13 Tips For Property Investing in a Recession

Recessions are a part of life, economies go up and they go down. Investing in property during a recession can be either the best of worst time to invest. Here are 13 tips to minimise your risk and maximise your chance of return during a recession.

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0:00 – Recessions are a part of life
1:38 – #1: Focus on Bread and Butter Properties
2:39 – #2: Look for Positive or Neutral Cash Flow
4:15 – #3: Invest in Something with Short and Long Term Rental Demand (Vacancy Rates Below 2%)
5:20 – #4: Invest in Markets That Haven’t Peaked Yet
6:27 – #5: Invest in Suburbs and Markets With Long Term Demand
7:24 – #6: Have a Long Term Strategy
8:08 – #7: Don’t Over Leverage Yourself
9:10 – #8: Buy Below Market Value
10:54 – #9: Buy a Property With The Potential To Manufacture Growth
12:02 – #10: Build a Strong Buffer Fund
12:30 – #11: Manage Your Property Well and Maximise Your Return
13:19 – #12: Boost Your Cash Flow
14:50 – #13: Avoid More Speculative Investments
15:42 – 13 Ways To Reduce Your Risk and Maximise Your Chance of Return

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