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Buying A Property Step-By-Step

I remember what it was like knowing absolutely nothing about the process of buying a property. It is completely nerve racking and overwhelming. In fact the first time I tried to get a loan I almost didn't get approved because the single lender I visited wouldn't take rental income into account.

I didn't know about mortgage brokers, let alone what to ask them, and visiting an open house was as scary as having open heart surgery. I always felt like I was doing someone wrong and that the real estate agent and everyone else would see me as stupid for not knowning the buying process.

Man it was stressful!

I have identified 21 steps to buying your first property and created a step-by-step guide that walks you through each of these steps in cronological order. So you can always be one step ahead of the process and know exactly what to do next (and what questions to ask).

No knowing about one of these steps (or worse completely missing one of these steps) can cost you thousands in lost profits or could even cost you your dream home (not good!)

It was really important for me not just to provide a step by step guide but to help people take action. That is why every chapter comes with it's own printable worksheet that you can work through at your own pace. This makes it super easy for everyone to turn knowledge into action.

Having this ebook in hand will be like having an advisor talking you through every step of the process. Real Estate agents, Brokers and Solicitors will know they are working with someone who knows what they are doing and you will be able to confidently buy your first property.

Why Only $19.99 - Discounted $4.99?

You might be thinking "For $4.99 how good could this really be?". 

1. I remember what it was like knowing very little about property and feeling COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED with all the information out there. $4.99 makes this ebook withing the reach of almost everyone. It's not too expensive for someone who is just getting started.

2. At the same time I only want to work with serious property investors. Anyone who isn't ready to invest $4.99 into this guide probably isn't even going to take the time to follow a single checklist this ebook contains.

3. People who ARE serious enough to invest in this valuable resource will find it 10 times easier to buy their first property than someone who is trying to buy property with no experience

4. I look at this as the beginning of a relationship with you. When I see you taking action I'll know that I can continue to work with you to create financial freedom for yourself and your family.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside
The Essential Guide To Buying Your First Property In Australia

Here is EXACTLY what you will get 
  • Detailed instructions about the 21 steps to buying your first property
  • Printable checklists and worksheets that you can use for EVERY step making it easier than ever for you to take action and buy your first property
  • Plus you'll learn little known secrets such as:
    • How to save hundreds of hours by only looking at properties you can afford
    • How to buy a property that actually makes you money
    • How to save thousands off your loan by working with a Mortgage Broker
    • How to save your deposit faster than you thought possible
    • How to ensure you buy in a good area (not a declining area that will lose you money)
    • How the right financing can help you secure a deal
    • How to save $1,000 or more on legal fees
    • How to inspect a property and pick up potential issues
    • How to negotiates thousands of dollars of the asking price of a property
    • 2 rarely used reports that could save you $10,000 or more
    • The step-by-step process of making an offer, paying a deposit and closing the deal
    • Plus much much more...

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I look forward to personally guide you to successfully buy your first property


Ryan McLean