Financial Boot Camp Introduction

I want to create a financial boot camp for my readers. Probably a 7 day intensive course that will help them to change the way they think about their finances and thus change their financial situation.

Let’s start off Financial Bootcamp with a story about a girl who tried to change her life for the better. If you have ever tried to shed some extra weight then you will relate to this story and if you want to change your life for the better then you need to read this.

Jenny was heavier than most of her friends. Growing up she was always a bigger girl. She got teased in school about her weight and she never went to the swimming carnival because she was self conscious. Throughout high school she tried a bunch of diets and exercise regimes but none of them seemed to work and she always hovered around the same weight.

A few weeks ago Jenny was surfing the internet and saw an ad for a new fab diet that promised she could lose 5 kilos in 5 days. WOW! She thought to herself. If I could lose 5 kilos that would be awesome. So she clicked on the ad and signed up for the program.

Most people who try to lose weight do so by going on a diet. The plethora of fad diets and celebrity slim programs out there is amazing. There are milkshake diets, tonic diets, no carb diets, protein diets and even baby food diets. All these diets promise a quick fix for losing weight.

The diet seemed so easy. It laid out exactly what Jenny should eat and when she should eat it. It even told her what exercises to do to tone her thighs and her arms (her most hated areas). Day 1 started on monday and Jenny was pumped to become her new self. She followed the diet by the book and felt proud to be doing so well. In fact Jenny followed the diet so well that she lost 3 kilos in 5 days…not quite the 5 kilos but still pretty good.

It was now friday night and her friends were going out for dinner so Jenny went along. The menu didn’t have anything her diet allowed, but because she had been doing so well she thought “oh one meal won’t matter” so she ordered her favourite course and dessert. Her and her girlfriends then went out on the town and drunk themselves silly.

Saturday came and Jenny had a hangover, she was craving KFC so decided to ditch her diet for the day. “It’s the weekend” she thought “I’ll start back on monday”. But monday came and went and the fad diet was long forgotten. Within a couple of weeks the three kilos was back on and Jenny was back online looking for the next diet that will help her lose weight thinking “That last diet just wasn’t for me”.

We see it all the time, fad diets help people lose weight, but for some reason they always seem to gain it again and the results are never long term.

We also all know that to lose weight and maintain that weight loss we need to change our lifestyle and our way of thinking. We need to change where we go for lunch, whether we sleep in or go to the gym. Being fit is not so much a chore you do but a lifestyle you choose.

The same is true for finances. Financial Bootcamp is not a fad financial diet that will teach you how to get rich quick. Financial Bootcamp’s sole goal is to help you change the way you think about money, so that your lifestyle will fall into line and you won’t be able to help but get rich. Your new thinking will cause you to act differently and will thus attract wealth into your life.

Robert was coming up to his 30’s and he had a lot of debt. He had just got married and him and his wife were wanting to have a baby. Robert and his wife had 5 maxed out credit cards, 1 car loan, 1 boat loan and their home loan. They were so deep in debt and so poor at managing their money that they were using a 6th credit card to pay the minimum amounts on the other 5.

Robert was surfing online just like Jenny and saw an ad that promised him he could delete his debt quickly and easily. He clicked on the ad and bought the product. The product taught him that you should consolidate your high interest debt (like credit cards and car loans) into a lower interest loan (like a home loan).

Since Robert and his wife bought their home it has gone up in value, so Robert moved all his credit card debt and his car debt onto the home loan. He then extended the home loan so he was paying the same monthly payment, but the loan was a little bigger and was for 30 years instead of 20. He then promised himself he would put as much extra money as he could into paying off that debt quickly.

For 3 months Robert and his wife worked hard paying off their debt. They lived just off Robert’s wage and put his entire wife’s wage onto paying the debt. They are living off baked beans and noodles and they are feeling depressed because they haven’t had fun in ages and they have barely made a dint in their huge debt.

They go to the mall for lunch and Robert sees the new iPad, at the same time his wife finds this AMAZING dress that is half price and fits her perfectly. They have 6 empty credit cards in their wallet and decide that just this once they will splurge and pay the credit card off completely at the end of the month. At the end of the month they can’t afford to pay off the credit card so they pay just the minimum amount. Within a few months their credit cards are full again and they are using a 6th credit card to pay the amounts on the other 5.

Nothing changed, they just got deeper in debt. Why?

Because they didn’t change the way they thought about money and thus they acted the same and achieved the same result, being more debt.

What I Could Offer You

I could offer you the best way to get rid of debt, a business idea to make some extra cash each month or the best investment plans to become rich. But if you don’t change the way you think about money then all of these will be useless.

Studies have shown that when people make more money they just get further and further into debt. More money is not the solution to your problems, changing the way you think about money is.

What Financial Bootcamp Will Do For You

Financial Bootcamp will teach you to think about money the way the wealthy do. Financial Bootcamp focuses on changing your core beliefs about money and the way your mind and your emotions react to the concept of money. It will train you to think like the rich, and when you think like the rich you can’t help but attract wealth into your life.

As you might have worked out this is not a get rich quick scheme. So if you were hoping for that then stop reading right now and ask for your money back (I will give you a full refund) because this product is not for you.

But if you are serious, and I mean serious, about changing your financial situation and achieving long term financial results then this product is created for you. This product will change your life and help you succeed where others have failed.

What You Will Learn During Financial Bootcamp

To be continued….

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