How To Find Properties For Under $100,000 In Australia

You don’t have to be willing to commit to a million dollar mortgage to get into the real estate market in Australia. There are a variety of properties in Australia available for under $100,000.

In this instructional blog post and video I am going to show you exactly how to find properties in Australia under that $100,000 price point. It is simple and easy to do and should take you less than 2 minutes.

Watch The Instructional Video

Or simply read the instructions below.

Step 1 – Go to

Simply go to your browser and type in

Step 2 – Click on Your State of Choice


Hover your mouse over the picture of Australia on the left and click the state you want to search for properties in

Step 3 – Select Pricing Criteria


Set pricing criteria with a maximum price of $100,000

I also suggest choosing a minimum price of $50,000 to remove the properties that are listed with no price (such as auctions)

Step 4 – Select Property Type Criteria


Next, choose your property type criteria. If you only want house only tick houses.

I like to tick everything that isn’t land so I am only shown results with actual properties, not just land or acreage.

Step 5 – Click Search search

This step is easy. Just click the search button and the site will show you results

Step 6 – Ensure You are On The Map Verson


The site should default to the Map Version but if the site has been updated since this post went live they may change this.

Ensure you are on the map version simply by clicking the “Map” icon if it is not already highlighted.

Step 7 – Navigate Your Way Around The Map Zooming in and Out as Needed


Now you can simply navigate your way around the map as needed.

Zoom in using the zoom options on the left of the map or simply click on the red bubbles to zoom into that area.

Step 8 – Click The Red Pins to See Properties


Red pins highlight properties that meet your search criteria. Click them and it will show you the basic details of the property in question.

You can then click the title of the property to find out further details.

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