The 4 Stages of Property Investing

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Going from nothing to financial freedom through property investing can be quite an overwhelming task. Breaking it down into the different stages of the property investment journey can be extremely helpful. Here are the 4 stages of property investing.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:00 – The 4 stages summary
1:37 – The 2 Properties to financial freedom strategy
3:18 – Stage 1: Buy Properties
5:32 – How to know when you’ve finished stage 1
7:20 – An example based on today’s market
8:29 – Stage 2: Pay Off Debt
9:02 – 2a. FAST Strategy – How to pay off debt fast
11:15 – 2b. SLOW Strategy – Enjoy life while the properties pay themselves off
13:49 – Dave’s success story
15:56 – Stage 3: Freedom
23:38 – Stage 4: Wealth Creation
27:01 – Summary
28:25 – This can really accelerate your financial freedom
30:01 – Get help implementing this strategy in the right market

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