Australian Property Market Update: May 2019

In this Australian property market update we see Australia is still in wide spread decline but there are surprisingly positive signs that I didn’t expect. We also talk about some of the larger economic factors at play.

0:00 – Introduction
0:37 – The rate of decline continues to slow
1:55 – Monthly value of new housing finance commitments increased
2:40 – Every capital city reported a decline with the exception of Canberra
5:05 – Sydney market update
6:35 – Melbourne market update
7:54 – Brisbane market update
9:45 – Adelaide market update
10:25 – Perth market update
11:14 – Hobart market update
12:41 – Darwin market update
13:55 – Canberra market update
14:30 – Rents have grown 0.3% nationally over the past 3 months
15:38 – Total listings remains high, but new listings are down significantly
16:32 – Other economic factors – Mortgage rates, loan approval process, election + economy
18:17 – Australia’s private housing debt bubble and a bleaker view of the future
20:10 – Still a turbulent time in the Australian property market

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