Can I Go From $100,000/year to $1 million/year? A Rant

What does it take to be a millionaire or make $1 million per year? What do I need to change in order to get there?

Today I had a mental breakthrough where I realised that I didn’t actually believe being rich was possible for me.

0:00 – Introduction
0:40 – What happened today
2:55 – My incorrect beliefs about making $1 million
4:09 – Hard work vs solving hard problems
7:15 – I haven’t even thought it was possible
10:40 – Value vs effort
14:35 – I need to start outsourcing
17:55 – Time to step up as a human
24:40 – It’ll suck in the beginning trying to learn to hire people
28:00 – Nothing has changed in my day to day, but my mindset has changed
29:05 – $1 million won’t make me happy
31:38 – I’m not perfect

Shark Tank How He Made His First $1 Million

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what does it take to be a millionaire to make a million dollars per year and how do you get there what what do i need to change in order for me to get there and i wanted to sit down and record this quick video not really sure if i’m going to publish it or if it’d just be for me but i definitely have in my mind at the moment that i could make a decent income through my business you’re talking low to mid six figures so like three to five hundred thousand dollar range i feel like within the next few years that is possible in my business with the strategy that i’m implementing and that is extremely good money don’t get me wrong but i went out with my partner crystal today and we went for a walk along like the bay down here and we were just sitting on the beach getting some sun out the front of these houses and these houses are just absolutely amazing right on the bay right on the water just done up really well really beautiful it would just look like amazing places to live with such a beautiful view like who wouldn’t want to have a coffee in the morning looking out at that and i just had this kind of moment sitting there where i was like how i think i i think i even said it to crystal i was like how does one earn enough money to even afford a house like this like these houses would be worth multiple millions of dollars three five million plus probably it’s like how does someone earn enough money to afford a place like this it just kind of feels out of reach it just kind of seems like ridiculous money and then i just like even just saying that i had this realization that my own mindset i feel like that low to mid six figure is definitely achievable i’ve achieved low six figures in the hundred thousand dollar range multiple times in my life through being an employee and through running a business so i know that that’s achievable and actually achieving that feels quite easy to me and i know that’s kind of hard to say and hard to publish i don’t want to gloat about that or anything like that because i know there’s people out there who struggle to make money but for me creating a business that makes that level of income makes sense it’s part of my skill set it’s something that i can do there’s obviously no guarantee that the business will succeed but it’s like okay with with a fairly good confidence rating i could start a business that would achieve this within a certain period of time but it’s interesting because like that’s achievable for me and that seems easy but making a million dollars a year seems ridiculous like how was how would one even do that and i’ve got in my mind that in order to make a million dollars a year you have to have this completely unbalanced life so for me i am a cruisy person i like balance in my life i’m happy to work hard um but i don’t like it consuming my life it’s not the most important thing to me my kids spending time with them being around as a dad um being a good partner is probably the more important things to me than money though in saying that when i had no money it’s like you’ve got to work and you’ve got to do it and so that took priority but i know in the past that when i’ve had enough money it’s not my priority um but yeah i’ve just i’ve got this false assumption in my mind that in order to make good money and be a millionaire you have to work like crazy and i just don’t think that’s true like i’m just questioning my own false belief systems here that just because like is a lot of money doesn’t mean that you have to work really hard you have to work smarter yeah but this comes back to the problems that you’re working on and how difficult they are like i remember working in the cafe earning basically minimum wage and it was hard work like it wasn’t hard but you know it was work and you were busy and you had to keep going you had to be on top of things like you it was non-stop most of the time you’d get times where you could stop and have a coffee and chill out a bit but most the time you were working and it was like okay this is hard work but you’re not applying your mind a lot and you’re not solving hard problems and then shift over to the business that i run in the online business and it’s like that’s hard work but it’s a very different type of hard and the problems that i’m trying to solve within the business are harder than the problems within the cafe and i probably don’t work as hard in my business as i would have to in the cafe yet it earns more money so i still work hard in it but the type of work you know i work in the van i go park at the beach i do some writing and then i’ll do some emails i’ll record some videos um i need to think like i get tired from like all of the thinking that i have to do so it’s hard in a very different way um but it makes more money and it’s like okay i have just realized i’ve got this belief system holding me back that in order to make that level of money it’s actually like i feel like it’s unachievable for me like it’s just not possible it’s not even within the realm of possibilities and a video came up for me on youtube today about one of the guys from shark tank about how he make made his first million dollars and i’m just starting to watch that i haven’t watched all of it but i’ll link