I’m Financially Free…What Next?

You’ve achieved financial freedom so what now? How does that feel and what do with your time to ensure happiness, fulfillment and productivity?

0:00 – Introduction
0:50 – My story
2:45 – My motivation has plummeted
5:00 – I’ve still got goals to achieve
6:35 – No-one talks about “what next”
8:00 – Transitioning from working hard to having balance
13:00 – What motivates you?
16:00 – How do I find balance?

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Ryan 0:00
hey you’re amazing people today i want to cover what i think is a really interesting topic is that i’m financially free so what now you’ve achieved financial freedom how does that feel and what do you do now what do you do with your time and with your life and how do you sort through all the emotions that come with that and that’s something i’m wrestling with right now and while this is about i guess me and my journey achieving financial freedom and trying to work out what to do i think this will also apply to people who have not yet achieved financial freedom but who are looking at that life and saying okay how do i get more balance how do i find more purpose how do i know what to do long term what am i even passionate about so i think it’d be interesting topic to cover and i think hopefully you can get something out of it if not you can join me on my journey and it might be interesting at least so just to quickly cover my story and catch everyone up to speed if you aren’t already i achieved what i call pseudo financial freedom at the age of 28 i had online businesses that were generating me enough income that i didn’t need to work and for the next couple of years i basically didn’t work i did a little bit here and there but i didn’t need to work and i didn’t i went through a whole myriad of emotions i found that when i achieve financial freedom which has been my life goal i thought it would make me happy and it didn’t i went through what i call a great depression not an economic one but one within myself in my own life where i got really depressed being financially free and not knowing what to do went on a journey of self discovery over those two years which resulted in some really big highs and really low lows i managed to overcome an eating disorder that i’d had for about a decade as well as to overcome some depression in my life it’s not something that’s completely gone but it is so much better now than it was i also had some massive lows in my personal life end up going through a marriage separation and at the same time my business went through a downturn and i was no longer financially free so i achieved a 28 loss did it 30 the last two years i’ve been working to build that back up again i’m now nearly 32 now i am 30 2:33am i that old i

didn’t even know how old i am

oh my god okay no i’m 32 yeah i’m about to turn 33 but for the last two years yeah i’ve been working to build that back up again and i now reached a point where again i’ve got that pseudo financial freedom so my business earns enough money to support my lifestyle where i don’t feasibly need to work for at least the next couple of years and while i have plans to continue to work and to grow the business pay off all of my debt invest in property achieve that long term financial freedom i’ve also reached this point again again a second time where it’s like okay i don’t need to work what am i going to do and i thought that this time around it would be different because i’ve been through this before right i’ve had this freedom before and been through the depression and self discovery and this time building my business while i was in debt and in a worse financial situation than ever in my life i nearly went bankrupt i was way more in tune with myself and my life and what i enjoyed and what i wanted out of life and i was just so much happier in the process i wasn’t trying to get financially free to be happy i was happy in the process and financial freedom was just going to be a result of my plan working out and me putting in the effort and that’s exactly what happened and so i thought when i achieve this i will still be as motivated to just keep going because i enjoy my life i enjoy the work that i do that everything will be fine and what i’ve realized in the last couple of weeks since looking at my finances realizing okay i did it like i fucking did it and i’m back here again after realizing that my motivation to work hard writing articles i was previously getting up at 6am writing a couple of articles before 8am when i had to make lunch for the kids to go to school make coffee and then working again 9am through till you know 5pm or sometimes late in the night sometimes i shift my hours but dedicated to get as many articles as i can done as possible get in a routine of writing consistently just that massive motivation just plummeted massively and maybe that’s as a result of different things in my life or not but i feel like it’s just really interesting that motivation to keep going and keep pushing has dropped and i want to find that again because i’m still in debt i’ve got debt to pay off i looked at my debt last night and i still have 10s of 1000s of dollars worth of debt technically but i’ve got income or like guaranteed income from you know sales i’ve made or advertising stuff that won’t come through until later that nearly cancels out my debt so i’m down to you know just a few $1,000 worth of debt at the end of the day once everything evens out that’s where i’ll be at and so it’s like okay i’ve taken this debt from this massive unachievable nearly bankrupt thing down to this tiny amount but i still want to pay that off i still want to completely pay that off i still want to save up property deposit and invest in property and get that long term financial freedom i want to do that free i’m wrestling with the emotions of okay i don’t have to work there’s now no rush anymore and i guess i’ve realized that part of the enjoyment of the work that i had is not necessarily the work itself it’s not the writing the articles that is fun for me it’s the challenge of trying to achieve a goal and for me that goal was debt reduction and financial freedom and really financial freedom and just i guess you know being on top of things that i will be okay perpetually into the future and so i was like that challenge is what really drove me and really motivated me and now i’m wrestling with okay what am i going to do now how am i going to find that motivation and i realize that for a lot of people listening this listening to this it’s like this is a self indulgent conversation i have achieved what most people set out to achieve in their lives and what many people never get to achieve and for that i’m extremely humbled and extremely grateful and so i’m not saying this to be like oh woe is me the financially free guy like it’s not like that it’s like no one has this conversation of what next there’s all these conversations online of okay achieve financial freedom achieve your dreams

