If You Were Financially Free

In my previous episode I talked about how to stop rushing to be financially free but to make the life we want now. But how do we start to work out what is actually going to give you a happier and more fulfilled life.

0:00 – Introduction
2:45 – Ask yourself this question
6:30 – What is my answer to this question?

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Ryan 0:00
In my previous episode, I talked about how we need to stop rushing to be financially free house, often we see financial freedom as a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that is going to deliver us happiness. And yes, it gives you choices. And it gives you time to pursue the things that will make you happy, financial freedom is great. But we can actually pursue our happiness and pursue a more satisfied and more fulfilled life, with or without financial freedom. And so in today’s episode, I wanted to actually get yourself asking a question to find out, okay, what is actually going to make me happier, because so often when we’re in the thick of it, when we’re struggling to pay our bills, where we’ve got mortgages or rent, to pay mouths to feed, all of that good stuff that goes into making life awesome. But when we’re in the thick of it, doing the day to day grind of our job, and the stress and everything that comes with that, it can be really hard to actually get out of our own heads and get out of our own lives and think what actually would make me happy, because to be honest, I kind of just worked for financial freedom up until I was 28. And I got my pseudo financial freedom. I didn’t actually think, Okay, what do I want to do with my life? What do I want to do when I’m financially free? What will make me happy? I was just like, financial freedom is my goal. I need to strive to that. And I think even if I tried to stop and think, Okay, what will I want to do? I didn’t really know. And so often, the things that come up are those big things, those, okay, you’re going to live this travel lifestyle, you’re going to live in a mansion, you’re going to drive this really expensive car, all of that sort of stuff. But I think for most of us, if we really stop and think about it, we know that that stuff’s not going to make us happy. We know that that’s not going to make us fulfilled in life. Yet, it would be nice to have both do we need it in order to live a happy and fulfilled life? No, most of us don’t. And for me, the idea of having a mansion just means more cleaning, or just means I need to hire a cleaner to keep it clean. And just the big space, it would be cold. And you know, I’d be so far from my children, I feel like we would interact less. So it’s not something that I would like. So today, I feel like the answer to our question of Okay, what’s going to make us happy? We’re not trying to find the answer to that. We’re trying to find better questions that are going to lead us to a better understanding of ourselves. So today, I have a question for you, as I sit outside here in the sun and drink my coffee, I apologize for the outside noise for the sound of the cars bouncing off the wall here for trains as they go past if and when they will. But it was just too nice to not film this morning. And so the question is this, if you were financially free, and didn’t have to work, so let’s just pretend you’re financially free through properties, let’s say you’ve done the to property to financial freedom strategy, I will probably have done five properties with five granny flats, or maybe you don’t through shares, he comes a train right now.

However, it is that you did it, you’re financially free, you don’t need to worry about money, you don’t need to work, but you want to work because you know, you’re still young, you still want to actually do good, you want to be challenged, you want to do that sort of thing. If your financial frame didn’t have to work, what would be your ideal job to pursue? And in this question, what would be your ideal job to pursue, we’re going to assume that you either magically have the training like matrix style, where Neo just imparts it into his mind, and he knows it straightaway. So we can either do that in this imaginary task. Or you can actually take the time to go and do the training. Because remember, you’re financially free, you don’t have to worry about money. So if you’re spending the next 10 years at university to become a doctor, you’re going to med school, you’re financially free now to worry about money. It’s okay, you can do that because you want to pursue it. So I find this question really interesting. And it came up because my partner unfortunately was made redundant in her role when COVID here, she was one of the first people to go, she worked for a rental car company. And obviously, with people traveling a lot less now, because of all the restrictions and everything. She was actually in the corporate side of things, developing new products for them so that they could grow their revenue. And obviously, that was, you know, kind of not needed at this point in time. So she was made redundant, but I posed this to her because she’s looking at for jobs and things like that. It’s like okay, what do you actually want to pursue? If you didn’t have to worry about money? What would you want to do? And it brought up some really interesting answers for her into what she wanted to pursue. And I find this very interesting and when we’re doing these sorts of exercises, and I’ll probably create more videos in the future have come up with more better questions. But the idea is you have to have actually suspend reality for a while you have to actually take away all of the responsibilities in your life your rent your mortgage the miles that you have to feed all of that sort of stuff this is why saying if you’re financially free and didn’t have to work because you’re actually stripping away everything to do with money you’re no longer working for the money that that career is going to give you you’re not working for the lifestyle it’s going to give you in terms of financially supporting that lifestyle maybe up sure because the lifestyle it gives you in terms of work life balance that’s a different situation but it’s really interesting to think about okay what sort of career would i want to pursue if i didn’t have to worry about money and so stripping that away you kind of you go through this exercise you think about what would i like to do and then after you’ve done this exercise then you can start to think about okay how do i bridge the gap between where i am now to where i want to be given that i have these responsibilities in my life now financial freedom may be the answer to that and you may do the two properties to financial freedom strategy working the job that you don’t like right now for a couple of years save those deposits buy the properties build the granny flat and then when you build up that foundation then start pursuing this career because you know you’ve got financial freedom in the bag maybe you’re like that or maybe you think about okay this is what i really want for my life i’m not going to wait until i’m financially free how can i do this right now what sacrifices do i need to make to do this so for me when i asked myself this question because i’m not financially free right now definitely on the path towards that pseudo financial freedom again if i stopped working right now i think i would still actually have that pseudo financial freedom in about a year’s time but i’m going to keep working hopefully i get it in about six months 12 months maybe we’ll see how we go but let’s just say for me if i was financially free through property so i didn’t have to worry about it what sort of things would i want to pursue something that comes up for me initially is neuroscience i absolutely love learning about the brain the plasticity of the


