Dymphna Boholt Review – Legitimate Investor Or Scam?

Dymphna Boholt is a renowned real estate investment author and teacher, but is it worth investing your money into Dymphna Boholt books and courses? In this Dymphna Boholt review I will cover who she is, how she became successful and whether she has the goods to teach you how replicate her success.

I have actually had the privilege of hearing Dymphna speak at a free event (I took the day off work to go) and as such a big player in the property investing space I really wanted to give an honest review of what she has available.

This article will draw on my experiences with Dymphna’s events and courses as well as the experiences of friends and readers of On Property.

Winning In Property Isn’t Always Easy

There’s a lot of money in real estate, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to earn from it. Many people enter the industry hoping to become millionaires, but not all of them succeed. What you need to understand is that real estate is not just about tactics and strategy; it is much more than that.

Dymphna Boholt not only teaches the right skills to gain wealth and success in real estate, but also she goes into the heart, mind, and emotions of millionaires and real estate investors (in some ways I believe this is even more important than learning the tactics).

Like with anything, success does not happen overnight. In this Dymphna Boholt review, you will learn the secret behind her success, and how you can follow her path.

Who is Dymphna Boholt?

Dymphna was born in a quaint town in central Queensland, where she started out as a jillaroo (don’t worry I didn’t know what a jillaroo was either…and it’s not that important). At four years old, she already had her first investment, a cow that she used for breeding cattle to grow a herd (maybe this is why she refers to many of her properties as ‘cash cows’).

This first asset is what she used to pay for the university she attended, Australian National University in Canberra, where she earned an Accounting and Economics degree.

After graduation, she had several job offers, but she chose to work with Coopers & Lybrand in Sydney. She held several positions through the years, including one as a financial controller. After going through a divorce, Dymphna opened her own accountancy firm in the Sunshine Coast (so jealous that is where I want to live!), Active Financial Answers. She sold the firm several years after.

Dymphna’s interest in real estate began in 2000 when she met two U.S. property experts and real estate advisors, Dr Dolf de Roos and Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad…a must read). After listening to their stories and strategies, Dymphna came to a realization that just like many people out there, she was trading her time for money. To change this, she made a decision to try real estate investment.

Dymphna concentrated on properties, which raked in more money than what it cost her to purchase. In just a year of starting out, she was able to establish a property portfolio worth millions. This income certainly topped off what she was getting when she was working as accountant. She was able to create passive income through her assets (positive cash flow).

From that time, Dymphna has become a good friend of Dr de Roos. Her real estate portfolio has grown significantly to an international multi-million dollar one. She has also self-published her two books, Protect Your Ass—ets! and Confessions of a Real Estate Millionaire. These books are both great reads for any budding property investors, or those wanting to grow (and protect) their portfolio.

Today, Dymphna devotes her time speaking and sharing her journey with others interested in entering the real estate industry. She has seminars and conferences nationally and internationally on various topics including property investing, asset protection, taxation, personal finance, business, and motivation. She has also been teaching individuals how to succeed in the real estate market.

What Success Have Dymphna’s Students Had?

I always like to judge a teacher not by their own success but by the success of their students. Replicating your own success in other people is difficult and having students who are also successful is a true sign of a good teacher.

This is where Dymphna’s honesty and potentially here total validity as a teacher comes into question.

Sunshine Coast-based property spruiker Dymphna Boholt has been handed a $15,000 penalty and an enforceable undertaking “not to engage in conduct that is liable to mislead the public or any individual within Australian in contravention of Australian Consumer Law (Queensland)”.

Fair Trading investigators found that Boholt made numerous claims in full-page newspaper advertisements promoting her seminars in 2013 – and later at the seminars – which were found to be inaccurate.

Excerpt from Jenman.com.au

The fact that she lied about her student’s success in her marketing and on stage leads me to question the truth of any of her “success” stories.

I do however know people personally who have taken things they have learned from Dymphna’s seminars and applied them to investing in real estate and have had success with it. The exact figures I don’t know though.

Beware of Pushy Sales Tactics

Multiple people have commented to me on the pushy nature of Dymphna’s sales tactics at her seminars.

At both free and paid seminars attendees are pitched from the stage and encouraged to sign up for increasingly more expensive coaching and seminars.

Unfortunately I have not been to a seminar recently enough to comment as to whether or not I think these sales tactics are warranted. What I do know is they make a lot of people feel very pressured and uncomfortable and even people who have already paid $5,000+ to be a part of her program are still getting sold to from stage for even more expensive programs.

Dymphna and her team are very persuasive speakers and they use a lot of emotional pulls with musics and videos of rags to riches stories to get you worked up to buy. So be very careful going in and my advice would be to have your guard up from the get go.

Great For Experienced Investors – Maybe Not as Great For New Investors

If you’re an experienced investor it’s quite easy to get a lot of great information out of Dymphna’s seminars.

You can see through the hype and the potentially fake success stories and understand the real golden nuggets of information that you can apply to your own strategy.

I do worry that newer investors who don’t know as much will get sold on the idea that it’s all going to be really easily and then get sucked into paying for courses they don’t really need.

Always be aware of the risks when it comes to investing in property, especially the risks with developments.


Dymphna Boholt Products

Aside from live events, Dymphna also sells books and courses to help others accomplish the same. All her educational products focus on real estate investing and personal finance in Australia, but some of her techniques can also be applied for investing abroad.

I am always happy to shell out $30 or so on a book, so I am happy to recommend those. As for the more expensive coaching programs I have not done them myself and I recommend you think very seriously about them as get as much information as possible before buying.

1. Confessions of a Real Estate Millionaire

In this book, Dymphna provides you with the skills you need be a wealthy and successful real estate investor. It’s packed with helpful advice, tips, and techniques that will help you establish a system for acquiring properties and equity in the industry. Most importantly, it gives concrete advice on how you can break through barriers and obstacles that you might experience along the way.

1. Protect Your Ass-ets!

In this book, Dymphna teaches Australians vital information on asset protection. You will discover what it takes to safeguard your assets and finances against shallow lawsuits. It will also give you tips on how to pay less tax legally. This is a great book that will teach you how to protect your assets against inflation and economic problems.

3. Secrets of Property Millionaires Exposed!

This is a book is not written by Dymphna Boholt but it was put together by Dale Beaumont. It features material authored by Dymphna Boholt, Craig Turnbull, Hans Jakobi, John Fitzgerald, and many others. Discover the inspirational stories of these investors, and the techniques they used to amass millions from real estate. Their success stories, difficulties and the lessons these people have learned shows that anyone willing to work hard can earn money from real estate.

Final Thoughts

While Dymphna and her courses can be very useful to some they can also be a complete waste of money for other people. Be very cautious before buying.

Unless you’re an experienced property investor looking to take your investing to the next level with some advanced strategies, you are probably better off putting your money toward a deposit or if you really need the help hiring a qualified and trusted buyer’s agent like Ben Everingham (see his free strategy session offer).

Note: All links to books are affiliate links. I am not directly affiliated with Dymphna Boholt in anyway.

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