30 Day Property Journey – Full List Of Episodes

Finding Your Financial True North (Day 1)

Find Out How Much You Can Borrow (Day 2)

Work Out What You Can Afford (Day 3)

Create A Deposit Savings Plan (Day 4)

Explore Ways To Generate Extra Income (Day 5)

Sell Unwanted Items (Day 6)

Give Yourself A Weekly Living Allowance (Day 7)

Share A Property Article With A Friend (Day 8)

Order A Copy Of Your Credit File (Day 9)

Do Your First Cash Flow Analysis (Day 10)

Visit An Open For Inspection (Day11)

Buy A Property Investing Book (Day 12)

Find 7 Fun Activities You Can Do For Free (Day 13)

Subscribe To A Property Podcast And Start Listening On Your Way To Work (Day 14)

Find A “Big Win” Even If You Don’t End Up Doing It (Day 15)

Meet Up With A Mortgage Broker (Day 16)

Make An Offer On A Property (Day 17)

Ask The Real Estate Agent Some Questions (Day 18)

Buy A Property Magazine And Look At The Stats (Day 19)

Find The Population And Vacancy Rates Of An Area (Day 20)

Asking The Real Estate Agent For Details Regarding The Property (Day 21)

How To Find The Potential Rental Income Of A Property (Day 22)

How Property Events And Meetups Will Revolutionise Your Investing (Day 23)

How To Get A Free Property Research Report (Day 24)

How To Choose The Right Property Investment Strategy For You (Day 25)

Australian Property Forums You Need To Be A Member Of (Day 26)

The Absolute Best Way To Learn About Property Investment (Day 27)

How To Use The ‘2 Hour Rule’ To Find Cheap Investment Properties (Day 28)

How To Find A Good Conveyancor Or Solicitor (Day 29)

The Cheque That Will Change Your Life (Day 30)

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