Strategy Session With Ben Everingham

I literally get calls every other week from buyers agents and developers who want to work with me but I choose to only work with Ben.

He is the only person I trust in an otherwise shady industry. He is transparent, honest and I trust that he will have your best interests at heart.

Like me he could be making more money selling overpriced properties but he chooses to do the right thing and help people.

You’ve got an opportunity to book a free strategy session with him. In this session he will help you create finacial goals that actually make sense and will help you create a plan to achieve these goals through property investing.

Ben has a depth of experience in the property industry both as a personal investor (he’s financially free himself) and as a buyers agent and his research techniques are on point.

Get into it and book a strategy session time that suits you using the button below. 

New Build Checklist

This new build checklist is perfect for going through the quotes given to you buy builders.

Make sure they have included everything in this checklist and if they have missed something approach them about it and ensure they include it.

I hope this is helpful

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