up to it down below if i do publish this video and it’s like i know there’s that saying that the first million is the hardest and after that it’s easy i would say that with the first hundred thousand as well the first hundred thousand is the hardest or the first hundred thousand in business especially is the hardest and then after that it has been easier for me to achieve over a hundred thousand dollars a year through my business so the first hundred thousand was definitely the hardest and it was strenuous and difficult to get to that but once i got to that getting back up to that level even after nearly going bankrupt even after my business dropping significantly building up i now have two mainstreams of income in my business but i’m basically once kind of maintained level and that is good for cash flow but then i’m building one from the ground floor up so at its peak it made around 30 grand a year and then but when i started working on it it was down to probably um 15 to thousand dollars a year so that’s where the business was starting and i’ve been working on that and building that up and within a year i’ve built that up to probably around fifty thousand dollars per year and in another year i would expect it to be over a hundred thousand so it took me two years to go from you know 10 20 grand to a hundred thousand if all goes to plan and it’s like okay that’s achievable but then to take that from a hundred thousand to a million like i haven’t even thought of it this is the thing right i’ve been striving away here to spend these two years to grow to a hundred thousand and that’s been my goal that’s been what i’m striving towards and what i’ve been doing and what i know is achievable and that’s been my focus and so all of the problem solving that i’ve done have been around okay how can we get to this hundred thousand dollar mark but it’s like what if i just change what do i change the goal post what if i just change it from 100 000 to a million it’s hard because i really do have belief systems that hold me back to say that’s not achievable you can’t do that um i have belief systems to hold me back that say you don’t actually want to achieve that because in order to be a millionaire you have to sacrifice so much in your life you’re not going to be the person that you want to be you know you’re going to work too hard you’re not going to see your family but no now i’m starting to think like with my business when i grow up to 100 000 it’ll be mostly passive income it’ll be pseudo financial freedom like so it’ll be passive income that’ll only last a few years so i’ll still have to work to maintain the business so it’s not really passive income but definitely flexibility in my schedule which allows me to spend time with my kids and pick them up from school and you know i’ll pick them up and take them to my mums this afternoon and we’re all having dinner together and so i can do that at a level of a hundred thousand which for people earning a lot less than that might think that a hundred thousand you have to work your ass off in order to get there and for some people that’s true but for me i can still get both the lifestyle and that level of income and so why can’t that be true for a million and so i was thinking about okay imagine owning one of these houses on the water that is absolutely amazing imagine getting up in the morning um with like my partner and the kids and like we just have this awesome house and we get up in the morning like i love mornings but it’s like imagine if we had this amazing house to wake up to in the morning so that i could make coffee in the kitchen overlooking the water as the sun comes in you know crystal can be having a shower and doing her hair which she tends to do when i make coffee and the kids could be watching tv and running around um and having their morning and getting ready and all of that sort of stuff it’s like and then i go off to work once everyone’s at school and work and then do it all again in the afternoon and the next day it’s like okay there’s a business in there somewhere where you could make that money have that sort of house but still have the balance and it comes down to like i think for me i’m just kind of talking this out on camera which is kind of strange i’m just kind of like thinking out loud and not trying to teach i’m just more trying to process in my mind because i actually feel like this is a pretty monumental moment for me in a shift in my mindset and something that i might want to look back on is that this is the moment where things change from 100 000 to a million per year whether it does or not you know who knows we’ll see how life plays out but something is really interesting in my business there’s things i know how to do so i write articles for my websites and the value that i create and the money that i can make from an article doesn’t necessarily stack up with the amount of work it takes me to write that article so it feels like it’s really easy for me to make more money than i should be able to um but then if i tried to say to someone else okay take this website in this niche and you go ahead and find the articles that you need to write and write them and format them in the way that they need to and build up affiliate programs and affiliate links it’s like there’s actually a lot of work in there and one of my amazing skills that i’ve developed which just comes so easy to me now is actually finding keywords and finding things that i can write an article for and get a lot of traffic to that article because it’s an underserved article it’s something that you know not many people have written about there’s not enough information out there so i can write something that is really thorough really helpful to someone who’s searching whatever it is they’re searching for but finding those ones where it’s like oh people are asking this question no one’s answering it i think that’s a difficult skill that not a lot of people can do and that’s something that i’ve learnt to be able to do over time and while the majority of my effort goes into writing the articles i