30 Behaviors That Are Keeping You Poor

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There are a bunch of behaviours that if you do them you will stay poor. They will keep you down in the dumps and keep you broke. Here are 30 behaviours that will keep you poor.

0:00 – Introduction
1:13 – #1: Do not look at your finances
2:31 – #2: Spend unconsciously
4:40 – #3: Focus on how things will make you happy
6:19 – #4: Have credit cards, car loans and personal loans
8:11 – #5: Increase your monthly subscriptions
10:03 – #6: Don’t educate yourself
11:30 – #7: Have short term thinking
12:29 – #8: Assume everything will continue to get better financially
14:10 – #9: Blame other people for your financial problems
16:07 – #10: Don’t have long term goals or plans
17:16 – #11: Don’t invest
18:48 – #12: Make bad investment decisions
20:15 – #13: Buy lottery tickets
22:04 – #14: Only save what’s left over
23:39 – #15: Buy things you don’t need
25:21 – #16: Keep up with the fashion trends
26:35 – #17: Spend money you don’t have
27.47 – #18: Buy everything brand new
28:28 – #19: Accumulate bad debt
29:58 – #20: As you earn more money increase your lifestyle
31:44 – #21: Keep your debt out of sight out of mind
34:04 – #22: Only look for problems in your life, not solutions
35:13 – #23: Don’t try to earn more money
36:28 – #24: Surround yourself with poor people
38:07 – #25: Try to save your way to financial freedom
39:23 – #26: Don’t have a budget
41:23 – #27: Don’t pay off the bad debt in your life
42:30 – #28: Believe rich people are evil
43:52 – #29: Try to impress people with your money
45:04 – #30: Have a scarcity mindset
46:39 – Summary

Should You Pay Off Debt or Invest? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eicozV3mK0k
Cash flow calendar – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzJWgFvJ5AI

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