Find Out Where The Public Housing Is In Any Area (Ep241)

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Finding the public housing can be difficult or downright impossible if you don’t know what you are doing.

I’m going to show you the perfect tool you can use to find out where the public housing is in an area without needing insider knowledge. If you’re looking at investing in an area (whether it be locally or inter-state) you’re going to want find out exactly where the public housing is.

Public housing generally leads to cheaper properties which can lead to higher rental yields. However it can also mean more potential difficulties with tenants or with the property in general. So we want to know where the public housing is in an area and I’m going to show you how to find that.

We’re going to be using a tool called Ripehouse which is an advanced search tool and so far the only way that I know or have ever found to be able to find public housing. To check out the program you can go through my affiliate link and check it out, sign up for a free webinar to learn more about it and then maybe get a copy yourself.

If you’re investing then this is a tool I definitely recommend because you’re going to want to know this information.

So to start I would go to the website and log in to Ripehouse. Once I’ve logged in it’ll bring me to Sydney. What I’m going to do is look at a potential area and from there it’s actually really easy to find the public housing in the area.

In the upper-right hand corner there’s a search button. Click on that and then type in the specific area that you want to look at. For my example I will search for the individual suburb Moree. Once I type it in I’ll hit go and it will load Moree and show me what properties are now available for the area.

There is a lot of functionality available inside of this search tool that I’m going to show you in different episodes. For this episode though we’re just going to focus on public housing in the area.

Once your search loads you will be able to see the area and there will be red dots on the map which represent houses that are on the market and available for sale right now. You will also be able to see more details about the area that you’re looking up.

For example when I searched Moree I can see details like the area currently has 117 properties for sale. It will also show that the most in-demand properties in Moree currently are 3-bedroom houses. You can then look at neighbouring areas if you want to.

But to find the public housing you’ll want to go to the left-hand side and toggle the public housing option.

Now Moree has is quite a large area because it is rural. If I go and focus in more on the town of Moree then I will be able to see more specifically where the public housing areas are.

The public housing areas are the areas that have a red shading. The areas that have a deep red shading are generally dense public housing areas. On the map for Moree there is a deep red area and when you click on it it says that the public housing area is at 49% which is huge.

Now in order to just get an overview of all the public housing you can zoom out to where you will be able to see the entire area. Moree is such a large rural area but by zooming out you would be able to see that there is actually quite a bit of public housing in the area.

Let’s say we don’t want to look in an area that seems to have any public housing. Then you will want to select an area that is a lighter shade of red or has no red at all. You can then click on the area you want and it will give you the percentage of public housing.

In Moree there are some areas that don’t have as much public housing. For example one area only has 2.2% of public housing currently. If you were to look at the map of Moree then you’d notice that in the east, south-east and south-western sections there’s a high density of public housing in those areas. So if we were looking to avoid public housing we would look at the center section of Moree and part of the northern area as well.

You can also do more localized suburbs. For example I can search for Caringbah which is a suburb in Sydney. Once it loads you will be able to see where the public housing is in this particular area. I know from previously living around this area that there is some public housing in Caringbah.

Once again you will want to make sure that you toggle on the public housing option on the left-hand side. Remember that the red areas indicate that there is public housing and that deep red means that public housing is more dense in that particular area.

Caringbah varies because there are some areas with high-density public housing but there are also a lot of areas where there is little to no public housing at all. Now I know specifically where the areas of high density public housing are and this tool identified them perfectly. One place in particular is Curtis Street and the tool identified it very accurately.

So that is how you can find out where the public housing is for any area or particular suburb in Australia. If you want to avoid public housing areas then this is the perfect tool for you.

This tool is also perfect if you want to find and target public housing areas. A reason you might do this is because they have higher rental yields.

To sign up for Ripehouse just go to and you will then be redirected to Ripehouse and you can sign up. If you go through my affiliate link then obviously I’m going to benefit from it financially. So you don’t have to go through that if you don’t want to but I would appreciate it massively if you did.

I hope that has been helpful to you. Thank you to Jacob Field who put this tool together because I think this is going to be extremely valuable for potential investors.

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