Who Are The Best Buyer’s Agents On The Sunshine Coast, Qld? (Reviews/Ratings)

Each year me (Ryan McLean) and the team over at Pumped on Property help over 100 customers purchase investment properties in the Sunshine Coast/Brisbane region for long term capital growth and good cash flow.

And because so many people know my thoughts and feelings from this website and YouTube channel/podcast on how to successfully invest and how to choose a buyer’s agent, they often ask me who are some of the other buyer’s agents and competitors in the area.

I’m never one to shy away from being upfront and honest with respect to the competition, and I want you to be as informed as possible when making your decision.

Here are a list of some of the best buyer’s agents on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland that have a solid track record.

Karen Young – Property Zest (Caloundra)

Karen Young has been in the property game for over a decade and her podcast Everyday Property Investing was one of the first property podcasts I ever listened to.

She purchased her first property back in 2002 and quickly caught the property bug and learned everything she could about property investing.

She won the REIQ Buyer’s Agent of the year award in 2016 and has been a finalist for the award in 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Her down to earth attitude and her zest (see what I did there) for knowledge makes her both a great buyer’s agent and a great teacher in the property space.

Noosa Buyer’s Agent (Noosa)

Noosa Buyer’s Agent is an unashamedly small business that isn’t looking to get big. They love offering personalise service to help clients buy in the Noosa region.

Cheryl Munro is a licensed real estate agent who has lived in Noosa for almost 30 years and her business partner Laurie West is a professional researcher who is an expert in analysing data, market trends and other property related statistics.

Their fees are straightforward and transparent which I love. They charge a $800 search fee plus 1% of the purchase price of the property (plus GST). So on a $500,000 property this works out to approximately $6,380 which is a very reasonable price.

If you specifically want to purchase in the Noosa region of the Sunshine Coast then this is a good agent to consider.

Bruce and Kylie Taylor – SC Buyers Agents (Buddina)

Bruce and Kylie have spent years researching and living on the Sunshine Coast so they know the market like the back of their hands.

They help first home owners as well as investors understand the best suburbs to buy in and will inspect the properties and negotiate on your behalf.

Bruce has a background in finance and marketing and has invested in property in NSW and QLD for over 20 years.

Kylie is a licensed real estate agent in QLD and has vast knowledge of buying, selling and renovating property. She is a super organiser (I wish I was like that) which makes the process of finding and buying the right property a smooth and simple process for her clients.

Darren Piper – Universal Buyer’s Agents

Located in Brisbane Universal Buyer’s Agents also services the Sunshine Coast.

They help home buyer’s as well as investors buy in the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast markets.

There are 4 companies other than us to consider when looking for a buyer’s agent on the Sunshine Coast.

I’ll talk a little bit about Pumped on Property’s service below if you’re interested in learning about them but first I want to share some useful resources that may help you in your search for a buyer’s agent or investment property:

About Pumped on Property Buyer’s Agent

I’ve known Ben and the team over at Pumped on Property for over 5 years now. We did our first interview on Ben’s Property Story back in 2014 when he was already a successful investor before the age of 30.

From humble beginnings Pumped on Property has grown to become one of the largest buyer’s agents on the Sunshine Coast, helping over 100 clients per year purchase their next investment property and set themselves up for financial freedom.

Located in Coolum on the Sunshine Coast they focus solely on purchasing investment properties (not personal homes) in the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast regions with strong indicators of long term capital growth.

They also specialise in creating positive cash flow properties in these top performing suburbs so their clients get capital growth AND cash flow.

While I have no ownership stake in the business I have worked as a referral partner for them since they began and I can proudly say that I trust their judgement.

They do suburb research in a way extremely similar to what I teach in my course and they have a focus on positive cash flow which reduces risk and gives their clients a clear path to financial freedom.

They are offering readers of On Property (this website) a free one-on-one strategy session where you can get clear on your property investment goals and what property investment strategy will likely suit you best.

You can then take that information and go out and do it yourself or if it’s a good fit you can choose to hire them as a buyer’s agent.

Take the first step and book in your complimentary strategy session by clicking the link below:

Book My Free Property Strategy Session

I hope this has been helpful and I wish you the best of luck in your property investment journey.

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