actually think it’s not like the articles i write a decent like they’re good and they’re helpful but they’re not shakespeare they’re not amazing or anything like that and so the value that i’m creating doesn’t necessarily come through the writing itself but comes from knowing what to write about and so maybe maybe like it’s almost feels like value arbitrage like there’s value out there that i know how to create that other people struggle to see that value and just feels like the margin on that value is just ridiculous for the amount of effort and the amount of return you get it’s actually kind of ridiculous and it’s like well this doesn’t seem right and so i’m spending all my time and energy writing articles where really someone else could write articles just as good as i could probably even better um for and i could pay them to do it and i could focus my value on okay let’s find these keywords because i’ve got a list of hundreds of them if not thousands that i’m like okay yeah i want to write an article on this i want to write an article on this this looks like a great opportunity but there’s only so much that i can write and so i’m limited by how much i can write and opportunities i keep finding new opportunities things come up that’s like oh yeah i could write one about that oh yeah that looks cool too oh let’s try this one and so these opportunities keep coming up and i can’t take advantage of them because i can’t write fast enough i can only write a couple articles a day when the kids are at school i can do about two articles a day if i do a full day’s work i can write somewhere between three to six articles in that day um and it’s like okay i now need to understand where i add value and understand some of the things that i pride myself on that i spend my that i grind and i spend my hours working hard at which takes away from partner time takes away from family time takes away from exploring like that like the hard work that i’m doing could be done by someone else for an affordable price and i’m starting to get to the point in my business now where i could afford to outsource some things um without being poor like a year ago i was struggling to pay pay my bills and so the idea of oh i can pay someone else to write articles for me that was not even on the cards because it’s like no i have to save every penny i have to do it all myself because i’ve got no money to spend on paying people to grow this business it’s like i gotta grow up myself um because i can’t pay my bills i can’t pay my debt repayments you know but now i’m not in that position anymore it’s a year later i’m financially stable again which i did the numbers yesterday and i was like oh i thought i said another year until i’d be financially stable but i’d forgotten about certain incomes and i looked at it and i was like oh i’m actually financially stable already i can afford to pay off my debt i could afford to pay rent on a property as well at the moment i’ll probably wait until you know january february just so i can pay off bigger chunks of debt but it’s like oh i could actually i could afford life right now it’s like oh that’s that’s cool and so i guess i’m in a position now where i need to do that and need to step out and start hiring people and that’s really scary like i’m really scared to to do that i’ve always been like a lone ranger i’ve always just done all my own videos or my own editing all my own article writing all of that sort of stuff i’ve had a va work for me um but yeah i’ve never had a team or anything like that but i had this realization today that’s like someone knows how to work to earn millions of dollars to own this waterfront property it is possible like i had this revelation that it’s like it is possible and the only reason i think it’s not possible is because i decided it’s not possible for me but it’s like okay i now know that it’s possible i just need to find out okay what problems do i need to solve and i i honestly think the work that you i would be doing to be a millionaire or make a million dollars a year wouldn’t necessarily be harder than the work that i’m doing now to make a hundred thousand dollars per year like not harder physically or even mentally but it’s just like higher level problems like i need to push my brain i need to push the way i ask questions push the way i think push my abilities and my skills be able to manage people like that stuff is difficult i don’t know how to do any of that but it’s not like hard like i’m not working in a coal mine or something you know so it’s not like oh this is super tough it’s like this could actually lead to a life of abundance and a life of less stress less monetary stress i could have an amazing house i could make my coffee in the morning i would probably still make her i love making it um maybe even more free time if i had people working for me and things going well and then build up an investment portfolio which could you know earn millions in and of itself as well if i’m making that much money per year through my business i’m going to spend all of that so it’d be like funneling it into property investments but it’s definitely i’m not approaching this as like okay i want to get rich quick it’s more like okay i need to step up as a human it’s time for me to step up in business to start adding more value to the world because i really think the businesses that i have add value to the world the videos that i make for on property or for my other channels add value to people’s lives um people love listening to it they enjoy it and it’s like i enjoy creating it but i add value to people’s lives and the articles that i write as well add value to people’s lives because previously people are searching for things no one’s answered that question right so you’re searching like you’re searching for something and then just nothing comes up no one’s written about it ever and it’s like okay that’s frustrating i’m not going to get the answer to my question unless i do a lot of research or learn a lot about this topic whereas if i write the article and then they search it and it comes