategy and how you can implement this, you want that one on one help, you don’t want to do it by yourself. Then you can obviously hire ben and his buyer’s agency team over at pumped on property. So go ahead, go to dot a u. You can read about this service over there and book a strategy session if you’re interested in getting that one on one help. Um, when I purchased the property, obviously I’ve got a bit of catching up to do this year with the separation last year and being a bit behind.

I’ve got a bit of catching up to do, but once I do catch up, me and Ben will be working together to get me some of these foundational properties so that I can have my financial freedom secure and then just continue working on businesses that I love and doing things that I love. So I’m going to be going down the same path as you guys. I got a bit of catching up to do to actually get there. But I’m really excited about these concepts and really excited to help as many of you achieve financial freedom as possible. But yeah, super excited. If you can’t tell. I love this idea. I love this concept and I hope you do too. So go ahead and check me out on and you book a free strategy session if you want. Otherwise, enjoy the rest of your day. I hope you have an awesome day. If you want to hear me and Ben talked for a full solid hour about this concept, then I will link that up in the description down below. That’s the two properties to financial freedom strategy, and until next time, stay positive.

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