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Steve McKnight is a very famous real estate investor and property investment teacher in Australia. He has written many best seller books and travels the country teaching people about investing in property. But are his products worth the investment of your time and money? In this Steve McKnight review I will cover how he started investing in property, how he became successful, what his products are and if you as a student may be able to replicate at least some of his success.

I actually have a lot of respect for Steve McKnight. It was his first book 0-130 Properties in 3.5 years that inspired me to get into real estate investing and really ignited my passion for positive cash flow property. Regardless of my bias towards his books I will give an open and honest review of who he is and the products he has available.

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How Would You Like To Own 260 Properties And Make $100,000+/Year in Passive Income?

Steve McKnight is famous for buying over 130 properties in 3.5 years and over 260 properties in 7 years and he has written many books about his experiences (which we will cover in more detail later in this review).

One of the things I like about Steve is that despite the fact he achieved the ridiculous, he is against get rich quick schemes. The advice in his book and practical and sound advice that anyone earning a half decent income can take and apply to grow their investment portfolio.

Like Dymphna Boholt, Steve also covers a lot about getting your mindset right, but what he does exceptionally is he actually goes into the figures of deals and shows you how to analyse to cash flow of an investment to show whether or not you will make money from day 1.

I wouldn’t expect any normal person to be able to purchase 260 or even 130 properties, but the advice he gives can be applied to even those investors who are just buying their first property.

Who Is Steve McKnight?

Steve McKnight was born in 1972 and worked as a chartered accountant before selling his business in 2006 when hi property portfolio made him financially free. He began investing in 1999, with business partner Dave Bradley, after attending a Robert Kiyosaki seminar that taught him about investing in positive cash flow property.

He began his real estate portfolio not with a grand purchase but with a $44,000 house in Ballarat, Victoria. His investment strategy has focused primarily on positive cash flow property (where the rent from the property pays all the expenses and some).

This $44,000 house didn’t deliver him financial freedom overnight but gave him the revelation that if he could just own enough positive cash flow properties he couldn’t help but achieve financial independence.

In 2001 Steve started teaching his investment ideas and started the website It was on this website he began teaching his ideas and building a community of investors who wanted to hear from him. In 2003 he was contacted by a book publisher to write a book and he wrote “From 0-130 Properties in 3.5 Years” in a staggering 3 weeks.

In 2006 he followed up with “From 0-260+ Properties in 3.5 Years” and then re-released his first book in 2010.

He then struck a deal with his old partner Dave Bradley and the two ended their business partnership. Most recently Steve has gone on to purchase over 150 properties in the USA in just 18 months…hmmm that sounds like another best selling book title.

What Success Have Steve’s Students Had?

It’s one thing to be an investment mogul, but we can’t all be Donald Trump. Replicating success in other people is the true sign of a good teacher. If you are thinking about buying his books or attending any of his seminars then you should first be asking “Has Steve been able to replicate his results?”

You will be happy to know the answer is YES!

In September 2004 Steve published his second book “$1,000,000 in Property In One Year”. This book documents the journey he took with 10 students as he tried to help them purchase $1,000,000 worth of property in just 12 months. It will be helpful to know that this year took place when the property market was very bleak indeed.

Not all 10 achieved the success Steve had hoped for, and some pulled out of the training program, but some did achieve their $1,000,000 benchmark and others were no far off. What is great to see in this book is how people take Steve’s insights and apply them to completely different investment situations than anything we saw in his first book.

This proves to me that his techiniques didn’t just apply to the particular properties Steve bought in the early 2000’s but that his techinques can be taken and used today.

Steve McKnight Products Reviewed

In this Steve McKnight review I also wanted to cover the different products that are available for purchase. I am I am a big believer in growing your education. The more you know the less money you need to make money. The less you know the more money you need to make money.

For readers outside of Australia please note that while these products may contain useful snippets of information for all investors it is largely written from the Australian market only.

I don’t consider $30 for a book to be a large investment. So even if you can only get one good piece of information out of it usually it is worthwhile. However, coaching programs can be extremely expensive and I recommend you think very seriously before ever getting into one of them.

NOTE: You can buy all the below books from a bookstore, but it is more than likely that you will have to order them. I buy my books from Fishpond (Australia’s version of Amazon). They have all these books at cheap prices. Each link is an affiliate link so when you buy a book you help out CashFlow Investor also.

1. From 0-130 Properties in 3.5 Years

As stated earlier this is the book that got me started down the path of postive cash flow property. It shares the story of how Steve and his business partner David started and grew their portfolio and creates great tips and explanations on everything from how to budget, how to analyse property and even advanced sections of buying property through seller financing.

Buy From 0-130 Properties in 3.5 Year on Fishpond

2. $1,000,000 of Property in 1 Year

This book shares the story of the trainees who set about to buy $1,000,000 worth of property in just 12 months. They were mentored by Steve and Dave and they talk about their journeys and the difficulties they have. I would not recommend this as the first book you read of Steve McKnight’s as it contains less instructional information (How To’s) and more about what the students actually did. A couple of gems in there.

Buy $1,000,000 of Property in 1 Year on Fishpond

3. From 0-260+ Properties in 7 Years

The follow up book from 0-130 properties. What I like about this book is that Steve didn’t simple reitterate the features and lessons of his first book. He took it a step further and provided readers with extra insights that aren’t found in his other books. I didn’t like this as much as 0-130 properties but it was still very inspirational.

Buy 0-260+ Properties in 7 Years on Fishpond

4. From 0 to Financial Freedom

This is Steve’s latest book and at the time of writing it isn’t actually available yet. I think there is another week or so until launch date. From what I have read about it Steve talks about how his initial strategies that worked in the early 2000’s might not work in today’s market and that there are other ways of creating financial freedom. I am excited about this one because I am keen for some fresh content.

5. USA Tour of Investing Duty

This is a high end ($5,000+) coaching product that walks you through Steve’s extensive US real estate portfolio and give you tuition on how you can replicate some of his success. It is a 7 day 7 night course and from his website it seems like it will not be repeated again.

6. Derek Gehl Internet Mastermind

Hmmmm…I have spent 7 years dabbling in making money online. I don’t doubt that this guy makes a lot of money online, however what I do doubt is that you can learn it all in one day and walk away with a system ‘guaranteed’ to make you money online. In the sales page they talk about a way to set up ecommerce sites for FREE (like there aren’t already hundreds of options for doing that already).

Look I don’t doubt the information, I just doubt that you can consume it all in one sitting…especially if the sessions are not being recorded for you to go over afterwards. It’s only $129 for two tickets so it is still probably worthwhile.

7. Property Apprenticeship – Certificate IV in Business

This sounds pretty cool. It isn’t cheap (around $3,995) but it is a two year course and you end up with a Cert IV after you complete it. I like that it will give you a certificate that you can use to get yourself a better job, but it is geared around investing. Although I haven’t done it this looks really cool.


Steve McKnight is an amazing man (despite his average looks). Not only has he achieved great success but he is using his knowledge to help other people and I have a huge respect for that. I can say with 100% integrity that I recommend you read at least one of his books. They changed my life forever and set me on my path towards financial freedom.

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