up and it’s it’s um like really conclusive and really well done and so it completely answers their question and then even goes on to answer extra questions that may be associated with their questions like i feel like i’m adding value to people’s lives i may not be changing the world stopping global warming or you know saving the animals or feeding the poor like but i’m helping people in my own little way and so it’s like i feel like the work that i’m doing is helping people definitely limited in how much of that work i can do because i can’t write enough articles i can’t do it all myself but if i had a team of people that were also passionate about helping people and writing articles i could train them um and then they could write articles that help people too i think i’ve been held back so much in the past because the way people talk about hiring writers for websites is like okay you find this keyword you hire a writer they write basically a piece of um that is not helpful at all and you publish that and people google ranks it people read it and you make some money through advertising or affiliate stuff and i’m like but you’re not helping people the articles that these people are writing suck like they’re not good and so i’ve always been like well i want to write good articles and so i’ve been held back from doing it because i’m like well if i hire someone and they’re writing trash i’m embarrassed by that it’s not helpful it’s just like a money grab i don’t like that but it’s like i’m realizing now if i want to step up to that i guess millionaire sort of status i want to do it while helping people as well but the value that i create is not in the articles that i write if someone knew what i knew then they could write articles just as good as me then there’s nothing fancy about what i do um so yeah so like that i’m wasting my i’m actually wasting my time on that and i’m helping less people than i could help than if i actually took my resources that i have now and the income i have now apply it to hire people to train them to help them write articles um and then it’s like ah like i could give them a living doing something i love my job it’s really fun writing articles researching stuff’s really fun and then crystal says your job sounds like a ball so boring but but to me it’s not i really enjoy it even though someone sometimes the topics are really dry doing the research finding out okay what is the answer to this complex problem when no one’s written about it is really fun and so i’m sure there’s other people out there who would no doubt like me and be like this is a really fun job i can’t believe i get paid to do this and so i could create a livelihood for someone if they were as passionate about me as i was and i trained them that we’re really solving people’s problems here then we could both get a return i could get a return on investment they could get a job more questions get answered it’s like okay there is a path to earning a million dollars per year i know what it is but i don’t know how to hire people i don’t know how to train people i don’t know do i hire people internationally do i hire people locally i currently work out of my van do i need to get an office i don’t have the answers to any of those questions right now but i just feel like this is a moment for me and a monumental moment to share because this could change my life and maybe it’ll change someone listening to this as well a couple hundred people or a couple of thousand people who might watch this over the years that’s like that is possible you just need to find out the problems you need to solve to get there someone’s doing it which means it can be done which means you can do it just have to find it out so previously um my goal primary goal was a hundred thousand which is just to pay for my lifestyle and that was a hundred thousand in passive income so i can pay for my lifestyle but the income’s not passive and so i’m building up the passive income stream of things but i know i can get to like a hundred thousand i know i can get to that mark and so and i also like so that was the immediate goal and then the next goal was kind of three to five years looking at maybe three to five hundred thousand but that was all working by myself just doing writing by myself for three to five years which let’s face it i’m gonna burn out in three to five years i can’t keep writing as many articles as i am every day for the next three to five years like i’m gonna get so over it um yeah it’s just like okay the problems i need to be focusing on now are how to hire people how to outsource business systems quality control i don’t have to think about any of that because i’m the quality control and if it’s not good enough like well a bad life i decided to publish it um and sometimes they’re not good enough i don’t complete them or i’ll publish an article without formatting it or adding any images or anything like that and so it’s like so yeah there’s a lot to change this has been rambling i hope that that has been fine i guess you wouldn’t have made it this far a lot of people would have quit out before this and so if you’ve made it this far hopefully it’s ad added value but yeah like okay imagine if i do grow in those skills i can i just have to decide i want to and i have to learn it’s going to fumble or fumble my way through whenever you’re learning a new skill you suck at it in the beginning it’s like horrible in the beginning because you’re like i can’t do this i’m completely useless like my son branson legend of a kid absolutely love him he started a new school recently local school we moved out of montessori to local school and the kids played handball and he was not very good at handball uh he was always on the sidelines waiting to play because he wasn’t very good and he’d be last reserved and people would push in front of him so he wouldn’t get a go so he was really upset about it and i was like right how do we get good at something and i drill this into my kids and like you practice you practice to get good at something because i i spent a while when i was