How To Analyse The Cash Flow Of An Investment Property In 60 Seconds

It is important to ensure you correctly analyse the potential cash flow of an investment property before you buy.

This analysis is important as it shows you how much the property will cost you (or pay you) on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

Often people will purchase a property only to find out owning it costs them more each week than they can actually afford.

If this happens when you buy you may end up losing money on your investment due to excess costs or you may have to sell your property due to insufficient cash flow.

Introducing The Advanced Property Calculator

Below is a video showing you exactly how the advanced property calculator works. You can do these calculations on your own, however it will be extremely time consuming.

Almost all successful investors advise looking at HUNDREDS of properties before making an offer or purchasing an investment.

If you save just 5 minutes per property using this tools then you would save your an entire working day of analysis. If your time is worth $30/hour then this would equate to a total value of $250 for every 100 properties you look at.

The tutorial does NOT go for 60 seconds. I have taken my time to explain exactly how it works.

Watch and enjoy. The Advanced Property Calculator is available inside our members area.

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