go after a be able to do what you want with your time but there’s so few conversations of okay after you’ve achieved that what what are you going to do after you’ve achieved that how are you going to feel and those conversations just don’t exist there’s not that many people are financially free there’s not that many people that talk about it people who are trying to help people become financially free which is something that i like to do you know talk about how great it’ll be and you know you’ve got to go and achieve this and so this conversation doesn’t really exist or that i’ve seen out there so i’m hoping that me having this conversation me sharing this will help people out there and so i guess for me it really is like what next do i keep slogging away writing articles get up at 6am write my articles and do it do i stop working and try to start just enjoying life which is actually a difficult transition to make when you’re so focused on sacrificing everything in your life sacrificing friendships and time with friends sacrificing you know even time with family in order to work on so you can get on your finances to support your family you know sacrificing that and all of your focus being on your business or being on your property investing or whatever it may be when you’re constantly sacrificing in your life in order to achieve this goal you’re in this lifestyle and this habit of sacrifice and that’s what your life is and now when you don’t need to do it it can be difficult to transition out of it and to say okay i’m just gonna do nothing now like i’m still in the habit of sacrificing even though my motivation isn’t there and even though i’m not being super productive i’m sacrificing time to try and work but mentally i’m struggling to work in to create the output that i used to create so do i just stop completely do i just give up trying to work at the moment just enjoy my life wake up in the morning sleeping a little bit wake up don’t think about working or make coffee which i love to do go for us spend time with my partner spend time with our kids um you know just enjoy my day meet up with friends you know go and do that just like forget about work do i do that like i did that a couple of years ago but at the same time i was so depressed a couple of years ago i was trying to work out how do i stopped being depressed so this time around it might be different do i do that do i do like a combination of it where you know our work a little bit so i’m still moving my business forward but i just work a few hours a day or work in the morning and then have the afternoon off or have the morning off and work in the afternoon i don’t i don’t know or do i just keep slogging away like do i keep working hard to get me past this point of pseudo financial freedom where my debt is well and truly paid off where i’ve got enough income that i can save deposits easily invest in property and really grow an empire and build wealth so rather than just having this transient fleeting financial freedom i have now do i invest in property build out that property empire of i’ve always wanted to have and achieve that long term wealth like what what do i what do i do and i think like i know i know in my plan is to okay i need that long term wealth because i’ve been through a couple of years of financial freedom and then i was nearly backdrops right i’ve been through having it and losing it and getting it back again so i didn’t want to make the same mistakes i made in the past of you know doing nothing for two years my business goes through a downturn and then all of a sudden i’m in you know financial difficulty or don’t want to go through that so just kind of giving up on everything for the next two years is not is not feasible and it’s not something that i want to do i want to continue to build this but where do you find that balance in life where do you find that motivation to keep going when you’ve achieved the goal that you set out to achieve and when future goals seem meaningless are not motivated by money which is interesting because i guess i am up to a point i work hard to earn money and to achieve financial freedom but once i achieve my baseline financial freedom i’m good for my i’m good i don’t have goals of being extremely rich or aspiration to own some amazing car or even some amazing house even though i do have a video talking about going from 100,000 to a million i’ll link up to it down below where i realized that earning really good money is possible for me