financially free learning about how to the best become the best in the world and so i know a lot about this sort of stuff and i’m like okay how do we get good we practice so what we’re going to do after school each day and before school in the morning we’re going to play handball and so we’ve got a driveway just out here it’s got a crack in it which we use as a line but we’re going to play handball and so we played handball and we started with back and forth and then i started teaching him a bunch of different methods to hit the ball so how to slug the ball how to do soft hits how to do drop hits uh how to hit it between your legs and you know stuff like that and then we got a smaller ball which is harder to hit and so he’s practicing with a smaller one which is harder so when he goes back to school and uses the big one it’s easier anyway now he tells me he tells me this morning he’s like dad i’m the best in the school like i’m i’m better than anyone i think there’s one other kid that he’s kind of on par with but he’s like i’m the best like no one can beat me and it’s like two months i think it took a month or two and he’s the best now he went from being the worst to the best now this is just handball but in the beginning he was super frustrated with how he couldn’t do things couldn’t get me out um and i didn’t go easy on him like i went easy on him but i wouldn’t get out so he would be an ace i called it the reign of father because i was always in no one could get me out and so i like kind of set that bar and set that challenge that he wants to beat dad and we would practice and um yeah now he’s the best and so i know that when it comes to learning something you suck in the beginning it’s overwhelming you’re really bad at it you fail over and over and when it comes to me looking to earn a million dollars a year i’m gonna suck at hiring people i’m gonna suck at outsourcing i’m gonna fail over and over i’m gonna lose money i’m gonna waste money i’m gonna make mistakes i’m not gonna communicate with my employees properly or my contractors properly um people you know stuff will happen or my processes will suck like it’s going to be super overwhelming in the beginning but it’s like just one thing in time learn one thing at a time get good at it and who knows what maybe i’ll be sitting here or maybe i won’t be sitting here in a couple of years but i’ll be sitting in my waterfront property recording a video about how i made my first million and how now i hire people and i know how to do that and i’m getting better at that and yeah there’s been it’s well nothing has changed in terms of my day-to-day yet something has changed in my mindset which i think may change my life forever because while it still feels like a million dollars a year is unachievable like it feels like it i know that intellectually it is achievable intellectually there’s a path to get there where i maintain who i am the lifestyle that i want who i am as a father and a partner and the time that i want to do that sort of stuff i can maintain that and i can build a business where i’ve still got lifestyle freedoms so i can maintain who i am and achieve that and then it’s obviously just going to be a journey to get there do i think i’m going to get there overnight hell no don’t think i’m going to get there in a year definitely not three years five years or who knows what can happen in that time frame maybe it’ll take 10 years um but yeah it’s exciting like it’s new problems to solve and a new goal to shoot for but i think what’s really important for me and something that i’ll do to close this off or start to wind this down is that for me it used to be that financial freedom was my goal and i wasn’t happy in life um or i was just striving towards it that was my only goal i thought when i got there then i would be happy and so i was striving to that did a lot of sacrifices in my life to get there and then i got there and i wasn’t happy for me now a million dollars a year or a waterfront property or something like that while it may be a goal and a nice to have it’s more just like something to strive for you just make up something to strive for to kind of give you extra motivation so gary vee talks about how he wants to buy the jets and the saddest day will be when he actually buys them and owns them he loves the grind he loves the process of getting there and i think having achieved financial freedom and then losing it i enjoy the process of working the process of building businesses so it’s that process and journey to try and get there to grow as a person to grow my skills that’s what what i’ll enjoy so i’m not hoping for a million dollars to be happy i’m not hoping for a waterfront to be happy i don’t think those things will add a great deal of happiness to my life maybe a bit of happiness to my life but they’re not going to make me happy it’s like who i am already makes me happy the process and the challenge makes me happy so i’m happy on that journey when i achieve it i’ll have to discover something else but i don’t want to get to that point get a waterfront property think i’m going to be happy buy it and realize oh i’m still the same person i’m not happy with my life or whatever like i don’t want to get there i just want it to be part of the journey something fun to shoot for because why the hell not what else are you gonna do when you’ve got that level of money coming in and you already own multiple investment properties and stuff it’s like okay i may as well enjoy it and like had the sun streaming in like waking up with the bedroom over the water white white bed sheets white linen um you know wake up next to a beautiful woman like make coffee in the morning do travel but that stuff sounds so cool and i’d love i would love that and i can see myself doing that with crystal i can see myself just loving life i’m excited about who i’m going to become i’m not perfect i am so up in like many different ways i’ve got i’ve got my issues i’ve got my emotional challenges i deal with anxiety and depression sometimes um you know i’m not the nicest person in the world