How To Choose The Right NDIS Cleaning Service For Your Property

Choosing the right cleaning service for your NDIS home or property can be overwhelming. But if you’re able to find the right cleaner for then the improvements in your home and quality of living can be substantial.

One of the services the The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funds is cleaning, but it’s important you choose the right provider.

Here are some things you should look for when seeking an NDIS cleaning service for your home.

Make Sure They Are NDIS Registered

Before moving forward with any cleaner make sure they are NDIS registered. This means they meet the standards set by the NDIS and means you can use your NDIS funds to help pay for the service.

Familiar With NDIS Funding

Whether you’re plan-managed, self-managed or agency-managed will all affect the process of hiring a cleaner and ensuring the cost is covered for you.

Working with a company that regularly does NDIS means they will be familiar with the process so you don’t end up out of pocket.

Look for companies like Absolute Domestics who can make the process smooth and even provide you with your own invoices to ensure you’re getting the right service.

A Tailored Service

Everyone’s cleaning needs will vary and you want to make sure you have a cleaner who understands your needs and is able to cater to them.

Talk to the company before you hire them and let them know exactly what your needs are and ensure you feel comfortable before proceeding. If you feel a cleaner isn’t doing what you need them to then talk to the company to ensure the cleaner understands for next time or alternatively seek out a cleaner who does understand your needs and who does a good job.

Fair Pricing

Finding a company that works with NDIS participants and offers fair pricing will stretch your dollars and allow you get more help for the funds you have available.

Find a company that offers fair pricing and one that gives you control over how many hours you want them to clean for you and what cleaning services you want done.

Good Reviews

Before hiring a company look at external reviews where possible. Google the company name and review and look at websites like Product Review and Trust Pilot and read through some of the reviews.

No company is going to be perfect so expecting 5/5 stars is probably unreasonable. But read through the good and bad reviews to identify any issues that may arise.

If the company responds to poor reviews this can be a positive sign that they are willing and able to rectify issues that may occur. The higher the quantity of positive reviews the better the company is likely to be.

If you see a company that has a very bad rating then it may be worth looking elsewhere.

No Lock In Contracts

Life happens and needs change and sometimes you need more or less cleaning depending on your current circumstances.

Try to avoid contractual obligations and look for companies that offer no lock in contracts and who can be flexible on the times they are available to clean for you.

Friendly Staff Who Do A Great Job

At the end of the day these people are coming into your home and you want them to be friendly to you so that you feel completely safe and comfortable with them around.

You also want to ensure that the staff do a great job and you’re happy with the results for the money you pay. If you aren’t happy then keep looking until you find someone you are happy with. It’s worth taking the time to find a cleaner and service that you feel comfortable with.

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