The Cheque That Will Change Your Life (Day 30)

The magic check is a check that has the ability to change your life. This check aligns your focus with your Financial True North to help you achieve success.The Cheque That Will Change Your Life

Welcome to Day 30 (the last day) of the 30-Day Property Journey where over the last 30 days I’ve been giving you some exciting activities you can do to become a more confident and smarter investor.

To finish off the 30-Day Property Journey I’ve got an activity which is a check that will change your life.

This is something that I did many years ago that I found very inspirational and very helpful to me and I think you’re going to find it inspirational and helpful as well.

What Is the ‘Magic Check’?

Well this check actually comes from the book The Secret which you may have heard of or even read yourself. It’s called the magic check and basically the goal of this check is to write down your dream income.

So we talked in Day 1 about setting your Financial True North and the Financial True North was really about balancing your financial goals with your lifestyle goals. So rather than just having a financial goal we mixed it to contain both the financial goal and something that matched up with the lifestyle that we want.

Yes, we all want a billion dollars. But most of us don’t want to do the work that is required to have and keep a billion dollars. Therefore by matching up what we realistically want to achieve with the lifestyle that we want to live we can get a more accurate figure and something that we can shoot for.

For me that’s $60,000 per year. For you, it may be more or less depending on what your goals are.

So with the magic check what we do is simply print out this check and we put down what our Financial True North goal is. Basically we would write down how much we want to achieve on that check.

If you want to get a check that you can print out then you can do what I did back in the day. Go onto Google and just search for ‘the magic check’ or ‘The Secret’ since it’s from that book.

You’ll find a blank check online that you can print and fill out. All you have to do is write down your name and how much money you want to earn.

About five years ago I did this myself when I read The Secret and I put in $100,000. The goal is to put that check somewhere where you look at it on a daily basis so that you can constantly be reminded of it. I did that for a little while but then I packed it away in a book and honestly forgot about it.

Still I had that goal in mind of earning $100,000 in a year. And even though I wasn’t looking at that check for $100,000 and imagining myself with the money, that goal was always in the back of my mind.

I didn’t actually realize it until the other month when I was getting rid of some of my old books. I took them to a used bookstore and the lady was checking out the books that she wanted to buy and she found the check and gave it to me. Once I saw it, it sparked my interest again and little did I know that I’d earned $104,000 the previous financial year. So I’d actually exceeded my goal.

That was pretty exciting for me to see that I had actually achieved something that I had set out to achieve a little over five years ago.

I am not 100% percent sure whether I buy into the idea of The Secret. If you read the book it talks about imagining the life that you want as if you have it and that if you do that then the universe will give you what it is you want.

They call it the ‘Law of Attraction’ and the idea is that you attract into your life what you already believe about yourself or believe about your life. So by already believing that you have achieved your goal you attract that into your life.

I’m not sure if just believing about something means that it’s going to happen. What I do know is that from my own personal experience, doing the activity of creating the magic check and then sitting down and imagining what my life would be like with this amount of money helped give me a goal. My goal began to seem attainable and I began working towards that goal and eventually achieved it.

I’m not sure if I achieved my goal because I wrote the magic check. I worked pretty hard in order to earn that money.

But I think that just the activity of sitting down, setting a goal and imagining yourself achieving that goal really helps you get clarity into where you want to go and keeps you focused in moving towards that goal. The fact is your long-term success doesn’t happen overnight. It happens one day at a time.

So if you know what your goal is and you have that vision in your mind, then you can begin to work towards that despite everything else that happens. You can keep moving towards your vision and hopefully achieve your goal.

For me it is time to write a new check and that would be a check for $60,000. And rather than just earning $60,000 in a year, my goal is to have $60,000 a year in passive income.

Or I could also and write a magic check for how much I would want to sell one of my web sites for. I could even write one for how much I’d like to sell my business for one day down the track so that I could imagine that happening and what that would look like.




So what is your goal? What is your Financial True North? Why not go and get a magic check printed out? Set yourself that goal, put that check somewhere where you can see it and imagine yourself having actually achieved that goal so you can get the clarity and focus that you need to move forward.

I hope that you have enjoyed the 30-Day Property Journey where I have provided you with 30 different activities that you can do to move yourself towards buying your first investment property.

The idea for the 30-Day Property Journey came about because I had just written my book called The Essential Guide To Buying Your First Property In Australia. In that book I talk about the 21 steps required in order to purchase your first property and I just thought that there were so many activities that people could do that would begin to move them towards some of those steps and help them become more confident investors.

The eBook is currently 75% off for only $4.95.

That finishes our 30-Day Property Journey. Thank you for taking this journey with me. I had a great time creating these lessons and I hope that you had a great time consuming them. I also hope this really helps you to move towards buying your next investment property.

Until next time stay positive!

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