sometimes i like empathy sometimes i’m working on all of that sort of stuff being emotionally stable all the time um i’m working on that sort of stuff so i’m not a perfect person by any stretch of the imagination so i’m not gonna have a perfect life but while i work on this stuff i’m also working on myself and who i am and trying to be a better person and a better human so yeah i’m excited i’m excited to share this i think i will publish this one and it will go out because i think this is useful and hopefully it’s just a little insight into my mind a little insight into the journey and yeah i’m just i’m just excited for this process and what the next season brings i published stuff over the last year about my financial struggles i think the last 18 months since the separation two years now basically oh my god it’s been two years next month will be two years wow um anyway 18 months ago i was posting stuff about my debt posting stuff about the situation i was in 12 months ago nearly bankrupt um and been sharing this sort of stuff in this journey and some people in the comments have been like you’ve been running this channel for however many years how are you not like a property billionaire yet um how can your life be like this you’re a fraud or this sort of stuff um [Music] but life goes in ups and downs like we have our good times we have our bads we learn from our mistakes sometimes you just get a good run like i had a good run i got lucky like i worked hard and smart but i also got lucky and so i had a good run and then i had us into not a good run and i’m sure life will go in ups and downs in the future it comes in waves but i think it’s important to share the journey people don’t share the journey they just talk about when they’re rich and how good things are going for them and obviously it’s easy to make videos now because i’m on the up and up like i’m getting financially stable my income is growing i’m going to be moving out soon i’m going to paid off my debt soon i’ve got a strategy that’s working so it’s way easier to make videos now than 18 months ago when i was in debt and i’m like i have no idea how i’m going to get out of this so i had a strategy that was working and then it stopped working i’m like ah um but i think i was real in those moments and i did share a bunch of videos i’ll link up down below on the video of how i got into debt i’ll link up to that one and then i’ll link up to the video on how you know achieving financial freedom isn’t easy it was one i was sick as a dog and i was working late into the night and i recorded a video there so that kind of gives you some insight into the journey i’ll link up to those two down below but yeah this is part of the journey and maybe in a few years i’ll be looking back on this to say i did make it or maybe i’ll be in a crappier position in three to five years time because something else happened in my life but hopefully not i’ve learned a lot from my mistakes over the last couple of years and i’ve learned what it’s like to be in a bad situation i don’t want to be back there so definitely more conservative moving forward definitely want to set up my baseline financial freedom with the two property to financial freedom strategy super excited to do that um but grow my business at the same time but yeah have that baseline catchment there a net to catch me if i ever fall so yeah journey’s fun i hope that you enjoyed this episode i enjoyed just kind of sitting down and talking and recording this being real and so i hope you found it valuable go ahead check out on if you want to learn more about investing in property if you want to learn more about how to create an online business it’s something i’m really passionate about in my own life but it’s not something that i really talk about so if you’d like to hear more about it please leave me a comment in the comment section down below i’ve done some videos on it in the past um but they haven’t gotten many views so i’m not sure if it’s just because this is on property this is a property channel and so it’s less business related but really i could stretch out and start talking about business start talking about online business and other passive income the brand name for this site used to be cash flow investor and i changed it to on property when i went full time i’m kind of regretting that now kind of wish i kept it as cash flow investor because then it’s more broad i don’t just have to talk about property i can talk about other things that generate cash flow like businesses online stuff websites stocks um so who knows maybe one day i’ll go back to cash flow investor but that’s just a massive effort that i’m not planning on doing anytime soon but yeah i don’t know if you if you like this sort of stuff let me know because i don’t sometimes there’s not a lot of feedback that you get you publish it thousands of people look at it you might get a couple of comments which is cool like i just gotta try and work out what people love but if you do have something you wanna say i’d love to hear it in the comments i read all the comments um i try to reply to them and yeah i just i would love to hear anything anyone has to say about this all right that’s it from me i gotta go get the kids from school i wish you the absolute best in your journey as well whether that’s pushing to a hundred thousand pushing to financial freedom pushing to a million dollars per year i think i’m gonna do it i think i’m gonna push for it i’m gonna work out how to do it i think i think i am yeah but whatever your journey is i wish you the absolute best in that i will track my journey on here and share it with you and you can see how it’s going and if i get there or not and what we can learn along the way i’m not sharing this to gloat or to brag or anything but to help people and help people through a similar journey to what i’m going through so i wish you the absolute best until next time stay positive stay positive sometimes it’s hard to stay positive life gets you down but stay positive love you all

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