Top 10 Places to Find Investment Property Listings

There are several excellent online resources to locate investment property listings. Purchasing investment property is a great method for making money. Of course, finding a great deal on investment property is vital to achieving maximum income potential. Premium investment property purchases in Austrailia can be found easily by using these top 10 online venues for investment properties.

1. home page

This site is Australia’s premier property resource. This is the number 1 visiting site for both home purchases and investment property listings. The site features property data and recent prices of sold properties. The site also offers a comprehensive real estate resource section that investors will find to be of great assistance in purchasing investment properties.



This site possesses thousands of listing of properties available in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, and Darwin. The site provides tools, information, and resources that property investors can take advantage of, and is one Australia’s leading sources of investment property listings.


Gumtree Real Estate Property Search features local listings and classifieds designed to offer users the opportunity to deal directly. Real estate investors might find this site attractive due to its potential for achieving direct contact with sellers.


This site is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of real estate investors. The site features state of the art technology and a team of dedicated team of investment experts to ensure that investors have access to everything they need to make informed decisions about real estate investment property purchases.

5. home page

Find commercial real estate opportunities through this online resource. This site links to several online commercial real estate resources. As a portal this site is excellent although some information may be duplicated on other real estate sites.


Real estate investors looking for commercial and industrial investment property listings will find this site to be an excellent resource. The site also features listings from several other real estate sites making it a prime resource for one stop investment property shopping.

7. is one of Australia’s top real estate portals. The site provides an extensive list of investment properties to choose from. Investors can receive free property alerts and the latest auction results from leading real estate agents.


Homehound has been around for a long time and has a wide variety of listings available. The problem with smaller sites like homehound is that you still need to check to make sure there isn’t something on there which isn’t on the smaller sites.


Another good commercial property website with structured listings for investors, lease seekers and owner-occupiers.

10. Find Positive Cash Flow Properties – On Property Plus

On Property Plus is a premium membership website with new high rental yield properties listed every weekday.

Learn how to find positive cash flow properties yourself or search the listings so see real positive cash flow properties on the market and available for purchase now.

Over 200 property listings in the archives that you can browse through to find the areas and types of properties likely to generate a positive cash flow.

When And How To Search

Additionally, it is more productive to search for prime real estate investment properties in the beginning of the week. Premium properties are highly sought after and competition can be intense between buyers. Savvy real estate investors search throughout the week, but especially on Mondays before other investors have logged in.

Finding real estate investment properties by looking through investment property listings might seem tedious and time consuming for some busy investors. However, the majority of these sites do offer search notifications and alerts that could make looking for that perfect investment property much easier. Plus if you never look, you will never find. If you never find anything with potential you will never buy your first investment property.

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