How Property Events And Meetups Will Revolutionise Your Investing (Day 23)

Property events and meetups are a great way to meet people on a similar path to you who can encourage you. Someone you meet or something you hear may just revolutionise your investing.

Hi and welcome to the 30-day property journey. Over the next 30 days I’m taking you through different things you can do to become a smarter and better investor.

Property Events And MeetupsIn today’s episode we are talking about how property events and meet-ups will revolutionise your investing and how you can get yourself to one of these particular events.

Be Influenced By The Right People


In the bible it said, “As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another.” (that’s in Proverbs 27: 17, for anyone who cares).

What that means is that as you rub up against people and spend time with them they influence you. The goal then is to rub up against people who are going to move you forward in your investing career rather than people who are going to pull you back, stagnate you and cause you not to move towards the financial future that you want for yourself.

It’s pretty hard to naturally just link up with people who are also investing in property and who are moving towards the life that you want. It just doesn’t seem to happen in the lunchroom at work. It doesn’t seem to happen in the cafes or in church or wherever it is you are going.

It’s pretty hard to find people who are actively investing in property. But you can go out there and you can find these people and it’s now easier than ever.

Get Yourself To A Property Event or Meetup

The easiest way to find property meet-ups or events is to use a website called You can simply go there, you can type in your address or your suburb where you are and then you can type keywords.

What I suggest that you type is:

  • property
  • property investing
  • real estate

Simply type that into and it will then search your local area and find meet-ups that may suit your search criteria.

There might be property meet-ups that are run by local businesses, it might just be property meet-ups that are run by guys who meet at the cafe or girls who meet at the cafe. It might be full events that happen in your area. Depending on where you are, would depend on what is actually available.

If you’re in a rural area it’s going to be a lot harder for you unfortunately, obviously because there are less people in that area. However, if you are in somewhere like Sydney or Brisbane or Melbourne or the Gold Coast then it’s going to be pretty easy to find some meet-ups within your area. I recently did a search for this.

I’m on the Gold Coast so I did a search for property meet-ups and I found about 5 different property meet-ups that I could attend if I wanted to.

Some of them were pretty serious ones, they had 40-50 people attending their events, they had a speaker at each event and all of this sort of stuff. The other ones were much more informal, just a couple of people meeting up for coffee. Therefore depending on whom you are, where you’re at, this can be a good place to go in order to learn more about property especially the ones that have a speaker or to meet people and talk to them about your investment journey and learn from them.

Really, at the end of the day I think that the most value is found in networking with people rather than the talks.

when it comes to investing in property it can be hard to stay motivated because there are so few people doing itThere’s so much information you can find on the internet about investing in property through my site (see the archives) or through any other sites that are out there.

However, the opportunity to actually meet with people who are on the same journey as you, learn from them, be encouraged by them, inspire them yourself and help them grow is very rare online, so I do suggest going to these events.

The Best Ideas Sometimes Come From Mingling With Like Minded People


I run an internet start-up so for me there are very few people I know that do the same thing. However, there are meet-ups in my area that I go to on a consistent basis and often I don’t get anything out of it (in terms of business) because my business is talking to you guys about property or talking about public speaking or whatever website I’m working on.

I don’t need to get clients from these events or hang out with business partners or anything like that but I can go and I can talk to people who are in the same space as me. Even if they don’t give me advice on my business or anything like that I just find that meeting up with these people, talking to them about their lives and their businesses just encourages me because I know that there are other people doing the same thing.

I think when it comes to investing in property it can be hard to stay motivated because there are so few people doing it, there are so few people going out there trying to actively invest in creating a passive income for themselves and a better financial future for their family.

Sure, everyone wants it, but there’s not that many people doing it. By meeting up with people you can be inspired by them, it can keep you going and keep you focused on your end goal, on your financial True North and keep you motivated to move forward. That is therefore your activity for today, check out a property event or meet-up. It’s going to revolutionise your investing by keeping you motivated and you may just learn a thing or two as well.

Until tomorrow stay positive.

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