and i can do it and so i’ll link up to that down below because i was in a very different headspace then where it’s like i know i can do it and that hasn’t changed like i know that i can push this further i know that i can grow this business more i know that i can achieve like high levels of wealth if i can stay motivated dedicated if i work on it i know that it’s possible for me and so that mindset is still shift i still know that it’s possible i just don’t know if it’s worth it i don’t know if it’s worth it to go from where i am now to you know a much greater level of income and if it’s worth it to put in all the work and effort for it and find that motivation it’s really difficult i know that ben from pumped on property has been in like similar situations to me i call it after the financial freedom he calls it after achievement we basically came up with like kind of the same concept but just use different words for it he’s kind of going through the same sort of things of life okay i achieved my goals what’s next and he just finds so much purpose in helping others and in helping others to do what he has done and helping others for his business he like loves it and while i love helping others and it’s a big part of who i am and a big part of my life it like doesn’t drive me intrinsically to do that i don’t have that like intense inner motivation to see people and want to help them i have this intense motivation to grow myself to challenge myself and you know grow myself make myself learn become more skilled become that ally that drives me and so i love goals that push me towards that and then i have this overarching worldview and ideals and values that everything i do should help others so the things that i do and the things i challenge myself in and push myself towards naturally help others because that is one of my biggest values but it’s not one of my biggest motivations my biggest motivations are to improve myself and to get better and i get enjoyment out of that which is why i love one of the video games i play super smash brothers melee is such a deep difficult and complex game that constant improvement is there like you can constantly improve yourself and never get as good as you can possibly get so i love the like grind and the improvement that their game gives me but i want that in life like i want that in life in more wholesome ways like i haven’t applied that to religion ships so my relationships can be lacking i haven’t applied that to friendships so that can be lacking because in in relationships and friendships there’s not that or i can learn and i can get 1% better every single day i like relationships and friendships but yes you can apply it to that but not with the same like rigor and technical ability to that as you can to something like a business or something like a video game or a sport something like that so it’s like okay this motivates me growth motivates me but i need to find motivation in my personal life and in my friendships and in my relationships you know that’s not tied to technical skill it’s just like just have better friendships like just be more wholesome as a person and be more well rounded in that area and prioritize that this is a bit of a rambley one but yeah oh yes i am currently in the process of working out okay what do i do how do i find balance in my life so that i’m still working towards my goals i’m still growing my business i’m doing all of that like how do i do it so that get i’m doing that but i’m finding more balance and having a more wholesome life i’m not just sacrificing my entire life to grow this business when i don’t need to be sacrificing everything how to be a better partner a better dad a better friend live a better life live a happier more rounded well rounded life like how do i how do i do that and not sacrifice everything so once you achieve financial freedom i really do think the journey really begins here because while we can tackle a lot of these things while we’re on our journey to financial freedom that goal of financial freedom at least for me has motivated me and driven me so intensely that i can’t sacrifice so much in order to get to that point in order to achieve that and then once i achieve that it’s like this new journey opens up this new journey begins of okay i now need to design

my life i need to design the life that i want based on the work i want to do the things i want to invest in the relationships i want to have what kind of father i want to be i need to like actively design my life and designing your life is difficult you know we’re taught how to grow in our career how to make more money but we’re not usually taught how to stop how to you know assess where how to work out what is really valuable for you and how to actually design the life that you want so that long term you can have that enjoyment and that happiness that comes from a life well lived. That’s why my most recent project focuses on something I love – getting out in nature and exploring the best local trails.

hat’s what i’m seeking at the moment that’s what i hope to find and that’s what i hope that i can give back to this community as well not just when you’re financially free but to be able to design your life even before you’re financially free and so i’m looking forward to this journey it’s difficult but i’m working on it and i’m sure there will be some interesting insights along the way as well as some challenges so thank you so much for tuning in i’m going to go ahead and link up to that video i talked about on going from 100,000 to a million where i had that insight also link up to my video on how now financially free again and i talk more about that if you’re interested in checking either one of those out please do otherwise i wish you the absolute best in your financial freedom journey and your life journey until next time stay positive

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