i wouldn’t necessarily go into the surgery aspect of it but definitely in the experimental side of things i just i find that amazing and extremely interesting so that could be something that i would like to pursue in that area but then i think about that and i’m like all but the work life balance there probably wouldn’t be there for me i love taking my kids to school i love going to the beach i love being creative and having a creative outlet for things i love sharing which is why i’ve got these channels so it’s like oh that that would be super exciting and one aspect pays good money which doesn’t matter in this scenario but it’s still something to think about but the work life balance wouldn’t be there so right now the kids are still young probably wouldn’t push you that i would do i would love to do more writing and more videos but with less stress on it so for me i’m pumping out the articles at the moment i write about 10 articles per week as well as the videos that i do here and a couple other videos as well so i’m churning out the content at the moment so i would love to continue writing but for it to be less stressful so i think one of my favorite parts of writing is doing the research and then collating it all into one amazingly helpful article with their own data that i’ve collected and stuff like that like i love doing that i like creating videos and doing experiments and then writing articles about it so i do a bunch of product reviews and things like that so i’m often experimenting with products and then writing reviews about so i love that but i don’t have enough time to do i guess the full experimentation that i would like to do with products because i want to create more content than is feasible if i’m doing super in depth research into everything so i would want to do more of that i want to do more videos with higher quality content i would like to work with other creative people so video editors other people who could fill me other writers as well where we can bounce ideas off each other photographers stuff like that so it’s actually kind of ridiculous like saying all of this stuff because it’s the business that i’m trying to build at the moment i’m currently working and writing and doing videos but i’m doing it by myself but i’m building up my income to the point where i can soon start to hire people and i’ll want to work with other creative writers i want to work with other video editors and filmmakers so kind of the stuff i’m talking about is the business that i want to build but on a cruiser scale so that’s really interesting because maybe i just need to turn back the business i want to build and make it cruise yeah but i just i loved doing what i do but i’m doing it all alone at the moment ben and simon are way up in queensland and with all the COVID it’s pretty hard to get out there at the moment and so

i would love yeah i would love to do more of that tap people to bounce ideas off to be in a creative space together whether that be contractors so they come in and out you got different people or whether it actually be employees that work with you full time i’m not sure but people that challenged me people that push me to become better they’re the kind of people i would want to be working with somebody that also i find quite interesting and i guess i kind of do it on my instagram but that’s modeling as well and so that would kind of potentially be something that i would like to pursue just for fun really not really for the money or anything like that but just to meet interesting people to have cool experiences and to just have a bit of fun so modeling can be something that i want to pursue i did think about doing promo work and stuff when i finished up at the cafe because you can just pick up shifts when you want so maybe that’ll be something that i actually do as well but it’s quite funny because i’m doing this experiment i’m doing this question as i’m recording this and the stuff that’s coming out is actually the life that i’m pursuing but it’s just i guess got a slight tweak on it it’s more chilled out it’s more cruzi it’s more creative and it’s more in depth rather than heaps of content it’s more like less pieces of content but you know more research and more valuable content so that’s really cool yeah so i encourage you to try this question out for yourself as you’re driving as you’re listening to this as you’re at home at the gym wherever it is that you are and listening to this think about okay if i was financially free if i didn’t have to work but i wanted to if i could do the training if i wanted to i could be completely trained up what’s the job what i want to do or what sort of career would i want to pursue remember it’s not guaranteed you know you can’t just say i’m going to be ceo of a massive company you still got to work your way there you still got to do the job interviews or the training to get there it’s a career that you’re pursuing it’s realistic in your life but what sort of career would you want to pursue and would you want to go for and what sort of career would bring you happiness and joy and fulfillment so have a think about that and then i would love to hear what kind of answers that you come up with if you could leave a comment down below that would be awesome otherwise just write it down journal it yourself and then start to think about okay well if that’s what i want to pursue how can i actually start to bring that into my life how can i start to pursue that you don’t need to quit your job today and to pursue an acting career right now but you can start getting acting classes you can start making videos at home you can make your own tic tocs or your own instagrams or your own youtube videos where you’re actually acting and being a character and you can do that sort of stuff so there’s a little ways that you can bring in the things that you want to do into your life you just need to be creative to think about it so i hope this has been encouraging it’s been exciting to share it i love this journey of okay what’s going to make me happy and look even me i’m not financially free right now but this has given me insight into the business that i want to pursue he comes another train

so go ahead do this activity i’m excited to see what comes of it and also go ahead and check out the video that i did on don’t rush to be financially free because you can be happy right now and i talk more about this concept of okay how can we pursue our happiness right now so i’ll link up to that go ahead and check that one out otherwise until next time you know you know what i’m gonna say right now do stay positive

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