How To Build Wealth When Starting From Scratch

Most of us don’t start out life with a silver spoon in our mouth. If we are going to become wealthy we have to do it ourselves. So how do you create wealth when starting from scratch?

0:00 – Introduction and my story
3:09 – #1: Accept yourself and your situation
4:31 – #2: Ask yourself “Why am I broke?” and what are some of the bad habits you have
6:35 – #3: Commit to a growth journey
7:42 – #4: Set your short and long term goals
10:11 – #5: Create some short term financial stability
12:18 – #6: Do more than what the average person is doing
13:41 – #7: Stop living pay check to paycheck
14:31 – #8: Educate yourself massively
15:51 – #9: Look for solutions in your life, not problems
18:38 – #10: Reduce liabilities and increase assets

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